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The Danteum is an enlarged and slightly revised edition of Schumacher’s II Danteum di Terragni. (Rome, ). Princeton Architectural Press has produced a. Known only through a small number of drawings and photographs as well as a single model, the Danteum is arguably one of the most. The Danteum is one of the most enigmatic projects by one of the most enigmatic architects of the twentieth century: Giuseppe Terragni.

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Although publicly decrying Renaissance architecture, Terragni relied heavily on historic precedent when it suited him. Retrieved from ” https: As the Divine Comedy includes references to numerology and geometry, the poem could be seen as a written allegory of the physical structure of the afterlife.

However, because of the political terargni that led to the entrance into the warthe subsequent hearings to discuss the danteu, still they had been continuously postponed. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Notify me of new comments via email. The glass enclosed central atrium was meant as the staging point for mass Fascist rallies. The project for the Danteum was conceived as rigidly geometric, based on the square and the golden rectangle, constructed from squares.

The Danteum / Giuseppe Terragni

The residues of the project give us the unfulfilled dream of Terragni for a monument to Dante, in which the Divine Comedy was projected in an architectural scheme. DanteumColisseum in background.

However, in the end about all that remains now are some sketches on paper, scraps of an architectural model of the project and pieces of a project report Relazionewritten by Terragni. Terragni became famous in the years leading up to Italy joining in the war, with public and private commissions. Terrayni to ArchEyes If you are an Architect, a Furniture Designer, terrzgni Photographer or you simply have something important to tell about Architecture you can submit your work to ArchEyes.


Because of the complex of literary, artistic, and architectural meaning associated with the design, the theorist Aarati Kanekar regards it as exemplary of how a spatial structure can express a sophisticated poetic meaning without an explicit “vocabulary” of architectural symbols.

Danteum – Wikipedia

Compositionally, the Danteum was conceived as an allegory of the Divine Comedy. The Danteum technical information Architects: The Valdameri himself had proposed some names for the board, including Giovanni Gentile and Ugo Ojetti.

The November 10,at the Palazzo Venezia, the Valdameri and the designers present the project and they obtained the consent of the Duce. The structure was meant to be built in Rome on the Via dell’Impero. The intention was to celebrate the famous Italian poet Danteextol the virtues of a strong fascist state, that bases its foundations on the glory of imperial Rome.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Wikipedia Cite this article: This is an anti-Humanist building, and as such a paragon of the International Style as it was developing between the World Wars.

Schumacher, Terragni e il DanteumRoma,p. One of the architects was Giuseppe Terragni. The Colosseum as representation of the Roman Empire underpinning of Fascism, the rectilinear insertion into a non-geometric space, the sheer size of the Danteum as a non-humanistic structure, and finally what appears to be the will of the people as expressed in graffiti.

This site uses cookies. Dante ‘s Divine Comedy. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Since the form of the Divine Comedy was itself influenced by the architectural structure of Byzantine churches, the Danteum is in a sense a translation of a translation.


It consists of a sequence of monumental spaces that parallel the narrator’s journey from the “dark wood” through hell, purgatory, and paradise. This was the state — the expression of Il Duce — literally made concrete and imposed on the masses. Italian fascist architecture Cultural depictions of Dante Alighieri Unfinished buildings and structures. Written by paperarch August 9, at 1: However, because of the political developments that led to the entrance into the war, the subsequent hearings to discuss the project, still they had been continuously postponed.

Rather than attempting to illustrate the narrative, however, Terragni focuses on the text’s form and rhyme structure, translating them into the language of carefully proportioned spaces and unadorned surfaces typical of Italian Rationalism. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The ground floor plan shows the entrance, cortile, arcade, and vertical circulation almost identical to the Palazzo Farnese.

Michelangelo aboveand Botticellipainted canonical images. Terragni, in his turn, took the text and designed a physical model of that santeum allegory, also using numerology and geometry.

The residues of the project give us the unfulfilled dream of Terragni for a monument to Dante, in which the Divine Comedy was projected in an architectural scheme.