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The Witness, Juan José Saer (trans. El entenado, also meaning bastard or stepson) of the Spanish ports, an urchin with no one to stop him. El entenado de Juan José Saer this paper approaches the narrative speech of El entenado by the Argentinian novelist Juan Jose Saer () from the. El Entenado by Juan José Saer, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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But there is in every life one decisive moment, which is, no doubt, also pure illusion, but which nonetheless gives us our definitive shape. Y como nada del presente tiene la virtud de ser recordado, solo le queda ser mensajero de una historia ya vivida. He is taken to Europe and taught to read and write. In the 16th century, an unnamed uuan cabin boy is saved by savages who attack a Spanish landing party and kill everyone but him.

Published June 1st by Serpent’s Tail first published Saer’s descriptions of the jungle and of the eating of human flesh are extremely rea I actually read this book in Spanish El Enttenado.

Our lives are lived in a place of terrible indifference which recognizes neither virtue nor vice and annihilates us all without compunction, without apportioning good or evil. Two notable quotes from this book there are several: The Witness enteenado been read, predictably, as a sort of recapitulation of Heart of Darkness. This is one of my favourite books.

The books intent is largely philosophical, with a gap-laden but enjoyable narrative. Conrad too is obsessed jyan the moment of truth, the instant of decision that separates the men from the boys—and just as often, the reader from the character.

El entenado de Juan José Saer

A similar feeling may attach to the reading of the novel; The Witness pulls you in more deeply the longer you spend thinking about its many provocations, reversals, intensities, and pleasures, and yet you will want to go out to meet it again and again. This story has it’s fair share of philosophy, which as a former student of philosophy I do not consider in general a bad thing.


I wanted to force the audience ejtenado realize it was all a fraud, but my ehtenado made not a jot of difference to their response. In many ways, I think of it as the antidote to Robinson Crusoe. We are also brought to the unsettling realization that all decisions that could be made will be, if not wrong, then jkse not right.

It is constantly deconstructing all the things that need deconstruction—the self, history, morality, sexuality, civilization—but nothing falls apart enough.

Margaret Jull Costa Translator. El libro es bastante perturbador, sobre todo por las escenas que tan detallad 3,5 actually. No podia parar de leerlo. Mar 21, Entemado Buscalibros elbuscalibros. Juan Jose Saer was born in Argentina in and is considered one of Argentina’s leading writers of the post-Borges generation.

The Witness by Juan Jose Saer

In many cases, a penetrating skepticism seeps into his novels at just these moments. It is a fine psychological portrait of estrangement and a meditation on how reality can often feel the le A brilliant little novel, thankfully reissued by Serpent’s Tale hopefully they will reissue The Event as well.

Our narrator returns on their ship to Europe, is delivered to a friar-intellectual who teaches him a fleet of languages, generally re-civilizes the boy, and dies. Believe me you’ll need an iron stomach to digest this. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Aug 26, Zoe Luhtala rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: A brilliant little novel, thankfully reissued by Serpent’s Tale hopefully they will reissue The Event as well. Somehow it manages to take the pornography of death of the firs part and mellow it down to an interesting, thoughtfull and touching story. Born to Syrian immigrants in Serodino, a small town in the Santa Dd Province, he studied law and philosophy at the National University of the Littoral, where he taught History of Cinematography.


However huge the fire the only truth it leaves is ashes. It starts off a sort of Robinson Crusoe story, a young sailor crash lands on an island in the Americas and the whole crew are slaughtered by Indians, with the exception of him.

And so it is with Saer:. At several points it engulfs you in an atmosphere which is hard muan shake off. When they arrive at a village in the interior, the bodies of the Spanish are butchered and eaten, while the narrator watches in horror.

Why then only three stars I almost gave it two at one point?

The Witness by Juan José Saer

Something outside them, perhaps the fame that preceded us or the legend behind it which had inspired the play, had convinced them beforehand that our performance would have a meaning and so, instantly and mechanically, they were enraptured. Feb 17, Simsian rated it liked it. Do they do the right thing?

Open Preview See a Problem? Classification by girth is acknowledged to have its defects, yet there is an alluring simplicity to it that comes to seem like common sense: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.