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La distribución de ambas especies se determinó mediante observaciones da CHESF de que saguis (Callithrix jacchus) e macacos-prego (Sapajus sp.). Tendências de Extremos de Temperatura e Precipitação nas Proximidades do Lago Artificial . Francisco Hydroelectric Company (CHESF), between. and Research Project / (Edital CAPES. Pró-Alertas. The next Forum will be held in March in (%), CHESF (%), Eletrosul (%) and Camargo Correa (%). ‐content/uploads/Edital-‐‐TOR-‐Gestao-‐

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Paulo Jorge Leitao Adeodato – Rede Nacional de Ciência para a Educação (Rede CpE)

AI offspring developed normally, and have sexual capacity. Several approaches for marmoset sperm collection have been reported, as outlined below. Dois grupos de Sapajus nigritus vem sendo acompanhados desde Acessada em 18 de novembro de The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, pp.

A second visit of 10 days to the Candamo area in April resulted in more reports from local settlers, but no observations. By mediating the dispersal of a majority of large-seeded fleshy-fruited canopy tree species, large vertebrate frugivores are crucial in maintaining daa and regeneration dynamics in tropical forests Janzen, ; Connell, erital Such declines are the result of both hunter preference and low fecundity see below.

Taxonomic status of Saguinus tripartitus Milne-Edwards, In addition to altering vertebrate population structure, hunting can have broad effects on the forest community as a whole.

The juvenile squealed loudly when displaced and continued vocalizing in apparent distress as it moved immediately to the adjacent tree crown.


Edital 147 – UFRR

This follows a recent range extension of this taxon west of the Ucayali River. The sites were selected to minimize potentially confounding natural variation and allow for the isolation of specific effects of hunting pressure from other forms of anthropogenic disturbance such as logging and agriculture. The bushmeat harvest alters seedling banks by favoring lianas, large seeds, and seeds dispersed by bats, birds, and wind.

Journal of Zoology These forests result from cutting the original forest for agriculture or other purposes and allowing a new forest to grow and mature on the same spot. Increased population densities of smaller-bodied species may, however, favor the smaller-seeded plants which they consume, given limited dispersal distances of larger-seeded counterparts whose dispersers are hunted Wright et al. The total number of encounters was 29 for large primates Ateles chamek [23] and Alouatta seniculus [6]44 for mid-sized primates Cebus apella and Cebus albifronsand 43 for small primates Saimiri boliviensis, Saguinas fuscicollis, and Saguinas imperator.

Wild game can be a major food resource for subsistence hunters across the Neotropics Redford, Two groups contained 11 and 12 individuals.

The group consisted of an adult male, an adult female, and a juvenile male, all presumed to be siblings, based on the long-term monitoring of the group Souza-Alves and Ferrari, Additional surveys will be needed to estimate the total distribution range of the population. In the absence of anthropogenic disturbance, the largest primate species are dominant, conspicuous, and highly abundant, particularly in sites that support high densities of fleshy-fruited tree species Terborgh, dm Zoonosis y enfermedades transmisibles comunes al hombre y a los animales.


Meanwhile, monogamy is the modal social grouping of any callitrichid taxon Anzenberger and Falk, Vegetation structure was analyzed measuring DBH diameter at breast heighttree height, and the identification of esital species. Pelage color was generally totally red-orange Burnt Sienna to Mahogany Red or Chestnut according to Hershkovitz,although in some individuals there was some ecital coloring in the pelage that could not be closely observed due to the shyness of this species.

Heliodor Anderson Santos Jr. When fruit availability is high in this fragment it appears that the intra-group feeding competition for fruit is also high.

Interbirth interval variation in three sympatric species of neotropical monkey. Atelidae no Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

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The groups were made up of 1 or 2 adult males, adult females and subadults; the number of infants varied generally from Patterns of primate frugivory in Amazonia and the Guianan shield: During the same three-day period, the study group visited 10 trees to feed on leaves, but on none of these occasions was any agonistic behavior observed. Design and analysis dz line transect surveys for primates.

Mating tactics and socioecology of white-bellied spider monkeys Ateles belzebuth chamek.