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KUMIS QUINUA. kumis quinua LACTEOSBOL. By ceyla90 | Updated: Nov. 5, , p.m.. Loading Slideshow Movie. Modo de elaboración. En el vaso de la batidora echaremos el yogur junto al aceite de oliva, un poco de perejil picado, la pimienta y la sal (a nuestro gusto) y . Un ejemplo común de leche fermentada, es el kumis, el cual es el subproducto resultante de un proceso de coagulación bacteriana de la leche. ¿Que es una.

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Currently, the organizational and management model of the El Cairo farm is not suitable from the point of view of the mission objectives of research and teaching. The competitiveness of an organization is related to a management plan that is based on a situational diagnosis that allows for the formulation of corporate strategies that necessarily require a system of evaluation for measuring impact and effectiveness.

Proposed organizational structure One of the critical aspects identified in the diagnostic stage was the uncertainty of the personnel that works on the farm in terms of the directives and functions that each must perform due to the fact that the labor is assigned in an improvised manner and there is a lack of training. The object of this research was the Experimental and Academic Farm: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Arauca, Colombia. Herramientas para lograr competitividad.

English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. Marketing plan Given that the current commercialization is improvised and incipient, there is a need to generate a structured commercialization scheme kumsi established distribution channels. For Goodsteina strategic plan is a document that synthesizes, on an economic-financial, strategic, and organizational level, the current and future positioning of the organization.

Quantity of training hours indicator.

The institutional mission of the El Cairo farm has always included being a developmental model at the technical, administrative, and productive levels, which is why the developmental model of El Cairo could be considered as contributing to the improvement of the standard of living in the region. It was concluded that the current organization and management plan does oumis meet the mission objectives of research, teaching, and continuing education, suggesting a need for the articulation of the farm with the administrative and academic structure elaborcion the university in carrying out the strategic management plan derived from the current research.

The inclusion of kukis in research projects will allow the employees to not only complete their tasks but also to be constantly trained for the labor they perform in accordance with the technological needs of the sector, thereby helping the farm to maintain its educative function. Fifty percent of the consulted graduating students indicated that there had been few benefits with the research and continuing education services provided by the farm.

  ASME RTP-1-2011 PDF

Growth of clients kukis service users indicator. The new management of the El Cairo farm must implement a style with the ability to react quickly in decision-making in order to improve competitiveness.


At the production level, projects that have demonstrated success must be strengthened, with their continuation as a goal. Until now, a silvopastural system that guarantees a permanent supply of feed year-round has not been established on elboracion farm. Using the secondary information and direct observation, an analysis of the financial situation was constructed, as well as of the internal operations and of the organization, generating a diagnosis of the current situation on the farm.

There must be advancement towards the creation of a new focus on human resource training and education on the El Cairo farm, with flaboracion view towards incentivizing teamwork and a sense of ownership. Another system that is considered to be of vital importance to the production level is that of pastures and forage.

A study carried out by Posada indicated that the current mission, administrative, and financial management of the farm is not well defined and the operations are difficult due to a lack of documented evidence and of clear instructions for registering cost and revenue; this author concluded by saying Unity, Transparency, Cooperation, Efficiency and Sustainable management.

SOPOE Asociación de Empresarios del Municipio de Sopó

For the production of eggs, maintaining the current production system is proposed but in a more intense manner; that is to say, increase the number of hens to fully exploit the production that is found in the spaces that are large enough to increase the animal density in the chicken houses.

Taking into account the current conditions and need of the farm, Fig.

Recognizing the difficulties of the papaya cultivation system, the production strategy establishes an increase in the sown area and the construction of drainage systems that would prevent flooding; as a complement to the production system of this crop, the existing nurseries, that are currently not used, could be taken advantage. Based on the concepts developed by various authors, one can determine that among the principal characteristics of strategic planning, the fulfillment of strategic plans at an organizational level is seen, considered the global focus of the organization.


In accordance with the new mission and vision of the farm, a series of objectives was formulated that will have a 5-year evaluation period and that will continue to be determined:. Methodology and research process The object of this research was the Experimental and Academic Farm: The new marketing plan of the El Cairo farm contemplates as its first objective reinforcing the corporate image of the farm; that is to say, an image must be generated that will allow for the identification and recognition of the farm within society and that ,at the same time, provides information about its services and products.

With the documents and the interview information, a manual of the functions and procedures were created for each of the activities carried out on the farm. It is necessary with respect to the development of a research program to provide such a system for pastures, which demonstrate better condition with respect to yield and adaptability to the region.

Provide support for the processes of teaching, research, and continuing education through the development of sustainable production programs that serve as regional models of production.

In order to achieve the mission objectives, it is necessary to create a new organizational structure that is more flexible to changes and, in which, the articulation of the farm with the branch is guaranteed: In organizations like the El Cairo farm, the quality of the management is manifested in the formulation and establishment of proposals that contribute to the improvement of the processes and achievement of mission objectives, fulfilling harmonic articulation between the superior the branch and the productive organization the farm.

Based on the theoretical models of SallenaveGoodstein et al. Productive subsystems with incipient technical development were seen, without registers of production, control or accounting.

Services on Demand Article. Currently, the Experimental Agricultural and Academic Farm El Cairo is clearly in need of drastic changes in regards to its mission, structure, and organizational hierarchy, for which it is necessary to design a strategic plan that allows for the optimization of its management in order to achieve the mission objectives of training, research, and continuing education, for which it was created. At the livestock production level, better results have been obtained in regards to sale volumes oumis the production systems of eggs, cachama, and raw milk.