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Authorized Oracle Primavera, Asta Powerproject and PMWeb Software Sales. • Experienced . Turn Asta “Flags” into Start. Constraints in P6. Hi to All, I am trying to export ASTA PP files to P3 using export option on Asta. But I am getting the error ” Invalid work Pattern position”. First you need to export your project from ASTA Power Project to a Microsoft Project XML-file. To do so please select “File” in the top left corner.

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This means that if you add the user-defined fields to the spreadsheet in the imported file, the correct names are applied to the column headings. Primavera P3 does not support the use of long file or path names, or those containing spaces, so ensure that the file and folder names you use when exporting to P3B format are a maximum of eight characters in length and do not contain spaces.

Asta Powerproject convery positive and negative costs, and positive and negative income. You can specify whether tasks that do not have any incoming links are given a start flag during the export process. However, note that a task can be marked as ‘started’ in Primavera software but have no actuals.

Calendars Calendars in Primavera software are significantly less sophisticated than they are in Asta Powerproject.

Upon import, the first cost centre in the XER file is used to set up the default cost centre in Asta Powerproject. Deadline constraint flags are exported as Finish On or Before constraint flags. Primavera software does not support links that start or finish at summary tasks; Asta Powerproject supports links that start or finish at the start of summary tasks, and links that start at the finish of summary tasks. Variable dates Microsoft Project does not support the concept of variable datesso any variable dates within a project are converted into fixed dates during export, based on the date to which the variable date corresponds on the day of export.

Resources in Primavera SureTrak have a set of availability limits, while Asta Powerproject supports only one availability figure. Costs Versions of Microsoft Project from and later deal with costs in a different way to previous versions.

Due to the differences between the WBS structure and that of the natural order hierarchy, exported projects can look quite different depending on which export option you choose. Primavera P3 supports only user-defined fields on tasks and scheduled resource allocations both permanent and consumable. The resource hierarchy in Asta Powerproject is exported as a simple tree hierarchy, and you can choose during the export routine whether you want to export the folders in your permanent resource hierarchy as a hierarchy of roles within Primavera software as well.


Note also that if a single code library contains multiple code library entries with the same name, these code library entries are effectively combined into one code during the export. A different appearance colour is generated for each cost centre each one a different shade of green.

Primavera software only supports one task per bar, so where a bar has more than one task in Asta Powerproject it is divided into separate bars during the export, with a single task appearing on each; the tasks on these bars will be linked. The contents of the fields on the Project Overview dialog in Primavera SureTrak are imported into the corresponding fields on the Properties dialog – accessible by clicking Advanced Properties on the Info tab of the Backstage view – and the Project Properties dialog – accessible by right-clicking the Programme chart in the ast view.

Regards Nokhez Akhtar Planning Consultant.

Note that even if you choose to export calendars as project-specific, all calendars that are assigned to a resource will be exported as global calendars as resources are global in Primavera software. Select the Add constraint flags to tasks with no incoming links check box if you want to add a start constraint flag to tasks with no incoming links in the exported project. A hierarchy of code library entries is represented as a “dotted” list of levels.

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Converting ASTA power Project File to P3

Tasks All tasks are imported into Asta Powerproject as either tasks, milestones or hammocks. The Save As dialog appears.

Milestones Both Asta Powerproject and Primavera software support start and finish milestones. If you were to then re-import the project into Asta Powerproject, the resource curve would be imported with 20 points – unless the resource curve has the same name as a resource piwerproject that exists in the template that you specify during the import, in which case the template resource curve is kept as it is and wsta changes that have been made to the curve with the same name in Primavera software are lost.

If any consumable resources have a cost per use defined, this information is lost upon export. The individual hierarchies underneath the work breakdown structure root item in an Asta Powerproject project are therefore exported, unless there is only a single project in the file, in which case the root WBS item is renamed to match that of the project.


Transferring data between Asta Powerproject and Microsoft Project

Only one top-level item is allowed in the Asta Powerproject work breakdown structure, whereas more than one is allowed in Primavera SureTrak. Microsoft Project does not support the concept of variable datesso any variable dates within a project are converted into fixed dates during export, based on the date to which the variable date corresponds on the day of export.

Overtime in Microsoft Project increases the availability per day of an allocation and enables you to adjust the amount of work for a day. Microsoft Project does not support buffer tasks.

The first three characters of each currency unit name are used as the name in Primavera software except for dollars and euros, which are named USD and EUR respectively, and for pounds sterling, the name of which you specify during the export on the XER Export Options dialog.

Code libraries Unlike Asta Powerproject, Primavera software allows only a single code from a code library to be assigned to a task.

Knowledge Base

If a work breakdown structure has been atsa in a project, the position of each task in the work breakdown structure is exported lowerproject a custom field of the “outline code” type. Budget at completion BAC. Primavera software does not support work-based resource modelling information, so this information is lost upon export.

Cost allocations Any cost allocations that do not have a cost centre ‘cost account’ assigned to them will be assigned an ‘anonymous’ cost centre, which is created during the import. Empty WBS items are imported as empty summary tasks, which are drawn at the report date.

Primavera SureTrak distinguishes between ‘Task’, ‘Meeting’ and ‘Independent’-type activities, which control the way in which multiple resources on an activity are scheduled. Although the related costs are the same after export, it is not possible to identify the working time as overtime.

Here, the programme chart itself would not be exported, as it only contains other projects. A well-constructed summary group, prior to export Post-export: Constraint flags Primavera software does not support Deadline constraints. The “Calendars” folder itself is not exported. Primavera software does not support Deadline constraints. Note that this may cause the summary tasks that enclose them to have different start and finish dates in Asta Powerproject.