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Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. articles. A Hebrew manuscript of Clavicula Salomonis, Part II. Claudia Rohrbacher-Sticker. Abstract. NOWADAYS it is almost a truism to say that there are. Public domain; No contract Over years from publishing date Rivka Shveiky by Ariel Lock ייצוא דוח נתונים. הורדה (לשימוש אישי). אסור. שיתוף קישור (עם.

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You re too kind mister Griffin.

A Hebrew manuscript of Clavicula Salomonis, Part II – Claudia Rohrbacher-Sticker”

My honor to be of help. My input is quite small compared to the had work put in by the staff of the Universitary Library of Leipzig. As I recall from one of your speaches, you might be one to actually read the manuscripts. The links seem to just be loading blank pages for me in chrome, but it is the same when I do it from the university site.

It s just a glitch or a down server. Happened 2 times since I know the website. It will come back. Hell Mihai as all ways you bring and do amazing work. Congratulations and Thank you for this.

We want more of you in Romania. I am still waiting and looking forward for esoteric treat we have talked. Keep up the good and quality work as usually. All the best Raul Petrisor. I’ve been studying this collection for some time. I ran across it through the Dresden web site several years ago, but until a year or so ago could not establish a link to the collection. I’ve found a couple interesting things that might be of interest.

Most of these mss appear in a small catalogue appended at the end of ps-trithemius’s Veterum Sophorum Sigilla, Roth-Scholtz has a short account of the collection prefacing his listing.

One can down load the mss fro the Leipzig website but that can prove challenging. One can load only 50 pages at a time, After the first 50 pages the page order gets jumbled. The entire list is catalogued as text numbers which makes for a rather odd arrangement.


Pages after that cross januscript two digits to three have to be prefaced with a leading zero e. Thursday, 1 August Complete list of Leipzig University magical manuscripts links. Due to Joseph Peterson s amazing generosity with information I found out about one of the most amazing depositories of occult manuscripts online.


I spent my time since then researching these manuscripts, carefully noting the shelfmark, the name and what contents they have, especially salimonis, diagrams, characters and such. My private document, with direct links in the titles, could help others access this collection more easily, and help find relevant material whenever needed. I know I drew a lot of information and was immensely helped by Frank Klaassen s list over at Societas Magica, so I figured I should not keep this to myself.

This is of course a rough draft with practical uses, not an academic reference tool. The list does not have a detailed account of the contents, the author, the incipit, the language, the date salomoniss redaction and other codicological information, but it is a start in beginning to analise the collection. The UniLeipzig website does not list them in any order in particular, so i chose to put them in order according to their shelf-mark.

I have found manuscripts, if there are more, I have yet to find them. Notes on image content. Usual salomonls and pentacles. Clavicula salomonis, das ist ein Buch von der wahren Magia. Nigromantia sive Cabala nigra manusccript alba Doct.

Johannis Wahle eines Venetianers und anderer alte Uhrkunden und Nachrichtungen, wo hin un. Experimenta magico-magnetica das ist unterschiedene magnetische oder sympathetische Curen.

L ‘Esperimento del spirito Barone per chiamarlo e legarlo. Jtzund folget hernach ein Werck, wie man ein Buch consecriren und bereiten soll zu der Co. Rehencatrici totius Indiae regis, Apollonii discipuli, ars cabalistica sacrae philosophia. Pentacles, 14 original, Clavicula. Liber consecrationum et coniurationum probatissimus, alias florum flos dictus. Miracul und Wunder Buch aus D.

Plantary seals, Heptameron based. Saephiriel das ist ein himlisches Licht und magischer Bericht die Geheimnissen der Zahlen. Magistri Pelagii Eremitae in insula Majoricarum circulus seu tabula veritatis proscribent. Names of spirits, Clavicle pentacles.

Kabala Mosaica seu revolutio alphabetaria Kabalistica Hebreo-Latina concinna. Unique angelic seals, squares. Praxis Cabalae albae et nigrae Johannis Fausti Magi celeberrimi.

Speculum Salomonis insigne ex electro magico. Das ist eine gewisse Art und Weise, wie das. Misterio di Pietre sculpite o vero anelli magici naturali de Salomone re dEbrei secondo. Petri de Abano quatuor annuli Salomonis, wodurch einer alle Sprachen kan reden. Annelli negromantici del Salomone re de Ebrei secondo loriginale che si conserva fra i ma.


Anonymi tractatus de constructione et usu septem sigillorum planetarum Aegyptiorum. The Oedipus Aegyptiacus talismans. Regis Salomonis septem sigilla planetarum. Liber de septem Stellis dr.

Philippi Theophrasti Paracelsi ab Hohenheim eigener hand abge. Liber Razielis Angeli Adamo poenitenti post lapsum a deo missus, per quem possit intellig. Oraculum oneiromanticum, das ist 2 curieuse Experimenta, in den Schlaff zu erfahren, was. I secreti di salmi di Davide. Psalm secrets with characters. Segreto magico di Scorpione o Mavaron per castigar i nemici assenti. Anonymi tractatus, cui titulus: Processus matrimonii cum Nymphis.

Lo Specchio magico per visioni et risposte varie. Il velo dinvisibilta o segreto mirabile per andar in qualsivoglia luogi invisibile. Kurtze Anleitung oder Unterricht von der wahren Magia. Simple seals and diagrams. Tractatus magico-theosophicus, dass einer sein Engel erscheine und. Salomonis filii David Beschwerungen der Olympischen Geister.

Beschreibung des von denen sieben Meistern und Philosophis entsponnenen Globi oder verbor. Liber naturae et scientia rerum praeteritarum. Tractat vom Geister Beschweren zum Schatzgraben.

Cabala numerosa seu claves Cabbalisticae, quibus iuxta mysticum numerorum sensum. Das ist unterschiedene magi. Rogerii Baconis de secretissimis naturae mysteriis supercoelestibus manuscriptum.

Clavis claviculae Salomonis seu philosophiae pneumaticae. Magia naturalis, wie solche nach Influentz der Sterne zu practiciren.

Praxis Cabalistica astronomiae aureae solaris vel supernaturalis.

Clavicola di Salomone tradatti dalla lingua hebraica dal dotissimo Mathematico Melchiore. Alberti Magni Tractatus von den 12 himmlischen Zeichen und ihren Sigillis. Talismans, rings, diagrams and seals. Philosophiae Arcana Physica, aslomonis mediantibus metalla et thesauri in terra latentes. Oxingium de citatione spirituum.

Speculum Salomonis sive sphera universae sapientiae et scientiae. Semphoras und Schemhamphoras Salomonis regis. Problema summum mathematicum Cabalisticum.

Das ist ein Wegweiser zur geheimen theosophisc. Theophrasti Paracelsi chymisches und medicinisches Vademecum, in welchem offenbahr gelehr. Historia naturae et genesis cum Antrophia, i. Natur Bibel und Natur Postilla. Clavicula Salomonis filii David.

Seals of the clavicle. Magia claustra aperiendi, i. Meine Zeit stehet in der Handt des Herren.