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Find out everything about EAMCET important chapters Find out the EAMCET important chapters for Physics and Chemistry and score Kinematics: Average Speed = $latex \frac{Totaldistancetraveled}{Total time taken}$ If the body covers 1st half of distance with a speed x and. followed for scoring maximum marks in Physics subject in EAMCET? the assignments related to the concepts and formulas of the chapter.

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Out of 40 questions, nearly 25 questions i. Preparation tips While going through every topic list out the important formulae and conceptual points so that these can be again revised two to three days before the exam. Allocate 1hr to 1hr 15min in the exam to get respectable marks in physics.

Prepare a schedule according to toughest to most easiest. Do not leave any topic. Concentrate on difficult areas in the easiest topics you feel, to have a command on these topics.

Most of the BiPC students feel physics very difficult, they try to avoid solving simple mathematical calculation also. This is all mere psychological fear rather than real.

BiPC students should learn few fundamental formulae related to mathematics. Such as physcs, integration etc. They lose marks in physics not because of its difficultiness, but due to their psychology.


EAMCET Important Chapters: Score 90% In Physics And Chemistry!

Be confident on your preparation. Try to overcome the week points in the weaker areas. Underline the key words while doing a numerical problem to avoid mistakes related to the simple concepts.

Two wires of same material have lengths in the ratio 2: If they are loaded with same mass so that they are elongated by 0. In this problem key word is same material. Similarly take care in calculating the number of beats formed and the number of beats heard. Go through academy text book for theory questions, especially topics like Physical Optics, Nuclei etc.

Learning basics in all topics and thorough knowledge in selected topics can lead to a better rank.

Preparation tips for scoring more marks in Physics subject in EAMCET

Give equal importance for both first and second year topics. Try to develop application orientation in solving numericals in different topics like Mechanics, Electricity etc. Hence, instead of working for kinematics for days together for one question, it is better to work for a few hours on chapters like Gravitation or Fluids which also carries one question each. Be thorough with topics like Thermal properties of matter, Nuclei, Thermodynamics, and Kinetic Theory of gasses which are also useful for Chemistry.

Divide every topic into sub-topics so that you can know what was completed and what was not completed.

  1734 OE4C PDF

Learn the dimensional formulae of all the physical quantities from their original formulae. Identity the quantities have same dimensional formulae Work out few models on the principle of homogeneity and uses of D. Go through the types of errors and related problems. Dimensional formulae of many physical quantities depend on Speed, Acceleration, Phyaics, Pressure and Work. Try to classify the types of errors. Go through the rules regarding the significant figures.

Motion in a straight line: Develop the concepts of velocity, acceleration, relative velocity, etc.

Important formulas in Physics. | A to Z of Physics

Practice this chapter thoroughly as this is linked with many other topics in physics. Work out few problems on time concepts of s-t, v-t, at graphs. Motion in a Plane: Under addition subtraction workout physucs begins on river boat, rain umbrella relative velocity problems. Go through academy text book for examples of surface tension, Capillarity and factors that affect surface tension.