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Site about swimming in openwater and openwater swimming events in Europe. Using unique survey data on Dutch collective agreement negotiators, the authors model how information about other collective bargaining events influences the. For more information, please contact the editor Jan.

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All statistics are, thus, provisional and may not include all collective agreements concluded in A similar approach cal data gathering as for the entire economy has been applied in this part of the study: You are here Home Reports Developments in collectively agreed pay No specific amounts were given.

These databases are managed either by official authorities, statistical offices or private providers.

Finally, for those cases where neither of these two apply, correspondents were asked to list up to three major company-level agreements. The Croatian Employers’ Association, the only employer association that is representative at the national level and the only one with influence on policy, had fundamental objections to the existing legislation.

Development of nominal gross minimum wages, and Note: Hyperlink reference not valid. Eurofound calculations, based on Eurostat: Inthe government expanded the scope of institutions eligible to pay social benefits and motivation payments on behalf of their employees, as well as social benefits for holidays and severance pay.

Moreover, the Third Memorandum has additional provisions on dismissals in the public sector, on the tax system, on the social security and the pension systems, as well as on issues concerning privatisations, and the functioning of the bank-finance sector. As already mentioned, due to a change in taxation the observed rise in Hungary was purely compensatory: Figure 6 gives an overview of the development of nominal minimum wages in and Consequently, the data are not influenced by variations in the composition of workers, specific company characteristics, the number of hours effectively worked or by specific non-continuous payments arrears, single payments, and so on.

Bulgaria’s Finance Minister Simeon Djankova World Bank economist, hopes to offset a possible reluctance to admit Bulgaria into the ERM, stemming from the global crisis, by garnishing the application with a targeted balanced budget, the smallest deficit in the EU and laws overhauling the inefficient health-care and social-security systems. As source data, Statistics Finland uses collective agreements filed at the central employer organisations.


In Belgiumthe banking sector is going from a tradition where the company level was the most important level of bargaining to a system where the sectoral level gains importance in collective bargaining.

After months of preparation and planning, we mobilized to support the House during the biennial cao grootmetaal pdf cao conference program transcript. Where such databases exist, the figures provided are averages of the outcomes of collective agreements.

The map in Figure 1 attempts to give an indicative overview of the dominant levels of wage bargaining for each Member State as of and it also indicates whether higher-level agreements or grootmetaao exist.

The nominal increase agreed for was 1. Index of the conventionally agreed wages. ISPP data nominal wages: During the first 78 weeks of working for a temporary employment agency, you will have groottmetaal temporary contract.

Sectoral coverage over 9, employeesaccording to ETYK only senior managerial positions are not covered by the agreement. Compared with the metalworking and banking sectors, national-level agreements or wage changes set at central level or by law are much more important for the local government sector.

Bulgaria Tells Germany Euro Plans Firm

The data on the agreements are apparently collected mainly through contacts with the social partners, and the database covers all the settlements that LRD has been able to collect which have a known increase or freeze in their lowest basic pay rate effective during the period in question. See Tables 10 and 11 in the Annex 2. For this reason, the choice of what sector-related agreements to report on has been left to the discretion of national correspondents according to national delimitations of the sector.

The overall picture of collectively agreed pay increases across Europe is gloomy. The main characteristics of the new situation are the direct intervention by the state authorities in determining minimum wages and the significant restrictions imposed on free collective bargaining. Leave this field blank. Increases granted for and were 2. Multi-employer collective agreements concluded for civil service for and This allows employers to offset against the national minimum wage the cost of providing accommodation to an employee as a benefit in kind, but places limits on the amount of this offset.


Due to the difficult financial situation, regulations differing from the central agreements were agreed upon in several provinces for provincial and local-level public employees in all years concerned.

The local government sector embraces a heterogeneous set of activities in the various Member States. A note of caution: Recently, in the context of the support mechanism of the Greek economy, the manner of determining minimum wages has been substantially modified both at national and sectoral level.

Bulgaria Tells Germany Euro Plans Firm – – Sofia News Agency

Covering part of the sector; not known how many employees are covered. In Sweden, the pay increases negotiated by industry the Industrial Cooperation and Negotiation Agreement, Industriavtalet usually serve as a benchmark for pay increases in other sectors.

The map provides indicative information and should be read in conjunction with the information provided in Table 20112 and Table 13 in Annex 2. This is even more worrying: Data presented for Finland and Sweden have been annualised to reflect a per annum percentage increase over 12 months.

The workers of all signing banks 54, are covered. Collectively agreed wages, nevertheless, declined. Salary Act Gehaltsgesetz for career public servants Beamte and Contract Public Employee Act Vertragsbediensteten-gesetz for contract public employees at all levels state, provinces, local. Half of the EU Member States have databases of collective agreements in place; hence, there are 14 databases listed here. The declines in real terms were highest in Greece The available data on those persons working at a minimum wage are patchy and incomplete, as Table 17 in Annex 2 suggests.

The usual debates have been taking place groofmetaal the level of minimum wages — for instance, trade unions demanding higher increases than employers are willing to support.