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Teradata BTEQ – Learn Teradata in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with LABEL − Assigns a label to a set of SQL commands. Bteq Commands. 1) LOGON: The first command to perform the database operations generally has four parameters, 1. TDPID 2. User ID 3. BTEQ commands in Teradata provide great flexibility. They can be to the DBC/ – BTEQ commands may be executed in a DBC/SQL macro by using the.

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Teradata Material: BTEQ

The above query will run for four times. Secondly, FastExport and MultiLoad have full restart capability. Since each data from the various departments is standardized, each department will produce results that are in line with all the other departments.

After logging on to the session, you can render like below. If your table is big and data was unevenly distributed then dynamic sampling may not get right information and your performance will suffer.

Tera-Tom’s 1000 page e-Book on Teradata by Tera-Tom Coffing

So whenever a SI column is used in a query, based on that column optimizer quickly reaches subtable by way of row hash generated for SI value and using PI row id corresponding to it. This provides faster access to the summarized data, but requires bteeq update time. Firstly, Teradata export and load utilities are fully parallel. Select id,name,sex from employee. Specifies a character or character string to represent null field values returned from the Teradata Database.


Skip to main content. Some quick tips I can suggest 1. Use the following commands to control the sequence in which BTEQ executes commands: So think wisely before going for Secondary index or use the beauty of dynamic secondary index concept which supports creation of Secondary index when required and dropping ckmmands it when not used hence saving considerable amount of space, I want to share one of the scenarios where we had a table with set of date columns and Only PI defined on that table, Commanfs query was run on particular btsq range of that table ,which went on for full table scan taking more than 4 hours to complete.

However, the output will be exported to the file.

Pauses BTEQ processing for a specified period of time. Instead of specifying each statement let us make a single statement, and we will store the employee numbers in a fommands.

This section is based on Teradata documentation [1]and for the detailed usage, please refer to Reference 1. Since amp local joins happen as data are present in same AMP and need not be re-distributed.

BTEQ limits the record size for exported files to approximately 64K for workstation builds and for mainframe builds. Systems developed independently in company divisions may not use the same keys, or they may use keys that conflict with data in the systems of other divisions.

This may provide a small savings on performance. If width exceeds characters then the following error message will be encountered. By measuring delta in perm space since last collected.

A surrogate key allows the same salesperson to participate in different locations in the dimension hierarchy. Immediately end the current session or sessions and exit BTEQ. Data can be written to either a mainframe or LAN attached computer. Data Warehouse vs Data Mart I see a lot of confusion on what exactly is the difference between commwnds data warehouse and a data mart.


A commanrs warehouse is a relational database that is designed for query a Set Skipline On 1.

BTEQ – Commands overview in Teradata – Forget Code

The best definition that I have heard of a data warehouse is: What if I joined a very large table with small table? Although sorts take time, these are always done at the end of the query, and the sort time is directly dependent on the size of the solution. Assign severity levels to particular error numbers.

Allows for slowly changing dimensions, i. It enables users on a workstation to easily access one or more Teradata Database systems for ad hoc queries, report generation, data movement suitable for small volumes and database administration.

We are deleting the records from the employee table. A separate field can be used to contain the key used in the source system. Assigns severity levels to errors. You can put a pause while the BTEQ operation.

If combination of columns used in multicolumn is greater than 16bytesstats are not efficient 4. The data mart is a subset of the data warehouse which is usually oriented to a specific business line or team.