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We present the case of a 9 years patient, with dysfunctional anterior open byte caused by tongue thrust. Open in a separate window. A total sample of participants of which Today it is known that oral breathing and head extension could affect the maxillaries growing, concurring to the ecaterian anomalies—maxillary compression. This means that the activity level of masticatory muscles is an important controller of the jaws growing.

Another five students in CtW of maxillary lateral incisors and dentafe were measured too. The results indicate a need to include smoking cessation education and public health activities in the dental curriculum to provide future health care professionals and role models for patients with adequate training anomaliile up-to-date patient management to control smoking.

We ask ourselves what are the theoretic and practical coordinates in prevention in orthodontics, what are the available measures or what could be elaborated in order to prevent the development of malocclusions.


The preventive measures should target the provision of the normal function of the oro—facial muscles during the craniofacial growth process, thing that would lead to both the decrease of the number of malocclusion and the amelioration of the clinical aspects thereof for the benefit of health. Furthermore, there was no significant difference between the HW and the Sum of contact-point widths This study included dental students.

The evaluation of perceived sources of stress and stress levels among Turkish dental students. The recognition of the student profile provides strategic information for planning educational policies in the university environment.

Prevention perspective in orthodontics and dento–facial orthopedics

Stopping the evolution toward malocclusions can be achieved by the reeducation of the respiratory function in subjective oral breathingor by a surgical intervention of removing the possible obstacles existing in the superior respiratory airways, obligatory followed by functional reeducation in objective oral breathing.

The aim of dentarw study was to investigate the incidence of the anomaly and its clinical manifestations in two representative groups of children: There is some evidence for this claim, but in the case of dental education the evidence consists ionecsu of survey research, which does not measure behavior.


A recommended level of OSC was defined as a combination of brushing at least twice a day, frequent use of fluoridated toothpaste, and eating sugary snacks less than daily. The pressures developed by cheeks and lips from outside and by the tongue from inside, are representing important factors which are not only guiding the development of the occlusion but also are influencing ionscu maxillary growth 4.

Considering that, it ceaterina accepted that the increasing of the allergy frequency or higher activity of another factor which alters the functional dimension of the nasopharyngeal cavity may be correlated with a higher frequency of the specific dento—maxillary anomalies.

The anomzliile stress provoking factors were fear of failing the year, completion of clinical requirements and amount of assigned work. These are habitual actions, gestures achieved voluntarily and spontaneous by the child, practiced with a certain intensity and frequency, on a longer period of time, actions that during the development of the dento—facial complex can determine the emergence of malocclusions.


This implies that being independent may be one of the most motivating factors underlying the bright image projected by the dental profession. Statistically significant differences were found between years of study and gender for many stressors. This can be achieved by an ORL examination which will establish not only the possible obstacles existing in the nasopharyngeal passage but also the muscular behavior, mostly of the orbicular muscles.

The modifications of the functions which implicate the dento—facial complex breathing, deglutition Besides the masticatory muscles, to the craniofacial growing a great importance have the muscles which are maintaining the head posture or those participating to the other functions of dento—maxillary apparatus, such as breath, deglutition and speaking The perturbation of one of the function of anomqliile dento—facial complex frequently attracts the perturbation of the others, considering the close relation of interdependence and interconditioning, existing among them.

English Copyright of Romanian Journal of Stomatology is the property of Amaltea Medical Publishing House and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission. A cross-sectional survey using a A total of students males and females completely answered the questions and were included in the analyses. This study compared perceptions of the teaching and learning process of anomaliilf senior dental students from a public school and fifteen from a private school by means of a questionnaire with direct questions.

Dental Students Research Papers –

In this respect, the vicious habits, particularly those of sucking and interposition representing a part of the modern lifestyle which is reflected by the decrease of breast feeding or other changes dntare the growing habits of the child, cause malocclusion, concurring to a higher frequency thereof.


The questionnaires assessed perceptions of the interaction between didactic and clinical content, the role of professors during the course, and their future professional practice in Brazil. Mitigating the impact ajomaliile oral and craniofacial manifestations of the systemic diseases and the use of these manifestations for the precocious diagnosis, the prevention and the efficient management of the systemic diseases.

The factors related to masticatory, respiratory, vicious habits modifications or anlmaliile thereof are responsible with the emergence and the increase of the malocclusions. Moreover, histological studies showed that the activity level of the anonaliile muscles adjusts the cranial and facial bones development, influencing ecaterima only the sutures growing but also the bone apposition and resorption 35. InWHO published the Global Program for Oral Health Promotion in view of improving oral health during the 19 th century, program that emphasizes the fact that despite the great oral health improvement of the entire world population, the problems still persist, particularly for the disadvantaged groups.

Pacient with anterior open byte consecutive to the tongue thrust in treatment intraoral aspect— after 1 year of treatment.

From the above mentioned facts it is obvious that the adjustment of the cranio—facial growth is under a less strict genetic control; on the other ecaferina, it seems to highly depend on the influence of several oro—facial functions, especially during the post birth period.

The knowledge on malocclusions ethiopatogeny is even now insufficient, many questions still having no answers. Vicious habits Ecaetrina analysis of the factors that may interfere with the balance of the oro—facial equilibrium forces in the development of the dento—facial complex cannot exempt a group of influences, highly discussed during the malocclusions ethiopatogeny, known under the generic term of vicious habits.

The results revealed that the students in the private school had more positive perceptions than those in the public school of how much the didactic classes contributed to professional practice, the level of motivation for the topics discussed, and how well coursework related to clinical practice. Remote access to EBSCO’s databases is permitted to aanomaliile of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use.

Some indicators of the survey show the impact of clinical and theoretical training on the health status of students in dentistry. No significant differences were obtained between the calculated and the measured study group hard palate dimensions.