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EXPLORING THE LATE DOLORES CANNON’S ‘ANTICHRIST ACCORDING TO NOSTRADAMUS’ (inc. I 40 II 4 II 98 I 92 II 6 II 84 V 43 I 62 V 25 II 29 V 54 IV 50 II. Conversations With Nostradamus has ratings and 15 reviews. Dolores Cannon actually engages with Nostradamus and asks his help in interpreting his . Conversations with Nostradamus has ratings and 5 reviews. Iona said: Dolores Cannon is an exciting author whom I’ve just recently come across. She re.

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Well worth your time. John The relief of finding this sanity!

Also, resolved many nowadays myths regarding prophecy. The Land of the Free is no longer free. Shortly before the Sun sets, Battle given, a great people OR the great ones much in doubt over it: Weather Weapons will cause widespread birth defects. It supports the Silk Road. However, as if to discount this, the current symbols for the following currencies exist in the Second Couplet simultaneously: Today I want to give Israel and Iran a break to answer two very different reaction-responses to my Dolores Cannon article from 17 March Dolores Cannon actually engages with Nostradamus and asks his help in interpreting his writings.

Manish and Nisha J. The second book in this series contains additional quatrains written and deciphered by Nostradamus himself. Her books are translated into over 20 languages.


While shapes of continents will not be changed other natural features will, and on a major scale, nostgadamus the machinery for this will fall into the hands of the Antichrist who does dolorex spare the land which had originally conceived it.

Working through several different subjects, Dolores was able to establish communication with the living Michel De Notredame, better known as the prophet Nostradamus. There is no surprise.


I’m sure some people think they have figured out and accurately translated his quatrains, but it seems this isn’t so. I have dedicated my life and I am happy to give my life for that future, if those programmed to stay in the shell of belief should violently react to my constant outpouring of sand each week in these articles at Hogueprophecy, or suffer the initiation of a deeper chafing that awaits readers of my books.

The csnnon accurate interpretation of Nostradamus ever printed is contained in these three volumes. All these everyday things matter to us. Canno on to 5d is supposed to be gradual. Mother Church has become superflous.

Conversations with Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained, Vol. 2 by Dolores Cannon

Dolores has written the three volume set “Conversations With Nostradamus”, the series on the translation of Nostradamus’ quatrains. One thing he will do, with the help of the last pope, is ransack the Vatican Library. Libra will govern the West, From the sky and on land to hold this Monarchy, In Asia one will not see perishing forces. He who spreads the blood over the face Of the victim nearly sacrificed: Winn rated it really liked it Oct 07, The carrion raven is by tradition a bird of ill-omen associated with Apollo the demi-god of prophecy.

Here are links to some of my books and e-books where we can take the themes of this article far deeper:. Turns out her method is already used by others who call it something else, nothing new or earth shattering. Dolores had the same problem, although unlike Christy, she was none too subtle about it to those who recognize the signs. His revelations and their impact on our own time are both fascinating and at times frightening. And he will succeed. Still many people will have died far from home, the Dolores Cannon storybook goes, because of the little baby boy who would be the Antichrist.


I think there have been atmospheric test blasts of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons and around 1, underground tests. It was very risky to write a book claiming contact with a man who said that he will not speak through another human being and to beware of imitators!

I wish more people would come forward and make her followers accountable. I cite her fairly for it. No, Marianne, meeting this challenge has not happened. I loved how the book was formatted as well it was an easy read and when information was need it was right there to but not jumbled together.

Miglani rated it really liked it Sep 16, She could not even produce accurate, basic information about the Prophet. To me, it ends up being little more than a scam. This series contains the translation of almost prophecies, all interpreted for the first time and have been in print since The actual historic sequence under spooky discussion between Mrs.

Nostradamus, Dolores Cannon, New Age Sewage

Posted 8 April at 2: A collapse of wills. Perhaps we have a soul but its just a seed that never grows. This is when he is able to start his political career, so to speak.

Other books in the series. Belief is Hope taken to a psychotic level. Owing to his persecution Dolores Cannon is an exciting author whom I’ve just recently come across. Nostradamus wishes to warn us of the true meaning of his prophecies, since we are now rapidly approaching an extremely difficult time in history, and he realizes that if we are aware of what may transpire if we do not heed his warnings we will be enabled to take a different path and thus avert the worst scenarios.