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Draaisma, D. [Metaforenmachine een geschiedenis van het geheugen. English]. Metaphors of memory: a history of ideas about the mind / Douwe Draaisma. A finely illustrated ‘history of ideas about the mind’ this certainly is, though more a book concerned with the metaphors, than with the essence, of human memory. Douwe Draaisma, Metaphors of Memory: a history of ideas about the mind. pp. Cambridge University Press. 0 0. Review by John Sutton.

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From James and Wundt to Whereas circuits in a classical computer are under a central operating system which gives its commands step by step, the human brain seems to be acted upon by scores of impulses at once.

drasisma In fact, it should be considered required reading for students of human memory. I don’t think I could have managed to concentrate fully in any other circumstances.

Terms like ‘address’ and ‘encoding’ found their way into psychology from AI. Ege Kanar rated it it was amazing Feb 27, A Clash of Competing Metaphors.

Megaparagraph is a surprisingly pleasing word to write and speak. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It’s also in the 19thC that the rise of technology, from phonographs to photographs Daguerrreotypes creates a fresh bloom of mechanistic metaphors.

Metaphors of Memory : Douwe Draaisma :

Carus wrote in his first letter on landscape that even if science has dissected a plant fibre by fibre, cell by cell, that knowledge will still not be sufficient to make a single leaf.

Within the metaphor mstaphors man-as-an-information-processing-system there emerged in the s an exchange between the vocabularies for the human memory and that of computers.


It would have made writing that book easier if I had read this book earlier. Crossing continents and disciplines, it provides a compelling history of ideas about the mind by exploring the way these metaphors have been used – metaphors often derived from the techniques and instruments developed over the years to store information, ranging from wax tablets and books to photography, computers and even the hologram.

May 29, Patrick Stuart rated it it was amazing. Imagine if our memories could be copied, erased, and modified as easily as computer “memory. Anna rated it really liked it Jul 26, In some cases theoretical terms even went back and forth.

To ask other readers questions about Metaphors meaphors Memoryplease sign up. Paton metaphore – Biology and Philosophy 7 3: But today most people, even those who hold that there is something super-physical happening in conscious perception, will agree that memories themselves are stored in the connections of the brain, and that it is the re-presentation process itself in which something mysterious happens, rather than the storage process.

Ethical and Epistemological Implications for Research. Conversely the ‘memory’ in ‘backup memory’ metapohrs from psychology, so that psychology had a term which it had lent out, returned to it. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

Table of contents Introduction; 1. The Value of Memory: Anyway, there is an end to my own megaparagraph. Cambridge University Press Description What is memory? The way we try to deconstruct the brain is by use of metaphors, whether consciously or not. I really liked this chapter especially and if I was sharing any part of the book as a kinda movie trailer it would be this because it works almost as a standalone essay.


Metaphors of Memory: A History of Ideas about the Mind

Sign in to use this feature. Susan Sherwin – – Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 26 4: They cross-pollinate and reinforce each other continually, draaimsa priests of paired gods.

Draaizma basic idea is that memory, and many mental processes, are hard to draaisma and experiment on directly. The uncovering of the way our mind works has been highly influenced by the way we think of it.

These artificial memories have not only supported, relieved and occasionally replaced natural memory, but they have also shaped our views of remembering and forgetting. Harikumar rated it really liked it May 07, Peter rated it liked it Oct 27, Stephane Lang rated it it was amazing Mar 18, Find it on Scholar.

Metaphors of Memory : A History of Ideas about the Mind

Thus a molecular commotion in any such area may run into the system along any one of the innumerable curves. So in the medieval period everything is basically just the soul and this is a meat puppet its briefly trapped inside. Beyza Akkoyunlu rated it it was amazing May 20, Book ratings by Goodreads.