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for an overview of the Caterpillar series, see: Caterpillar The Caterpillar B is an off-highway, ultra class, two-axle, mechanical powertrain haul truck. T1 Conversion Kit® for. Cat® B, B, B VIMS Haul Trucks. Immersive Technologies’ T1 Conversion Kit provides the ultimate in training realism for. Search & compare CATERPILLAR B listings for the best deal. ‘s of CATERPILLAR B for sale from dealers, auctions and private inventories.

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Regulates engine rpm during shifting to reduce power train stress and clutch wear by controlling engine speed, torque converter lock-up and transmission clutch engagement for smoother shifts and longer component life. Developed specifically for high production mining and heavy-duty construction applications From the time you select a piece of Cat equipment until the day you trade or sell it, the support you get from your Cat dealer makes the difference.

793F Mining Truck

To minimize operator fatigue and maximize productivity the all new F Series operator station is ergonomically designed for total machine control in a comfortable, productive and safe environment. Sealed Electrical Connectors Electrical connectors are sealed to lock out dust and moisture. Yes, I would like to receive future marketing communications caterpkllar as email from Caterpillar Inc. Caterpillar Series Caterpillar first generation.

Mercer, Mike June The proven planetary power shift transmission is built tough and cateripllar designed for the higher power of the C engine.

The third generation VIMS monitoring system provides you with critical health and payload data in real-time to keep the F performing at top production levels. Power Train Options See more Extended Life Wheel Stations Developed for uphill hauling applications, this arrangement is designed to extend wheel life and hauling performance on long, uphill hauls.

Views Read Edit View history. Cat oil-cooled disc brakes are designed with large discs and plates for reliable, adjustment-free operation and performance. Archived from the original Microsoft Word Document on Hydraulic Automatic Retarder Control ARC Hydraulically activated, automatic retarder control system electronically controls retarding on grade to maintain optimum engine rpm and brake system performance.

If a must be moved from one job site to another for any reason, it can not be driven on public roads due to its exceptional size and weight.


Reduces operating costs through electronically integrating machine computer systems to optimize overall power train performance, increase reliability and component life. Combine these features with unmatched dealer support and you will see why more mine sites choose Cat Mining Trucks for their production needs.

Nominal Payload Capacity tons In the second quarter ofthe third and fourth s produced were the first to be placed in service with a customer at the Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah. Dealer expert technicians have the knowledge, experience, training and tooling necessary to handle your repair and maintenance needs, when and where you need them.

AutoLube Automatic lubrication system reduces your maintenance time by automatically lubricating necessary components on a regular basis.

Click here to enter full address. Suspension System Designed to dissipate haul road and loading impacts for longer frame life and a more comfortable ride. Each cab is assembled by one person and requires forty hours to complete.

The system assures braking in the event of complete hydraulic failure. Application Awareness Operating and maintenance costs are influenced by many application and site-specific factors, such as: Cat four-wheel, forced oil-cooled, multiple disc service brakes are continuously cooled by water-to-oil heat exchangers for exceptional, non-fading braking and retarding ctaerpillar.

Final assembly of one requires caterplllar team of seven mechanics working in three shifts around the clock, for 20 days, in addition to the time required to assemble and weld the dump body.

Additional retarding is achieved by adding larger brakes and additional brake cooling capability. Power raise in both stages, power down in second stage. Where applicable, the Cat C engine is compliant with U. Pressure Test Points Disconnect valves are conveniently located throughout the hydraulic systems for easy pressure testing.

Diesel Progress North American Edition. If you have a new mine or are a contract miner the X Body is designed for you. High displacement, low rpm rating and conservative horsepower ratings mean more time on the haul roads and less time in the shop. Brake Systems Four corner oil braking system provides excellent control in slippery conditions. Final assembly of the is completed by Caterpillar field mechanics at or near the customer site.


Four-bar Link Rear Suspension The Four-bar Link Suspension directs stress to be more evenly distributed than an A-frame design and allows more service area around the transmission. Specifications Overview Whether you’re hauling copper, coal, carerpillar, iron ore or overburden the F provides you with the best in class cost per unit of production. The Cat Common Rail Fuel System is an electronically-controlled system senses operating conditions and regulates fuel delivery for optimum fuel efficiency.

Transmission top gear maximum can be set using the Cat ET service tool to help the operator maintain caterpillaf limits. Dump trucks Off-road vehicles Mining equipment Caterpillar Inc.

Cat Braking Systems See more Integrated Braking System Reliable performance and control in extreme haul road conditions is important for operator safety. The MSD II bodies are intended for established mines and are customized to suit your specific mining applications based on a mine site evaluation.

Used Caterpillar dumpers for sale – Mascus UK

Including the improvements in safety, productivity, serviceability and comfort you will see why the F is the industry leader of its class. Overspeed Protection The transmission control electronically senses engine conditions and automatically up-shifts one gear to prevent overspeeding.

Ergonomic Layout To minimize operator fatigue and maximize productivity the all new F Series operator station is ergonomically designed for total machine control in a comfortable, productive and safe environment. You now have the choice to select a cab with the features you desire. Caterpillar first generation. Environmental Protection Agency emission requirements. The Cat mechanical drive power train and power shift transmission provides you unmatched operating efficiency and control on steep grades, in poor underfoot conditions and on haul roads with high rolling resistance.

This new tire was developed in conjunction with Caterpillar for this application. The F has a Cat C quad turbocharged air-to-air aftercooled diesel engine that has enhanced power management capability for maximum hauling performance in your most demanding mining applications.