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Abstract. The Navigator EPX is a digital lighting console optimised for the control of intelligent lighting. Its principle features are ease of use, flexibility of. Celco Navigator lighting console in excellent condition (includes console, case, and power supply). From and still works great!. Celco Navigator Lighting Desk | Sound & Vision, Performance & DJ Equipment, Stage Lighting & Effects | eBay!.

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Various lamp units may have different actions for one cue, some navigtaor units may not be active at all. The file record to be written comprises two parts; the cue number, and the lamp function data.

Since the same computer hardware and basic programs are utilized to control different combinations of actuators of the lamp complex, a portion of the lamp system programs will differ between the lamp complexes. This is termed “fan out”.

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The electrical environment in the region of a performing stage includes many types of interference due to the heavy consumption of electrical power, for both audio and lighting equipment, in a very limited area.

When the cue recall command is received, a flag in the intensity logical controller program is cleared. The communications manager program is reactivated. As noted above, each lamp unit connected to the network will receive the lamp navigaror however, only the address transmitted will respond. A further parameter control circuit is shown in FIG. The two examples exemplify the processing which occurs in the lamp units, and include the activation and interaction of the various programs within nvigator lamp unit, and the distribution of tasks between the console navigztor lamp units according to the invention.

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A flag in the lamp status word is set at this time to prompt the console processor complex to transmit a packet of data containing information concerning the state of the console. The noted console command represents a message transmitted to the network and received simultaneously by all the lamp units connected to the network.


At the end of the script, the lamp unit is in complete synchronization with the console, whereupon the processor enters an endless loop consisting of self tests, physical state monitoring and response to console command transmissions.

Moreover, the addition of more lamp units to the system does not significantly burden the console processor nor the data link. In addition, increased flexibility is desired in such systems so that various aspects of the lighting systems can be reconfigured, as necessary, to accommodate the varying requirements of different performances. Further processing in the lamp status program is held in abeyance until a reply is received from the lamp unit.

This information is determined from a first byte of the encoder-change command, whereupon a jump is made to the appropriate command response routine. ceelco

Also, the command response routine provides an identifier indicating that the manual-control status bit is to be manipulated. The data associated with the state packet received from the console is stored temporarily while additional validity checks are performed on the cue data memory.

The communications manager program thus determines that the communication transmissions is complete, commences the transmission of another message, if such a message is cleco, and returns to the network state control response routine. The motor is physically connected through a clutch to a quadrature encoder If no changes are found, the program is returned to the main nnavigator.

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The output signal from the amplifier is passed through an invertor to the input of a Manchester encoder The activity required in each lamp unit is carried out independently of the activity in other lamp units, and without further data transmissions from the console. In this manner any distortion in the nature of pulse width, delay or otherwise is mavigator compounded delco the transmission in the data link. Control from the state data manager program is then returned to the endless loop of the main sequencer.


Broadcast messages, for example, are transmitted to the lamp units for placing them or removing them from manual control. All one thousand of the console control channels are each represented by a single bit in a console memory map, and indicates whether the channel is or is not ceclo for manual control. In one implementation of the invention, a controller is provided for a lighting system adapted to control a plurality of multiple parameter lamp units. The converter further serves to produce an interrupt signal and to receive an acknowledge signal which are exchanged with the microprocessor The lamp status scanning program handles all the celdo in the system in turn, and all lamps involved in the newly stored cue will eventually be able to send their cue data to the console.

Once the entire system has been initialized, all functions needed of the lamp units during the course of the performance are in the nature of broadcast messages. The depression or release of any switch is sensed by the processor complex, whereupon the appropriate response routine is activated for each switch in which a depression or release was sensed.

The communication manager program then prepares the lamp unit to receive another console command transmission and returns to the command interpreter. In a manner like many of the input scanning programs of the console, the lamp status program reacts only to changes in input values.

Provisions from this controller includes commands in video format. The repeater 52 is connected serially with the data link