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Namakam Chamakam Sri Rudram. Namakam – Yajur Veda Chapter Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya. Namaste Rudramanyavautota Ishhave. Sri Rudram Namakam Chamakam Sri Rudram Namakam Chamakam Lyrics in 9 Indian languages. Sri Rudram Laghunyasam Sri Rudram Namakam. Rudram Śrī Rudram Anuvāka 1 – Devanāgarī, transliteration and translation text. Also includes a text with phonetic changes of anusvāra and visarga.

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Salutations to Him who surrounds His enemies completely, ljrics cuts off their retreat by running swiftly after the retreating stragglers; to the protector of the good who have taken refuge under Him, salutations. Salutations to Him who is in the rocky uninhabitable and rugged tracts and in habitable places.

These other Rudras who are quartered round about in all directions of this earth, may I ward off their anger by my praise. Timeline Chronology of Hindu texts.

In this anuvaka the force of Rudra is invoked on all things that have mass and that grow in size. Tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushhtivardhanam.

English translation of chamakam

Namo ishhumadhbhyo dhanvavibhyashcha vo namo. It is immortal and one that triggers the evolution, initiates the concept of life and death. These forces are fundamental in nature and are the third and seventh dimension of the force of Rudra. Come into the three vessels of energy that is formed Baryons, mesons and Leptons. Modern science also says the acidic nucleus and metabolisation of essential fatty acids trigger the evolution of biological beings from bacteria to modern human beings.

Retrieved from ” https: Salutations to Him who moves about guardedly ever with intention to steal; to Him who moves amidst crowds and thronged places for pick-pocketing; to the Lord of forest thieves, salutations.

Salutations to Him who is born in the rivers as river water and in the absence of rains. These thirty six items are prayed in this Anuvaka for the body which is the cornerstone for upholding Dharma. Namastirthyaya cha kulyaya cha. Come into the first nuclei that are formed due to these mesons for protection mesons provide the bonding between protons and neutrons. Ye anneshhu vividhyanti patreshhu pibato jananh.


Those Rudras so far mentioned, and over and above them, who have entered the quarters and occupied them, we shall cause the strings of their bows to be loosened, and the bows themselves to be deposited thousands of yojanas far away from us.

The Chamakam chapter seven asks for the fulfillment of wishes. Refer to my blog on Rudra, the eleven dimensional space mentioned in the Reference section. Salutations to Him who showers blessings very much and who bears arrows. To the leader of the foot-soldiers, salutations. Also chama,am is a regulator, bearer of particles, force that provides peace, security, support, chamaiam present, mighty yet hidden and invisible and is visible only to Intellectual faculties It is also a mothering force that it delivers newer particles by continuously pressing and ploughing the matter to produce newer particles.

Ya etavantashcha bhuyaasashcha disho rudra vitasthire. According to my interpretation of Rudra, Shiva is the name of Rudra that is the force of Purusha.

Salutations to Him who pervades all and moves swiftly. Make our sons and their sons happy. Salutations lyris you of diverse crowds and races, and the leaders of them. By that form if your which is peaceful and auspicious, more highly auspicious since it is a panacea for human ills for all days, most highly auspicious since by the grant of knowledge and illumination, it utterly uproots ignorance and the entire misery of samsara, by that gracious form of your make us lead a full and happy life.

Nama avyadhinibhyo vividhyantibhyashcha vo namo.

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Additionally, the devotee asks for the benevolent aspect of Shiva to be invoked rather in the terrible aspect of Rudra and requests for forgiveness of sins. Let me think sweet thoughts; let me perform sweet actions which bear sweet fruits; let me bear sweet offerings, let my speech and praise be sweet; let me utter words which sound sweet to the Gods; let me utter sweet words to men who would lend their ears.


Pray for the protection of this force of Amba the first dimension of Rudra Various orders of vibrations frequencies go on in Amba. Salutations to Him who is in the green leaves and the dried ones.

Chamakam English Translation

Come into all the particles and elements Vishvedeva that form in this. Let vision become strengthened through evolution. Salutations to Him who binds His matted locks and wears them majestically like a crown and Him who ever stands before His devotees.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: Come into the spotless particle mesons for protection. Salutations to Him whose armies move swiftly and who rides on lytics swift chariot. Number two indicates two thousand bases. Salutations to Him who is clad in armor Himself, and who has provided for the safety of His charioteer. This Amba is plasmic in nature and shines and it is from chamakzm Amba the entire matter of universe evolves.

Vishnu is the brother of Amba in the Puranas as Vishnu is from the same source as Amba. The dried kusa grass is called dharbam. Salutations to Him who is in the form of trees in the forests and of creepers in the shaded areas.

In these first four years, chamqkam is important that the child receives and metabolizes good amount of EFAs and proteins, as the first four years can have a huge impact on later life.