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Chuk and Gek (Russian: Чук и Гек) is a Russian short-story written by Soviet children’s writer Arkady Gaidar. It was adapted as a film in , directed by. Chuck and Geck by Gaidar, Arkadi and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at : CHUCK AND GECK: Translated from the Russian by L. Stoklitsky . 35 b/w illustrations by D. Dubinsky. 63 pages, clean and clear.

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But you’d better go to sleep, Geek, because I’m not going to talk to you any more. The strange, immense moon once more shed its blue light on the dancing tumbler, on the bright yellow orange lying on the white cloth, and on the face of Mother, who was smiling at something in her sleep, all unaware of her son’s plight. There it smelt of birch twigs and warm sheepskins and pine shavings.

Books by Arkady Gaydar. Suddenly one of the bulls let out such a bellow that the engine driver turned round; he probably thought a big locomotive was coming on behind him. A little boy in shirt sleeves, wearing enormous felt boots and carrying a cat, skipped out on the porch. Tomorrow I have to go into the taiga for a couple of days.

Full text of “CHUCK AND GECK”

The watchman said that the geological party had gone off to the Alkarash Gorge on an urgent assignment and would not be back for at least ten snd. Behind the counter there puffed a fat samovar as big as Chuck.


Surly and gloomy though he was, after bringing in the firewood the watchman would stand in the doorway for a long time marvelling at their ingenuity. Under the trees the footprints of strange beasts and birds had woven a weird ad in the soft white carpet of snow. Why, he’d just flap his arms or do something else. They cut all the coloured pictures out of the old magazines they found. A captivating account of an altruistic pioneer youth gave birth to the mass Timur movement among Young Pioneers and other child organizations all over the Soviet Union.

He stopped near a big wooden trunk and scratched its lid with his shaggy paw.

chuck and geck rebound journal

Would you also like to submit gsck review for this item? A sweet review from an Indian reader: Enraged, he snatched up a tin bugle, the one that was geci away in Chuck’s shoe box, and blew on it so hard that the preoccupied commander of the armoured train raised his head sharply.

Mother became really worried then. Finding fat old Chuck sprawled all over the bed, Geek poked him in the side to make him move over. Jun 29, Indrani Sen rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was such a sweet little tale of two little boys and their adventures in Siberia.

Winter visitor on a wire 1 week ago.

The Salander complex 8 years ago. It was a long and narrow corridor. He’ll be back before night and tell you everything you want to know.


For those like me still searching for the works of Arkady Gaider in the ether, here are the download links to three pdf files: In general, Geek was a scatterbrain, but he certainly heck sing songs.

And since he had been having unpleasant thoughts, he dreamt an unpleasant dream. The driver brought geci the rear with the bags. Plenty of footprints had been stamped into the snow during the past four days. But then he could stand it no longer and spat at Chuck. What do you think? Persian-Urdu-Hindi Songs 2 years ago.

Came a third, and still no watchman appeared from the forest. I only know the militia came and took him egck and a lot of things were found in his place. It was warm in the hut.

While she was gone, Chuck and Geek had a quarrel. Mother looked at them and laughed. The man with the moustache pulled on his trousers and tunic and took Geek back to his own compartment. Posted by Ava Suri at 4: Published first published The night is black, But we must charge along our track. He leaves them at the camp in his hut, with a few provisions and some wood for the fire and goes on a mission.

That’s a fine idea, Chuck. But supposing she doesn’t, why should we start anything?