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I can install Windows 7 on it the asus page has the drivers.

Very quiet, small package. These steps are almost identical to the official directions found on Microsoft’s TechNet, except these also assign a drive letter to the uk, so that you can see it in My Computer: If you need to re-install Windows later, hold F8 as the computer boots, and you can pick the boot device.

Searching window Windows 7 Search box for a filename filename: Preventing attacks on Remote Desktop Port I noticed port remote desktop was under attack by someone from china trying all sorts of usernames.

Solving the Outlook not responding problem Started having problems when i tried connecting Android mail clients. The Android native email wouldn’t sync with my Rackspace exchange account using Exchange at all.

Moxier and TouchDown do sync. When ActiveSync is active, Outlook clients can’t access your mailbox but my other clients like OWA and iphone and iPad have cd530am trouble at all! This happens for TouchDown even when it isn’t syncing so it seems to leave some sort of lock on the mailbox.

Steve Kirsch Computer Tips

But Moxier was well behaved at first, and didn’t lock out my mailbox when it wasn’t syncing, but now it locks it out. Seems like it might be a generic Android 4. You can tell if you have a problem when you send messages even to yourself and also at startup if it takes more than 40 seconds to connect. If it takes forever, and the Outlook icon in the tray shows and hourglass and says “Microsoft Office Outlook is requesting data from the server” when you mouse over it you know you are screwed.

The quick way to resolve this is change your password using OWA. This ensures no clients can access your account, then change the password on a client at a time. Don’t know if it is a “bad” client, or simply too many clients.

You can try to delete the offending active sync client and possibly change and change back your password.

I’ve changed my password, worked fine, then changed it back and had problems. So the offending device if it contacted the server, can really screw up the server and the only way out is to change the password and then change it back later when the bad clients no longer connect.

If you send a message to yourself and it takes more than a few seconds, you are probably impacted by this problem. If you try to send a message while an ActiveSync client is syncing, you’ll sometimes get a message back like this:. Note that I’ve never had cdn530am problem with Apple’s ActiveSync implementation.


This only started when I added the Android clients On the other hand, it could be the sheer number of clients attached to my mailbox. I have 2 PC desktops, 1 PC laptop, 1 apple macbook air, iphone, ipad, android so 7 devices and that’s not including when i use OWA to connect.

Rackspace thinks it is one of my devices that is bogging down the mailbox. I have 7 devices connected to my Outlook account. They suggest changing my password to break the links, use as few devices as possible, and use OWA to break links as well:. Select the device and click the red X to delete”. I removed three devices from the mobile phone list 3 android: Instant connectivity to my Outlook You don’t need to change your password Try stopping devices one at a time till the problem resolves Remove mobile devices you aren’t using using owa see above I suspect my android devices were messing it up there mu 3 android activesync profiles i removed from owa Timing for Connected at 8 seconds; this folder up uk date 23 seconds; all folders up to date 35 seconds.

If the above doesn’t work, cdmm530am here: Decrypting TCP packets cdm5530am Outlook talking to an exchange server My Outlook isn’t reliably cdm530xm to exchange so here are some tips.

Use wireshark to see what is going on. Cdk530am in black are errors look at the View menu at the bottom for the Coloring Rules.

But black fdm530am always bad. The packets from my computer are always black because the IP packet checksum is always zero because the checksumming is offloaded to the ethernet card by default in most cases so the outgoing packets sniffed by wireshark always have these errors.

How to configure the USB dongle to provide 3G/4G/LTE WAN connection? – DrayTek Corp.

I set up wireshark so it uses a capture filter of “host Then with the capture going, I start up Outlook and watch. You can narrow to a specific port number using cdm530a, display fillter like “tcp. So this is a specific connection to the server.

Outlook will start off making a connection to the server with a SYN request at packet 1.

Note the source port. Then apply the port display filtering. What you’ll find is that it will display 38 packets. This is because the connection is opened, stuff, is done, and then outlook will deliberately close off that particular port using a RST, ACK sent to the remote site and the remote site will reply with an ACK which closes down the connection. This is all exactly as it should cdn530am.

The reset isn’t a sign of trouble; it’s just part of the protocol. This is just rackspace saying it got dcm530am. On ACK packets, the Seq is the sequence number of the person sending rackspaceand the Ack is the uk bytes received so far on the connection. By the time the connection is closed for this initial socket pair, you’ll see rackspace with the final ACK saying: That says that everyone is in sync.

So the Seq is always “how many bytes I’ve sent to you previously i. Oddly, it is taking. All i see is the freshly open port and all of a sudden rackspace is sending new data bytes and my client sends nothing. There is no TLS negotiation uum that socket since it starts right after the tcp handshakeyet the data sent from rackspace is encrypted!?!?


Which could be because i’m not sending a client helo or they aren’t receiving it. I am seeing ssl socket open, client sends stuff to server, server sends the tcp acks, but never responds, so the client closes the connection and never gets a ACK back at the end which presumably is sent by the application. Cdm350am it’s like Cdm530qm open a connection, cdj530am lots of stuff, never hear anything, then close the connection. That is pretty odd if that is normal protocol. But I’ve also seen packets that are strictly one way So it sends the bytes and closes the connection.

In general, there isn’t a lot of “wait time” anywhere before the socket is closed in many cases. Some of the original sockets are long lasting.

WiFi Mobile Router – CDM530AM

What’s very interesting is that during the “not responding part” both parties are sending each other application data packets that are exactly 99 bytes long. At the end, rackspace has sent 14, bytes and the client has sent 1 byte the tcp handshake. Started cdm530sm scratch, and just followed stream 0. The server immediately responds with a TCP ack.

So cdmm530am seem to be heartbeat type packets to keep the port alive. After a while, it will set the heartbeat interval to 60 seconds. Outlook says it is not responding.

Steve Kirsch’s Computer Tips

So try enabling troubleshooting login per http: It wasn’t very useful. Showed that it was taking 33 minutes to send a single message. Finding a Transport Sending message ‘testing 1 2 3’ size 2. Synch operation completed I’ve had it not connect for 10 minutes and then disconnect. The key is cdm530aj stream 1. This happens reliably all the time even on a failure to connect. When it fails, after that point it sends heartbeat 99 length packets forever because rackspace is waiting on data.

Stream 0 is created on the first packet. This is the stream for the client talking to the server. Only the client talks and the server just ack’s the cdm530aam. This is a long lived socket pair.

After stream 1 sends the long packet, the client should send 3 packets of length, at workand cdm5300am get back a length from rackspace. Stream 1 is created on the 15th packet. This is the stream for the server to send data to the client. The client creates it, sends some data to the server, and from then on, it is basically all data from the server to the client. Stream 2 is created on the 48th packet.

This is for the client to talk to the server. Stream 3 is created on the 49th packet. It is short lived and the client closes it about 30 seconds into it when the authentication is complete at packet or so. This is for the client talking to the server. It seems to be short lived.