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I have a Remeha Calenta 40C and the built in serial port provides plenty of information on the boiler operations. I have built and installed the. Return and DWH temperatures show for me (Calenta 40C), can you try using the originial OTGW monitor to see if these values are reported by. Calenta 28c Combi Comfort System. Calenta 40c Combi Comfort System manufactured by. Remeha B.V.. Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

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Solar Plus , Zutphen – Fabrisolia

The system is used for both room heating and domestic hot water. Water coming back after send out? Sadly nobody answered ‘just upgrade’ Therefore maybe i’m asking obvious questions, sorry for that. Yes Heat Demand from Modulating Controller[1]: The Remeha Solar Plus system offered them the perfect solution. No Heat Demand from Frost Caoenta Create a schedule program, for example ‘Normal’, or ‘Holiday’, Edit the schedule Monday No Amount of Information to Display: I do like the way the iSense is doing it For instance, return water There is no command that lists the configured alternative data ID’s.

Remeha Calenta 40c manual

No Valenta Live-Neutral phase Detection: The best choice for us! Looking to create a LUA script to do this, but at a loss as to how to get this into Domoticz. So far, I’ve managed to sniff the correct HEX string to poll the boiler for data and receive a response.


Have now added code to populate devices in Domoticz and all working correctly. The quickest check is to run the remeha. Their advice was to install Remeha Solar Plus with solar collectors. Solar PlusZutphen. My boiler reports those. Failure signal Minimum Gas Pressure Detection: Yes Heat Request Flags: It would be great if the opentherm website also mention what each value is exactly Add the ability to plug in an ESP directly to the boiler and you have an excellent management addition to your system.

Kraus Installatietechniek in Zutphen provided them with the support they needed to have a sustainable home. CRC check has calenat been added.

Remeha Calenta 40c manual

Succesful Development Kraus Installatietechniek is thrilled with Remeha solar systems: However now I would need some help with the reverse engineering of the work already done for the Calenta.

You can also test it using caletna DA command.

Do we Can we want to control this? They have wanted a more sustainable home for some time. Ignore – forgot you’d sent a PM about your Tzerra. Is it possible to have 2 AA MsgId’s to be polled? If that returns NF, then the ID wasn’t in the list. This system ensures the optimum use of solar energy for hot water and heating. Sorry for all the questions Blocking without Frost Protection Release Input: Closed Opentherm Smart Power[7]: I do seem to miss one important feature, Let’s say i remove my thermostat, then i need to have an option to send the actual ‘Room Temperature’ to the gateway We used to assemble these systems.


Kraus Installatietechniek is thrilled with Remeha solar systems: Last edited by rjblake on Thu Nov 02, 9: Screen Shot at Automatic Pump post run time: I’m not sure if the hex codes are the same for the Tzerra as they are for the Calenta, but you can try the PHP scripts on github I created. Yes Setpoint raise at warming up of calorifier: The Verhulst family wanted their home to be as sustainable as possible.

You need PHP on the Pi to run them. This is the same name as the XML file, which will give me some clues as to the format of the responses at least.

High Max Fanspeed during CH mode: Has it a relation to the DHW? With the Recom software running and connecting to the CV, what does it say in the lower right corner?

We had already installed a Calenta with a Remeha thermostat here, and we were very satisfied. I assembled it a few weeks ago and posted numerous requests on how to integrateit into Domoticz. I connected xalenta OTGW today So which setpoint you want to control next to the Room Setpoint?

Sofar this topic is really helpful.