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The picture to your left was released by a professor by the name of Bruno Sammaciccia. A Catholic historian with degrees in psychology and psychiatry, he was. Results 1 – 27 of 27 Das Eucharistie-Wunder von Lanciano: Bestätigung der Echtheit durch die Wissenschaft by Bruno Sammaciccia and a great selection of. 1 Is ‘i’»^ III □~^~^^ly f s 8 6 § I met Bruno Sammaciccia in , when, together with the journalist Bruno, I travelled towards Pescara to meet him at home.

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There are also people who wish to consider you a guru, how do you manage them in these situations? Most widely held works by Bruno Sammaciccia. Italian 28 French 8 German 4 English 4 Spanish 4. They were studying a map of Ascoli Piceno, north-west of Pescara, with regard to possible treasure hidden in the castle there, when a pen flew out of its penholder and landed on the map.

Jaime Maussan flew to Milano the 11th of May and he filmed interviews for two days.

At the end I had an object, whose dimensions are known, at least with some approximation: We are waiting for the debut of this important book. Yes, I did not want it, they obliged me.

Bruno Sammaciccia (Author of The Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano, Italy)

Consciousness needs a very long time of assimilation. He could well walk among us! Beliefs inherent to science, religion and culture the three formats can drive human behavior in blind and harmful ways. It was a Saturday night and the street was full of the noise of a holiday night, but in my house everything samjaciccia silent.

I knew she was my mother but she did not look like her.

Sammaciccia, Bruno

They gave me an immense gift, They gave me freedom. In my second book I wrote a lot on how we must act not to be scared from alien races, first of all we must accept all the differences existing between races here on Earth.

It deals with two opposing groups of Aliens sammacicia near the Adriatic coast near Pescara who mingled among the residents and especially who communicated with several important political figures sammacicciia One of the two men, who both spoke Italian, was over 2.


I may just recall that as I have written there are no fixed entries into: We only see a mechanical reality but I can see a magical reality. Some of them are totally alien and came here when they were already adults. Looking at the picture, it seems that who sammacicxia shot it was, roughly, at the height of the hips of the man.

Her main website is: I hate to lie. Now the problem is: Most every photograph portrait has a name and is very particular.

Beliefs that we have acquired through others can be changed by dialogue with others but not without confronting fear and attachment, emotions that link us to unsustainable beliefs. Callegaris on the theory of cutaneous plaques. The commentary and interview have been respectively sammaciccka I.

When he died, he was still growing. Yet he did not try to spell out a vision of his own. Everything that happened to me belongs to a program which started a long, long time ago.

Samjaciccia showed me some images, something like recorded images. From that moment I said: The plants present in it look to be very young the lemon plant in the foreground is kept by a small rodtherefore they might have been not too tall, when the picture has been taken.

We have stored nuclear energy waste in the Atlantic and Pacific, and the Space Brothers do their best to nullify the effects of these terrible sources of toxic waste, so they have a lot to do. I mentioned to Ron that my husband and I would be in St.

You succeed in making these photos At the end of his very detailed story about Amicizia, that went on for more than 30 years, a tale with many details that may be verified even today, mostly focused on the character Bruno Sammaciccia, the the author presents us with the picture of a supposed W Our controllers politicians and the like are not immune to this.


Why do they only make limited appearances? Is the soul immortal? Pope Francis to revolutionise running of church with new advisory panel World news guardian. They emanate an energy so strong you can feel uneasy. From when my experience started in I have become a person who can be loved but can be hated as well.

The Sun affects all aspects of life

These are the protocols of which I speak in my new book: What could I say? Not everyone can understand. Padre Domenico cappuccino un grande spirito francescano by Bruno Sammaciccia Book 1 edition published in in Italian and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. They opened for me a window on Cosmos, they brought me to the edge of madness and they destroyed the Maurizio of the past. He examined the faith and morals of his time, riciduled claims to knowledge that were based on uncritical reliance on consensus, and exerted himself to show how ignorant, confused, and credulous most people are… Walter Kaufmann, The Future of the Humanities To foster free and conscious choice of beliefs, rather than unconscious enactment of them, metahistory.

How will this world end? It is ironic to me that there is a special timing to all this.

I could not feel the intense pain you feel in you mind and your body when you lose somebody, I was quiet because I knew nine months bbruno she had to die. It is an ongoing process. Basically in our biological body is constantly in direct contact with EM fields from the entire cosmos.

He won, for only 2 millimeters, over Radhouane Charbib, another contestant to the title. The effect of a story or script is to produce identification, but usually this happens in an unconscious way.