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Finding inspiration in classic fairy tales, Marrone (Revealers) crafts a creepy and thoroughly captivating story of love and jealousy. Megan takes. Read Devoured by Amanda Marrone by Amanda Marrone by Amanda Marrone for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and. Devoured by Amanda Marrone – Chapter 1. More books from this author: Amanda Marrone. Master of Mirrors. The Shape-Shifter. Slayed. The Multiplying.

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I really liked how the author wove the different elements of Snow White into the story. Yes, Megan did change because she found that she was much happier when there were people who could relate to seeing ghosts. The story devoired supposed to be a spin on the Snow White fairy tale but with modern twists and I have to say I was very curious how that was going to work, especially since the title is so raw and bold, you sort of aren’t sure what to expect, but the story is fun, scary, spicy and Devoured proved to be quite a delectable marrrone morsel, tangy and crispy like a freshly bitten apple, it was a bit different than standard YA fare, it had a bit of magic to it but it was realistic enough to be believable.

One minute she’s welcoming, the next she’s harsh and cold. Marrone has a gift for portraying real teens in terrible circumstances; while the events devojred her novels are unreal, her characters are thoroughly grounded in reality.

In the modern world, Megan is haunted by the ghost of her twin sister, Remy, who died ten years ago in the same accident decoured put her father in a vegatative state.

Pretty soon she makes some new friends, devooured a few enemies and awakens something that as crazy as it sounds, hungers for flesh, her flesh.


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I liked the teen voice she uses, it was perfect, just what I would want from YA fiction. Another worker rushes in to help and reveals he can see her sisters ghost too how convenient he’s also super hot also convenient oh and can of course help her move her sister on. After all, her amanfa — once a broken record of boring parties, meaningless hookups, and friends she couldn’t relate to — now consists of her drinking alone in her room as she waits for the sun to go down.

The part that kept me reading was the ghost, and what she was trying to tell her sister She’s been dating Ryan for the last month –but her dates tend to turn into group outings with his devooured friend, Samantha. The characterization is okay, I liked Luke a lot but the rest of the characters are pretty grey in tone.

If you love amqnda and their counterparts, you should definitely add this one to your collection! I did not dislike this book but I also didn’t love it. The Snow white twist added something new and unique into the plot of the story and I enjoyed that contrast. My only complaints are that the end of the novel felt a bit rushed, and the entire book was too short. What’s a teen vampire slayer to do? When Megan’s boyfriend Ryan gets a job with his best friend Samantha to work at The Land of Enchantment a fairy tale themed amusement park ; Hy decides to get a job there too in order to keep on eye on Ryan and his supposed mardone with Samantha.

Ohh, and the mirror? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

That is hard to do in books, for me. Megan has lost deviured twin sister Remy in a car accident, the same accident that has left her father in a comma.

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I loved the ghost element but could have gone without the love interests. With an intriguing premise, beautiful incorporation of Snow White and chilling elements, Marrone’s Devoured is a spooky fun read. Still, the book will be devoured by fans of the supernatural.


I real I really loved this book.

Devoured by Amanda Marrone

Remy died and her father is in a coma and ten years later Megan is still seeing Remy’s ghost, and lately she’s getting more and more violent and Msrrone visits are getting harder and harder to stop. On more than one occasi Amanda Marrone grew up on Long Island where she spent her time reading, drawing, watching insects, and suffering from an over-active imagination. Not only do the Van Helsings find themselves hunting a terrifying new kind of vampire one without fangs but with a taste for kindergarten cuisineDaphne meets her first potential BF!

And Megan’s twin has been haunting her since she died. To ask other readers questions about Devoureddevourrd sign up.

Jul 09, Morgan F rated it liked it Recommends it for: The end was full of twists, which is hard to find in a teen book! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The characters in this book feel real and believable, amanea they are not overly dramatic. To add to Megan’s issues she also gets a job at The Land of Enchantment, a local fairy amxnda themed amusement park to keep an eye on her boyfriend Ryan and his best friend who has professed her undying love to him Sammy.

I agree with some of the reviewers that I think the book could have been a little longer in order to develop some of the characters further but considering that I kept reading even when I msrrone to get to sleep, I figure it is worth the cover price.