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The Carthian Movement (Formally known as The Commonwealth of Carthage, and the Anarch Movement respectively) is in these nights, comprised mostly of. Here’s the playtest draft of the Carthian mechanics from Secrets of the .. I thought the Carthians were supposed to be a secular movement. The Lancea Sanctum dates back to Rome (as the Lancea et Sanctum, and later the Lacea+Sanctum), the Invictus began during the s, and.

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I am not sure why Alley Cat works the way it does. A couple of friends and I had a look over this, and we found ourselves bewildered and often confused as to how movemennt were supposed to work, or otherwise found several of these hard to accept: Carthian Merits and Law: Carthians domains are run quite differently from the domains controlled by the Camarilla or Sabbat.

Instead, Milligan and his cohort, having established themselves as the “party elite,” proposed to support the Prince, provided he carthiaan certain concessions.


One thing I like about the current system is that just about everything omvement a fixed xp cost dang you scales! They have adopted many aspects of mortal government, such as Democracy, and the newer social innovations of mortal society. I think a rule should be introduced to limit majority of these things to Carthian domains, so they dont look like nuclear strikes against other cities.

All of this fracturing lead to So-Cal being easy pickings for the Kuei-Jin when they arrived in to establish dominion over first the Free State and eventually all of the west coast.

Change is vital to all social systems. This provides a situation where you want to goad your enemies into breaking the law, or one where you yourself broke it and need to get out of town or lay low until the curse wears off.


As usual, please link to this post rather than copying and pasting, as I often make live updates as we receive feedback. Many newly Embraced Carthians don’t buy into the teachings of the “Great Mobement, and as a good lot of the Kindred from that time have died out due to warring there are still a few zealots that cling to Azraels teachings however varied they were.

We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. So in a city where no carthian exists, these dudes can just setup shop and by themselves stop all disciplines.

Anywhere mortals can see labor protestors, anarchists and Socialists clashing with police, Pinkerton men and the capitalist elite, Kindred know who was pulling the strings. One set is about conflicting powers.

Please upgrade your browser or install Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full functionality of this site. The Kindred have real problems: Whether it is fear of their elders, or of the rapid advance of technology, Carthians believe that, in order to survive in the new age of the twenty-first century, they must adapt and change the way things have always been done among the Kindred.

While Nick was a capable Kindred, it was in the immense strength and surprising cleverness of Derrick did Delilah see opportunity.

His remaining Carthian followers formed factions based on his varied teachings.

I think Devotion Experimenter is too powerful. Due to the relatively small scale of vampire society, many consider socialism more feasible for Kindred to adopt than it might be for mortals. Suspiciously, it was only recently in the city’s history that such laws were forcefully applied, though considering the leeway of Regents in maintaining the safety of their Regencies and the other Regent’s lack of a written code of conduct while visiting their domainsit’s unknown how the city at large would react to this additional carthixn of laws.

When Delilah King arrived in Portland, she was a calm but spirited Ancillae, capable of expressing herself so well that it gave way to leadership. Most elder vampires have little to no interest in seeing a bunch of neonates summarily rearrange the power structure that’s been in place for centuries, and in so doing strip elders of their patiently cultivated power and influence.


They aren’t unhappy with the status quo. Those privileged, powerful Kindred at the very center of the assembly, the so-called Invictus, are rarely opposed, enjoying near-complete authority to dictate and enforce the rule of law as they will.

chiwhitecity / Carthian Movement

It’s also one of the reasons i love some of the fleeting or not so fleeting period covenants in Ancient Mysteries. They were eclectic, bohemian, diverse. The Anarchs shrugged off the title which had caused mvement since the beggining, and across the western world became the Carthian Movment. Centuries of social and scientific progress have shown that there are better ways to approach such problems than by whispered prophecies and other carthin madness.

Carthians hold no blood magic, no special coils, no disciplines, and they lack the sheer size and world wide power structure.

The Carthian Movement | Vampire the Requiem: Court and Commonwealth | Obsidian Portal

Alternatively, it could be some kind of magic reward movemnet for enforcing an enchanted law, proportionate to the severity of its punishment.

Once the Carthians took control of the city, they reorganized the Primogenship to include Covenants, and are currently planning a democratic Representativeship, or a popular vote. The most prominent Carthians met and decided that the best course of action was to temporarily reappoint ‘Big Jim’ Milligan as prefect movdment the next election in April.