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So, after the past week or so I have been searching for a good 2D game programming book / tutorial in Direct2D. Why D2D, you ask, and not. Hello, so I read a lot of marketing blabla that Direct2D is a great api for 2D Does anyone knows a Direct2D tutorial that shows how to use it. Further material is available on Pluralsight where Kenny Kerr has a series of tutorials on Direct2D fundamentals. It’s the best coverage of.

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Programming Direct2D — Part 1.

Oh, and tuutorial I click “submit”, one more question – instead of learning Direct2D, would it be possible to just program a 2D game in 3D? This method creates the window’s device-dependent resources, a render target, and two brushes.

Direct2D tutorial – Graphics and GPU Programming –

In my understanding there’s no tutoeial API to check this. We can draw a rectangle by calling the FillRectangle method:. I was always confused by COM technology but his course dispels a lot of the mystery and complexity. You also learned how to structure your application to enhance performance by minimizing resource creation.

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Good Direct2D tutorial out there? – C++ Forum

To draw a rectangle, we use the DrawRectangle method: RunMessageLoop method that translates and dispatches messages. The picture URLs point to http: That is why I rate this article only 2. This is neither very flexible nor very fast.

And, Windows 9 is gonna be unveiled on September 30th, and I assume that they are gonna show DirectX 12 alongside it. OnPaint ; no need to call this. Thanks for the information and the links! Week Month Year All Time. Thanks for the great code, Is there any way to check whether Direct2D is available or not? Collision Detection Tweaks 3.

Programming Direct2D – Part 1

Katy’s Code Game, graphics, web and other software development topics. All the other barebones tutorials assume that you know all this stuff and I don’t really know where to start. Snorri Kristjansson 6-Nov 3: Sep 27, at 3: The solution, of course, is to make a level editor application which can save levels into files that the game can load. I am a beginner and invested quite some time in this tutorial, hoping that the missing parts would be explained e.

Please share your views to improve further. Improvements have been made to scene objects, user interface objects and object groups, experimental support for skinning has been added, as well as support for XInput-compatible gamepads.


You actually don’t need to know a lot from the start, perhaps just COM interfaces concept with reference counting, instantiation and implementing an interface.

The matrix can be used for representing the objects coordinates system.

The first thing we want to try is to draw rectangles – both boring and easy. The real one is much bigger than mb.

Last edited on Sep 26, at 2: This is one of them. In this part, you implement the DemoApp constructor and destructor, its initialization and message looping thtorial, and the WinMain function. The samples are far better than old MSDN samples.

Creating a Simple Direct2D Application

Basic level editor for our platform game. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Can we get this guy an Answer for the DirectX An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host – UDP Issue.