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Sunward details the inner part of the eclipse phase solar system: can you take the heat? find out on Mercury, the vulcanoids, or dive into the sun’s Corona with. Eclipse Phase: Sunward: The Inner System – We updated Sunward and added print on demand options in October ! Sunward details the. Eclipse Phase has 98 ratings and 5 reviews. Timothy said: The opposite of the Rimward book as this one focuses on the inner planets like Mercury and Venu.

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Also there are space-whales living in the sun, and all kinds of weird ass fucking to be had. Want to Read saving….

Sunward Cover Art | Eclipse Phase

This suggests that they might be toning town the game’s cosmic horror elements. There was a massive war between first world nations and corporations, then the singularity happened, and a bunch of seed AIs called the TITANs went crazy, Earth had to be evacuated.

It’s full of the stuff! Want to get everybody in the mood as if the artwork of EP didn’t: Lists with This Book. Eclipse Phase and Posthuman Studios has benefitted from having him along for the ride, and we look forward to seeing what he creates in the future! Your body is a shell. While we look for a new staff writer we’ll be pulling one of the original Eclipse Phase designers, Brian Cross, in to help out alongside longtime collaborator Davidson Cole.

Found it actually, but thanks! Far fewer than EP1 due to the visual design changes! We’ve done a lot of redline corrections that need to be input. Ryan Mannix rated it it was amazing May 03, Rhys Miller rated it it was amazing Jan 20, Thank you for sticking with us! It’s expose of the history of Lunar colonization and the TITAN disaster that occurred there is fodder for countless adventures.


Not long after Gen Con, I learned that Rob Boyle had committed a breach of my trust that would have ended our friendship, and would’ve meant I never worked on EP.

He has created a metric eclkpse worth of background information and homebrew rules for the game, including historical sunwarr, new corporations, characters and everything else under the sun. This page was last modified on 8 Octoberat Firewall cells do go rogue, they sometimes end up fighting each other, and Firewall has “puritans” and “radicals” who argue over what can be used and what must be destroyed. Hardcoverpages. Martiniere’s resume, i’ve apparently been a fan of his work for some time without knowing it.

Jack Graham Goodreads Author. Woody rated it it was amazing Oct 13, Jack on October 9, Hey readers, The last ten years working on this game have been awesome, and I’ve loved the interactions and support that have come out of the EP fan community. It will be similar. So, what is the font called, Greg? Both for what you get, and to support an amazing game celipse.

Our next update will be no later than Wednesday, October 17th.

Eclipse Phase: Sunward: The Inner System

Interestingly, while the first edition was billed as “A game of transhuman horror”, the second edition is called “A game of transhuman survival”.


Core Rulebook Major Errata Version 1. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Recommended for flavour, and for the interesting ideas–Venus, in particular, is phaae interesting achievement.

Moreover, Eclipse Phase goes beyond simple transportation into duplicating and modifying people with egoware, resleeving and the forking mechanics, which makes it much harder to handwave away the implications as Star Trek does.

What does this mean going forward? Jack’s a talented writer and an extremely creative mind.

The new presentation style—compartmentalizing each section to be increments of two pages—was more challenging than expected. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Gatecrashing Ops Gatecrashing Preview 3: Very sorry to hear about y’all splitting up.

Here’s what we have left: Once Rob returns we wrap this baby up like puppy Pacey in a festive sweater!

Death is a disease. This means it’s actually legal to go out and download it and share it with whoever you want. These corrections are included in the fourth printing PDF and print release June Dust to Suwnard scenario, plus articles on neo-avians and other uplifts.

If the ethical and practical suneard of some of the stuff that can be done with transhumanity’s technology doesn’t scare you, the Exurgents and TITAN threats will.