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Four weeks after the closure of Fall’s Operette, Die lustige Witwe . years later the libretto for London’s Primrose pinched precisely Léon and. The Merry Widow, German Die lustige Witwe, comic operetta in three acts by Hungarian composer Franz Lehár (libretto in German by Viktor Léon and Leo Stein. 2. Mai Die lustige Witwe: Operette in drei Akten (teilweise nach einer fremden Grundidee) / von Victor Léon und Leo Stein ; Musik von Franz Lehár.

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After they have left, Danilo attempts to dance with Hanna, who refuses in annoyance. Baron Zeta swears to divorce his wife and marry the widow himself, but Hanna tells him that she loses her fortune if she remarries.

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There were other alterations, too. However, they lose the incriminating fan, which is found by embassy counsellor Kromow. Although these articles may currently differ in style from others on the site, they allow us to provide wider coverage of topics sought by our readers, through a diverse range of trusted voices.

Javascript is required wutwe this feature. Now that she is rich, he does not want to court her just for money. Valencienne, who has dressed herself as a grisette, entertains the guests ” Ja, wir sind es, die Grisetten “. Camille de Rosillon tenor. Much to Danilo’s delight, Hanna replies truthfully that she was never engaged to Camille but was protecting the reputation of a married woman.

Numerous opera companies have mounted the operetta.

Hearing this, Danilo confesses his love for her and asks Hanna to marry him, and Hanna triumphantly points out that she will lose her fortune only because it will become the property of her husband. The piece became an international sensation, and translations were quickly made into various languages: London saw Carl Brisson three times as Danilo, paired with Evelyn Laye, Nancie Lovat and Helen Gilliland, but if the last of these signalled a switch to aitwe more legit singing widow, a reprise starring Madge Elliott and Cyril Ritchard put the ball squarely back in the light-comedy area.

Given its untarnished record of triumph, this seems unlikely. Hanna triumphantly accepts, adding that she will lose her fortune only because it will become the livretto of her new husband. Hanna, Danilo and Zeta separately bribe the Maitre’d to clear the room so Hanna and Danilo can be alone. Valencienne and the other Embassy wives arrive to seek out Danilo and convince him to return to Hanna, closely followed by their husbands, seeking to achieve librehto same purpose.


The Baron orders Libtetto to marry Hanna. Editor Gustav Blasser Almost every portion of the Die lustige Witwe score became familar and popular in the years which followed but it was, perhaps, the big waltz duet and the march octet which stood out from the libreto at first.

Linda Cantoni Betsy Schwarm. Valencienne agrees, writing “I’m a respectable wife” on it as a rejoinder to Camille’s “I love you.

The Grisettes, Parisian cabaret girls, make a grand entrance, led by the voluptuous ZoZo. During little had gone right for him. He swears to divorce his wife and marry the widow himself, but Hanna stops him by declaring that she will lose her fortune if she remarries.

The Merry Widow | operetta by Lehár |

Graves ad-libbed extensive “business” in the role of the Baron. The two adapted the play as a libretto and updated the setting to contemporary Paris, expanding the plot to reference an earlier relationship between the widow this time a countrywoman and the Count, and moving the native land from libretto dour Ddie province to a colourful little Balkan state. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our libretro.

The English Widow proved as popular as her Witee counterpart, running solidly for two years and two months, a total of performances, before beginning the round of tours, and it launched in Britain, as it would elsewhere, a mad rage for Viennese shows which lushige last until the war. The first years of the 20th century in the Viennese musical theatre were not rich in successes. When Njegus produces the fan, which he had picked up earlier, Baron Zeta suddenly realizes that the fan belongs to Valencienne.

Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. In the s, the Light Opera of Manhattana year-round professional light opera repertory company in New York City, commissioned Alice Hammerstein Mathias, the daughter of Oscar Hammerstein Wtweto create a new English adaptation, which was revived many times until the company closed at the end of the s.


The Merry Widow disambiguation. Discovering the fan, accidentally left behind by Danilo, Camille begs Valencienne to let him have it as a keepsake.

These articles have not yet undergone the rigorous in-house editing or fact-checking and styling process to which most Britannica articles are customarily subjected. Since then, it has been staged frequently in English. The immensley successful silent movie version fromdirected by Erich von Stroheim. As the “Ladies’ Choice” dance is about to begin, Hanna becomes swarmed with hopeful suitors.

Die Lustige Witwe | Libretto | English Translation

Franck gave the text to the most popular upmarket comedy writers of the day, Gaston linretto Caillavet and Robert de Flers, for adaptation and they, like the British, made their amendments to the original. Berry lusrige Nisch, with costumes by Lucile and Percy Anderson. Danilo was a prince with gambling debts.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In The Merry Widow he gives the characters Hanna and Danilo a spirited kolo a dance form in the second act, and he uses rustic and folk elements throughout the work.

The Merry Widow

His pride assuaged, he now proposes, only to find — as all ends happily — that the money goes to the new husband. In Germany, on the other hand, the piece, which has elsewhere suffered surprisingly little from the depredations of directors out to make themselves noticed by setting it in Greenland or the 14th century, has had some rather extreme treatments. Hanna realises that Danilo’s anger over her engagement to another man proves that he loves her, and she rejoices amid the general despair.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: With the two happy couples reunited, Pontevedrians and French alike reflect again on the challenge of understanding women.

In the Hassall version, the action of act 3 takes place at Maxim’s. Ludwig Doblingern. This extinguishes the remaining suitors’ interest in the dance. The young Pontevedrian widow, Hanna Glawari, has it in her power to bankrupt the nation.