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This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it’s way!

A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. When placing an order at this company you have to go through a good 10 minute process just to finish the order. I took on the job of New Consultant. I am a working mother of three young children.

The benefits were that this could be on my time to earn some extra pocket money. After attending one home meeting and making several phone calls to ask questions, I shadowed my first party. After the party has been closed and items received by customers I still have not received my profit. Not for lack of trying. Whatever the mistake was that got to that point is irrelevant now that I have called my Leader, whom I think is her Leader, a manager from the Consultant department and the Credit and Collections department.

I have continued to do this continually for over a week. They repeatedly tell me that they cannot help.

They are not concerned. It is not a side job for the working person because they often pressure into a lot of meetings. They do not give full details and I guess they do not pay you either. DO NOT become a consultant. On June 30, I decided to look on my account online to verify what day my order would arrive. To my surprise according to PartyLite I had never placed an order. Elizabeth came back on the line, gave me the consultant’s phone number and told me that my order had been put through, but that Tammy would like to speak to me.

Elizabeth said that my package was in the warehouse getting ready to be shipped. So I contacted Tammy to ask what happened, why wasn’t my order being sent to my home?

Why was I not getting credit for my purchase as a preferred member? She was just a person helping Tammy to sell her product; cafalogue person had ordered for 6 other people and had not paid for all of the other orders.

Tammy said she knew I paid, that I was “all set” and she would personally deliver my package. I said good bye to Tammy and thought about this for about an hour. So did these other 6 people.

But Tammy got the points for all 7 women who ordered. I called PartyLite back, spoke with John-Luc. I 20011 him that I paid to have my order sent to my door, and that was exactly what I expected to happen. I asked what the amount was for her shipping on this order and at first he would not tell me. He told me to call Partylife, get my order and then he would re-route my package to my home.


So over a 7 day period I left Tammy 4 voicemails politely asking for my order. Surprise surprise Tammy refused to return my call. So today I called PartyLite a third time. I spoke with Adam. I had to explain the entire situation again. The difference is that Adam care about PartyLite’s reputation. Partyilte Adam deserves the whole 5 stars. He said he knew I was upset and he wanted me to continue ordering from PartyLite so he sent my package out.

He understood what was going on with the shipping, he knew Partylihe called 3 times, and he fixed the problem. The other PartyLite customer service reps are poorly lacking in customer service skills. PartyLite is responsible for their consultants. And they should never make a customer call a consultant to do their job. The reps should have called Tammy, got the order and sent my package.

Or did what Adam did. Sent me my package. I do not have an order because oartylite consultant refused to give it to me. But when I get the package I will update partyilte review with that information. If PartyLite sees this post. Feel free to contact me. I’ve purchased PartyLite for years, and lartylite demonstrated for a short period of time 10 yrs ago.

I once loved their candles and swore by them. But I bought the glass pillar trio, and had a serious problem that could have literally burned my house down. The tealights in the top burned so hot, that the contents in the glass vase below created fumes and gas burning smell.

I immediately recognized what was happening and put out the catalogur, but the glass shattered due to the heat. The consultant was excellent pagtylite and I sent her pictures and she replaced the product.

I just wanted to warn consumers after reading some of the other product issues. Buyer be careful when you purchase PartyLite. I attended a PartyLite party on November 19, Myself and a relative both ordered the “Champagne” warmer, which happened to be out of stock. I was told they should be in within a few weeks. My relative received hers a week before Christmas, it’s now January 27th and I still have not received mine. I’ve attempted to call the Host, however, she’s not returning my calls.

So once again, I just called corporate and was told they would send one out. It’s only been 2 months. Very disappointed with the Hostess! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I love Partylite Candles, the way they burn all the way down, the scents which blow all other candles out of the water and the exclusive decor items. I got an cataalogue look at the new catalogue and have already picked out the decor items I’ll be using for an upcoming brunch event.

I can’t rave enough about the products and I will never burn another other brand of candle — even thinking about becoming a part-time rep myself. I attended my cousin’s party in March as a favor, and ordered the mobile air freshener, fragrance sticks, and some tea lights. Everything was received quickly and in good condition, and while the price was a little steep compared to a place like Walmart, it is high quality stuff made in the USA — IMHO, you get what you pay for, and I’m quite pleased.


At my cousin’s party, I was talked into booking one of my own in May. It went really, really well despite getting a flat tire on my way there!

I just received an e-mail one week cataolgue my party that those items are also on the way to me. So my experience with PartyLite seems to be the complete opposite of many people submitting reviews here, and I think my consultant, Kris, may have a great deal to do with that. Not only did she help me with invites, keep partyliye parties lively, and do a wonderful job showing the products, but she was extremely competent when it came to handling the orders, explaining how everything worked, and answering all of my questions.

Having worked as a recruiter for a couple of other direct sales businesses when I was in college, I have to say my experience with PartyLite has been a rather pleasant surprise. I was a PartyLite consultant geez probably in the 80’s.

I totally believed they were the best candles! I still have some of the candle from back then. I can’t believe they still burn beautifully! I moved to SC and PartyLite wasn’t around.

PartyLite Clearance Sale – % off!

For special holidays I would buy other brands for the scent of pumpkin, etc. The candles partylitr badly. I like the way PartyLite candles burn all the way to the bottom. I found a person from Charleston who would come and give a party for me and I got my free candles.

PartyLite/Blyth Industries

The only change in all these years are the scents. They are not as strong, but they still burn great. Mulberry being partglite nicest and cxtalogue scent for me. I am concerned about some of the reviews I read about problems burning the candles and I have to believe that they are partylitw people who weren’t given the knowledge of how long and how to take care of wicks, etc. My wife burned a candle in the bathroom all catalohue for many nights and the smoke cause the ceiling to turn brown so I had to repaint it and my wife wanted to burn a candle in the bathroom again.

She turned the ceiling brown again and I had to repaint it again. After a lot of arguing she finally stopped; however, the Partylite rep insists the brown ceiling is cause by “hard water and dust” and thinks I should have ducts cleaned.

She can’t believe in her head that the brown ceiling is cause by the candles she sells. All candles that have fire produce smoke and their reps should not tell people that they don’t.