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DA PAM 25-380-2 PDF

The procedures to implement supply control, item accounting, and transaction reporting are contained in Department of the Army (DA) Pamphlet (Pam) 2. DA Pam 25––2 Security Procedures for Controlled Cryptographic Items. ( Cited in para 2–) DA Pam –56 Logistics Supportability Planning and. DA Pam 25––2 Security Standards for Controlled Cryptographic Items. (Cited in para 3–) DA Pam –51 Risk Analysis for Army Property. (Cited in.

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The task standards describe how well and to what level of proficiency the soldier must perform the task under wartime conditions. List of items stocked. Other intangibles must be considered when managing support. Used highest appropriate priority designator for items being repaired for return to ORF stock. Line through the training status column of any soldier who departs ea the unit.

Score the soldier GO if all performance measures are passed. Check all items to make sure their national stock number NSNmodel, and their description on the Dw match. Notes provide additional supportive explanations or tips relating to task performance. Enforced production control procedures.


This section paam references that provide more detailed explanations of task performance requirements than are given in the task summary. Compare the number of performance measures the soldier passes and, 25-308-2 applicable, which ones against the task standards specified in the task summary. Accomplished all required maintenance tasks in accordance with procedures in required references.


Locally reproduce the partially completed form when evaluating more than one soldier on the task or when evaluating the same soldier more than once. Select the most efficient method of repairing based on available equipment, facilities, and time.

Identify requirements for administrative separations. Can the potential site be adequately defended in case of attack?

Staked or marked locations for equipment that pertained to the unit. Issued assets when priority designator and estimated repair time met established criteria. These subject areas 25-38-02 used to define the training requirements for each duty position within an MOS.

Identify the resources on hand and the resources already committed after the support requirements have been determined. This column lists the task title for each task in the subject area.

Units have different training needs 25-38-02 requirements based on differences in environment, location, equipment, dispersion, and similar factors. Verify facilities and space are available to conduct the inventory.

Completed columns 9f l through 9f 5as locally prescribed. Can the site be reached regardless of the weather or time of year? Reviewed entries on counseling forms for errors. Identified the SAMS-1 system senior operator.

Ensured ORF items were exchanged on a one-for-one basis. ORF is a quantity of selected items authorized for stockage at maintenance facilities to extend their capabilities to respond to the material readiness requirements of supported units. This STP helps the trainer do what trainers get paid to do—train. This xa lists the duty positions of MOS 35W. Use the proper technical manual TM or supply catalog SC to identify components of end items.


Submit requests for issue to replace any shortages. AR —— —— 5.

Trainers and first-line supervisors ra actively plan for soldier access; making it available in work areas, unit learning centers, and unit libraries. Entered data on missile equipment that was NMC at the close of the reporting period in Part 3.


Determined minimum security standard. Review local SOP for unit-specific requirements for the site. Production methods 25-3800-2 a maintenance unit include the onsite, bay shop, bench shop, and production line methods. Refer to AR and maintenance forms c. Each part is designed to assist the commander in preparing a unit training plan that satisfies integration, crosstraining, training-up, and sustainment training requirements for soldiers in this MOS.

This is necessary because each duty position has different training requirements. Maintained HR and files. You can readily see on which tasks pak focus training.

Keep all copies pma HR and sub-hand receipts current. Overages will be turned in. The task number is a digit number that identifies the task and skill level.