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E5CK Process Controller All OMRON products are capitalized in this manual. The following tables show the correspondence between the E5CK display. Board in addition to the E5CK-AA Process Controller. For E5AK or . Manual output, heating/cooling control, SP limiter, loop burnout alarm, SP ramp, MV. off on Disables A Auto / Manual key. 3. MANUAL manu. SET MV FOR MANUAL OPERATION. – – %. *1 Set output % manually (open loop control).

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The E5CK T controller is calibrated before shipment from the factory. Program Mode Ramp rate 0 Conditions of Use Within the number of steps only in the rate of rise programing. Page 0 to 4, 6, 10 to 13 Control output 2 assignment 0 to 4, 6, 10 to 13 Auxiliary output 1 assignment 2 to 4, 6 to 8, 10 to 13 Set up Set up Alarm 1 type 1 to Read this chapter while referring to the parameter descriptions in chapter 5.

Got it, continue to print. J Fuzzy Self- -tuning Function The fuzzy self-tuning function has three modes. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

So, the timing of AT execution is the most important factor in control. Mounting Panel Watertight packing 1 Insert the E5CK controller into the mounting hole in the panel at the position shown in the figure above.


The following example shows the relationship between the: This mode contains the parameters for setting expanded functions. Level 2 For limiting manipulated variable MV change rate limit: When using transfer output, add on the communication unit ECKF.

In this example, the related parameters are set as follows: After calibrating input, make sure that you check indication accuracy to make sure that the E5CK controller has been correctly calibrated. Page This section describes how to set the communications specifications for the E5CK T controller. Page 7 F Manhal within the following temperature and humidity ranges: Limits the upper and lower limits of the set point.

To quit the manual mode, press the keys simultaneously again for 1 second minimum. How To Use Option Functions 4.

Omron e5ck User Manual

Unit mm 60 min. To change the parameter setting during local operation, change the setting Function on the E5CK controller. These parameters include parameters for executing AT auto-tuningsetting the alarm values, setting the control period, and setting PID parameters.

Set the input types to be connected to terminal Nos. Level 0 Advances the program one step. Calibrating Current Input 7. Level 0 Mode Pattern No.

LBA detection time 0 to MV at reset Alarm value 3 This parameter is used for monitoring or changing the alarm values of alarm outputs 1 to 3. Outline Of The Communications Function 6. F Meaning Calibration data is in error. Page Page Level 2 For limiting manipulated variable Set point upper limit: When adding on the option unit, also see the option unit list on page Use this chapter as a reference guide. Page To change the parameter setting during local operation, change the setting Function on the E5CK T controller.


Examples Of Use 6. However, note that the 11 12 blocks power supplies for blocks C exclude relay e5ci and D are shared for manyal following option unit. Function This parameter is invalid while the menu is displayed. Ensure sufficient space around the controller to allow heat to escape.

Page 62 Protect Mode The protect mode is for disabling protecting the functions of the menu key or key.

Operating Condition Restrictions If limiter a change in the manipulated variable exceeds this parameter setting, the value calculated by the E5CK T is reached while changing the value by the per second value set in this parameter. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


The FCS and terminator are automatically generated, and need not be input. F If you remove the controller from its case, never touch nor apply shock to the electronic parts inside. Convention Used in this Chapter.