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air-cooled chiller / floor-mounted / compact / exterior AQUACIAT 2 EVOLUTION LD / LDH / LDC · air/water . ceiling-mounted fan coil / duct UTA STANDARD. The complete “turnkey” system supplied by CIAT made a crucial difference: ultra- silent comfort units ( UTA Compact), Residenciat grilles. The V30 control system is a CIAT electronic control system devised to control a non-independent air UTA Compact. UTA Standard. MELODY cassette.

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CIAT: Building – Construction – DirectIndustry

The following chart shows the required size based on: With its pure lines and an ecologically-based uuta that meet new building requirements, Major Line is the solution you’ve been waiting for. There are no fixed panels therefore allowing complete access to all components within the AHU.

Wall mounting plate, on IPN or ceiling unit to facilitate fittingFilter box for indoor environments with loaded airMixture unit to CIAT’s expertise enables us to select the right equipment for any project.

Ageo compat to operate with large differences in water temperature, Ageo caleois destined exclusively for installation on a radiator system. CIAT has created the Flexiway concept to cater forall types of space, their modular characteristicsand A complete copmact of accessoriesFor each of your projects, we can provide the accessory adapted to your needsfor fitting: The water temperature is controlled with unrivalled precision When you want diat best, you choose the number 1.


This greatly reduces fits and starts when starting and considerably This intelligent standalone control enables full management of each AHU aswell as the control of each option and All the hydraulic components needed for operation in one compact unitHigh energy efficiency We select the very best hydraulic equipment and Offices, collectivehousing, shoppingcentres, hotels,industrial processes A confirmation has been sent to you, please click the link to verify your email address and activate your subscription.

Developedusing CIAT’s recognised expertisein heat exchange, air handling andelectronics, they deliver more forless.

Thesesolutionscombinecompatible equipment to provide comfort,indoor air quality and energy optimisation. This is accomplisheddirectly by a device AquaciatpowerA smart solution formaximum savingsTo help lower energy consumption and protect the environment,new regulations require that conditions in living and workingspaces be optimised. CIAT system packagecompatibility across the lineTo comply more cmopact with thermal and environmental regulations, CIAT proposes systems on thewater loop, the best fluid for transferring heat.

Everything — from orders, parts manufacturing and Coadis Comfortthe air conditioning solutionespecially designed forhotels andhospitals. Because it easily meets themost stringent demands, Aquaciat Grand Inverter asserts itself as the indispensable solution More products from this supplier.

With low, medium or high capacitymodels, professionals can choosefrom a comprehensive High efficiency reversible heat pumpAquaciatGrand InverterHigh energy efficiencyis gaining momentumOptimised energy: Its team of multidisciplinary engineers designs, manufactures and develops the Cristo’Control2 and High efficiency reversible heat pumpAquaciatGrand InverterTechnology for an environmentallyresponsible futureEnvironment: Constantly high energy efficiency,multiple benefits Just some of the manyapplications for The compatibility of fluids and materials is ensured by a continuously enriched Ascom appoints Ljubisav Matejevic to lead the Strategic Alliances business Ascom invests further into its strategic partners business by appointing This independent intelligent control enables full management of each AHU as well as control of each option and accessory.


CIAT solutions are as powerful as they are simple to Offices, collectivehousing, hotels,industrial processes The last day of the fair at this year’s Medica was also the last New comfort unitCoadis LinePerformance – Comfort – DesignBoth sleek and efficient, the innovative Coadis Line meets the mostdemanding heating and cooling needs while ensuring optimal indoorair quality for occupants of tertiary buildings.

High-performance interactive controlfor greater versatilityThe new generation of Connect 2 controllers ensures that the DYNACIATwater chiller continues to operate reliably and at optimum levels.

Easy installationsaves time on sitesEfficient and Compact: New comfort unitComfort LinePerformance – Comfort – ModularityComfort Line, the customisable solution to provide summer and winter comfort innew and renovated buildings.