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Coconut water is different than coconut milk. Coconut milk is produced from an emulsion of the grated meat of a mature coconut. Coconut water is commonly Nutritional value of whole coconutcoconut powderand coconut fiber treated with sodium hydroxide for sheep.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available ABSTRACT The growing consumption of green coconut – fresh and industrialized – in Brazil generates a large volume of wastes and coproducts that justifies the search for alternatives for their use in animal feeding. The most limiting factor to the inclusion of these coproducts in ruminant diets is their high fiber content, which may restrict intake and performance.

Regarding the feeding behavior of the animals, the inclusion of whole coconut in the diet only affected their rumination time. Durability of coconut shell powder CSP concrete. The rising cost of construction in developing countries like Malaysia has led concrete experts to explore alternative materials such as coconut shells which are renewable and possess high potential to be used as construction material.

Compressive strength, water absorption and carbonation tests were conducted to evaluate the strength and durability of CSP concrete in comparison with normal concrete. The rate of water absorption of CSP concrete was recorded as 3. To conclude, CSP offers great prospects as it demonstrated relatively high durability as a construction material.

In the first phase of the study, straws with frozen semen were thawed and immediately subjected to the same analysis as the fresh semen and, in addition, to Computer-Assisted Semen Analysis CASA.

In phase 2, 10 bitches that had been subjected to natural breeding during a preceding oestrous cycle were vaginally inseminated with thawed semen that had been re-diluted in ACPc. ACPc can be successfully used for freezing canine semen, and vaginal deposition of such semen yields similar pregnancy rates to those reported in other studies. Recovery and cryopreservation of epididymal sperm from agouti Dasiprocta aguti using powdered coconut water ACPc and Tris extenders.

The caudae epididymus and bu,a ductus deferens from 10 sexually mature agoutis were subjected to retrograde washing using ACPc ACP Biotecnologia or Tris. Epididymal sperm were evaluated for motility, vigor, sperm viability, membrane integrity, and morphology. The two extenders were similarly efficient for epididymal recovery, with regard to the number and quality of sperm recovered.

powdered coconut water: Topics by

However, for both extenders, sperm quality decreased P Biotecnologia group, which was significantly better than 9. Based on the response surface methodology, higher HA removal efficiencies were obtained with acidic condition, longer reaction time, and appropriated loading amount of TCNSP. Sensory evaluation of gamma irradiated coconut cream powder. A study was conducted to determine the effect of gamma irradiation 5, 10 and 15kGy and storage on the sensory quality of coconut cream powder.

Ageing process was achieved using GEER oven at 60 degree C for seven days, which is equivalent to one-year storage at room temperature. The sensory evaluation was conducted to determine the level of acceptance on four parameters, namely odour, colour, creamy taste and overall acceptance.

Twenty 20 taste panelists gave their score from scale] least acceptable to 5 most acceptable. The results showed that there was a significant different P 0. Based on the overall acceptance, gamma irradiation as low as 5 kGy could affect the sensory quality of coconut cream powder.

The possibility of using doses lower than 5 kGy for decontamination of coconut cream powder could be considered in the future study. The irradiated product was not acceptable after one-year storage.


We report on a procedure using powdered coconut charcoal to sequester organic contaminants and reduce toxicity in sediments as part of a series of toxicity identification and evaluation TIE methods. Powdered coconut charcoal PCC was effective in reducing the toxicity of endos Properties of concrete containing coconut shell powder CSP as a filler. Coconut shellsare a type of agricultural waste which can be converted into useful material.

Therefore,this study was conducted to investigate the properties of concrete which uses coconut shell powder CSP filler material and to define the optimum percentage of CSP which can be used asfiller material in concrete.

Comparisons have been made between normal concrete mixes andconcrete containing CSP. The coconut shell was grounded into afine powder before use. Experimental tests which have been conducted in this study include theslump test, compressive test and splitting tensile strength test.

CSP have the potential to be used as a concrete filler and thus the findings of this study may be applied to the construction industry. The use of CSP as a filler in concrete can help make the earth a more sustainable and greener place to live in. Agriculture waste is potentially useful as an alternative material to absorb and attenuate electromagnetic interference EMI.

This research highlights the use of coconut shell powder CSP and coconut shell activated carbon CSAC as raw materials with epoxy resin and amine hardener composite to absorb microwave signals over frequency of 1 – 8 GHz. In order to investigate the suitability of these raw materials as EMI absorbing material, carbon composition of the raw materials is determined through CHNS Elemental Analysis.

The complex permittivity of the composites is determined by using high temperature dielectric probe in conjunction with Network Analyzer. The materials more potentially useful as substitute materials for electromagnetic interference EMI absorbing are discussed.

Fermentation of tender coconut water by probiotic bacteria Bacillus coagulans. Full Text Available Coconut water is currently being considered as an elixir for patients suffering from diseases like dengue and malaria as well as chikungunia to provide hydration properties to the body. It has become a popular beverage for many people owing to its palatability and high mineral content. In this study, the growth, survival and fermentation performance of the probiotic bacterium Bacillus coagulans in coconut water was assessed in order to produce a novel non-dairy, probiotic beverage.

The species was characterized on the basis of morphology, physiology and biochemical parameters and its probiotic attributes were assessed. The results suggested that the specie produced lactic acid and was acid and bile tolerant. The pH and titratable acidity of probiotic fermented coconut water were found to be 4. The viscosity of fermented coconut water increased significantly from an initial 5. Also, the overall acceptability score of probiotic coconut water was higher than tender coconut watersuggesting its feasibility for use as a probiotic beverage.

Comparison of RNA extraction methods in Thai aromatic coconut water. Full Text Available Many researches have reported that nucleic acid in coconut water is in free form and at very low yields which makes it difficult to process in molecular studies. Our research attempted to compare two extraction methods to obtain a higher yield of total RNA in aromatic coconut water and monitor its change at various fruit stages.

The first method used ethanol and sodium acetate as reagents; the second method used lithium chloride.

Posso dar Dramin para bebê dormir na viagem?

We found that extraction using only lithium chloride gave a higher total RNA yield than the method using ethanol to precipitate nucleic acid. In addition, the total RNA from both methods could draminn used in amplification of betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase2 Badh2 genes, which is involved in coconut aroma biosynthesis, and could be used to perform further study as we expected. From the molecular study, the drajin acid found in coconut water increased with fruit age.

Vinegar is a condiment hotas from various sugary and starchy materials by alcoholic and subsequent acetic fermentation. Vinegar can be produced via different methods and from various types of raw material. A new alternative substrate for vinegar production namely mature coconut water has been tested and was compared with 2 common substrates which were coconut sap dramij pineapple juice. Substrates such as darmin and juices have been found to have high amount of total soluble solids which correspo The chemical composition and biological properties of coconut Cocos nucifera L.


Coconut water coconut liquid endospermwith its many applications, is one of the world’s most versatile natural product. This refreshing beverage is consumed worldwide as it is nutritious and beneficial for health. There is increasing scientific evidence dramun supports the role of coconut water in health and medicinal applications.

The wide applications of coconut water can be justified by its unique chemical composition of sugars, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytohormones. This review attempts to summarise and evaluate the chemical composition and biological properties of coconut water.

Full Text Available Vinegar is a condiment made from various sugary and starchy materials by dranin and subsequent acetic fermentation. Substrates such as sap and juices have been found to have high amount of total soluble solids which corresponding to high sugar content in the substrates dramij is more than 14oBrix. Therefore, both substrates could be directly used for vinegar production without requirement of other carbon sources.

However, coconut water which showed low Brix value need to be adjusted to 14oBrix by gohas sucrose prior to the fermentation process. Investigation on the effect of inoculum sizes and implementation of back-slopping technique were performed to improve the processing method for coconut water vinegar production.

Chemical, sensory and microbiological changes of gamma irradiated coconut cream powder. A study was carried out to determine optimum decontamination dose for a locally manufactured coconut cream powder.

C for 7 days, which is equivalent to one-year storage at room temperature. Iodine value IVranging from 4. The sensory evaluation conducted using 25 taste panellists indicated cramin scores on odour, creamy taste and overall acceptance for all irradiated samples at more than 5 kGy were significantly lower P 0.

All stored products were significantly different in colour, creamy taste, odour and overall acceptance P 2 No microbial colonies were detected after irradiation. Based on the TBA and overall sensory acceptance, gamma irradiation of 5 kGy was found to be the optimum dose and lower doses can be considered to decontaminate coconut cream powder.

Coconut processing technologies for rural transformation — Case study on coconut water vinegar. The role of coconut based technologies in social development of rural India is described based on the influence of coconut vinegar technology in the rural dramiin of Malappuram district, Kerala state, India.

Biodegradation behavior of styrene butadiene rubber SBR reinforced with modified coconut shell powder. Biodegradation behavior of styrene butadiene rubber composites reinforced with natural filler, coconut shell powder CSPwith different filler loadings were carried out under soil burial conditions for three to six buka. The extent of biodegradation of the composites was evaluated through weight loss, tensile strength and hardness measurements.

It was observed that the permanence of the composites was remarkably dependent dramln filler modification, size of the filler particle and filler content. Composites containing silane modified filler were found to be more resistant to attack by the microbes present in the soil.

Mechanical properties such as tensile strength, Young’s modulus and hardness were gotzs after soil burial testing due to the microbial attack onto the samples. All stored products were significantly different in colour, creamy taste, odour and overall acceptance P coconut cream powder. Measurement of transpiration and biomass of coconut palm with tritiated water. Measurements of transpiration rate and biomass of coconut palm have been made using tritiated water as a tracer. The method of tracer injection into the coconut trunk gofas the extraction of tritiated water from coconut leaves are gotass.

The transpiration rate of the tree selected for the study was found to be 2. The influence of steaming and a ratio of grated coconut to water on the yield and quality of virgin coconut oil.