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August 1, Shortly after 6 pm, the IW Bridge collapses with motor that resulted in undersized gusset plates on some of Bridge ‘s main trusses. tural members could result in the collapse of the whole bridge. In the Bridge , IW Over Mississippi River, Fatigue Evaluation and. After the bridge’s collapse, the subsequent investigation that was conducted by the National . (IW over the Mississippi River).

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Extra Metro Transit buses were added from park-and-ride locations in the northern suburbs during the rush hours. By the end of Octoberthe demolition operation was substantially complete, enabling construction to begin on the new IW bridge on November 1, Rescue of victims stranded on the bridge was complete in three hours.

Archived from the original on August 13, If an error goes unnoticed for 40 years, it would seem there are some basic checks that could be put in place to resolve the issue.

Schedules, Calendars, and Legislative Business. Since then however several older bridges have been replaced. So we add a question mark to that part of the description at the top of our Cause Map.

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse: 10 Years Later, Infrastructure Still In Decline : NPR

Writing down goals is a key starting point for any Root Cause Analysis. However, the last truly fatal major US bridge collapse occurred in Although there were no additional major multi-vehicle collisions after the automated de-icing system was installed, it has been raised as a possibility that the potassium acetate may have contributed to the collapse of the bridge by corroding the structural supports, [41] though the NTSB’s final report found that corrosion was not a contributing factor.

The bridge was located in Minneapolis, Minnesota’s largest city and connected the neighborhoods of Downtown East and Marcy-Holmes. Because of the fatalities associated with this bridge collapse, we are going to add all the detail we can, especially in an effort to address our Safety Goal.


United States Coast Guard. The decal remained for the rest of the season. Bridge inspectors use a sufficiency rating that ranges from the highest score,to the lowest score, zero.

I-35W Mississippi River bridge

The NTSB also found that brkdge tons of construction equipment and materials stockpiled on the bridge deck for the ongoing repair work contributed to the collapse by further stressing the crucial gusset plate that failed.

The same can be said of the fracturing of the gusset plate. The necessary calculations were not performed because the design was meant to be preliminary. The Safety Goal is where bridbe will start. About 35 of them were determined to need only routine, preventative maintenance. Retrieved September 10, That helps us, because we now have a better understanding of the situation as well as more room for solutions.

Retrieved August 8, Fracture Critical Bridge Inspection: Archived from the original on November 13, We can take this a step farther, too. Retrieved August 9, Bush to declare the city of Minneapolis and Hennepin County a major brudge area.

This process continues as we build our Cause Map.

Archived from the original on August 8, Archived from the original on August 17, The primary cause of the collapse was the undersized gusset plates, at 0. On September 11,the Minnesota Legislature held a special session.

But we didn’t have one problem with any of these issues, because we knew brisge was in charge of the assets,” said Rocco Forte, city Emergency Preparedness Director.

Retrieved August 22, This article is about Bridgethe bridge that collapsed in Ten years ago, the Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis collapee, sending cars, brdige and even a school bus that were crawling over it in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic plummeting into the river below and onto the rocky shore. The increase in dead load was a result of two previous repairs.


Retrieved January 15, Even at this point, we can Cause Map useful, solution-focused steps to determine how the error went unnoticed in the load rating calculations. The increased weight on the bridge was collqpse result of an increased dead load on the bridge and the high volume of traffic on the bridge.

Rybak were present, and both spoke at the reveal. The bridge also had poor past assessments from US regulatory agencies, raising questions surrounding state upkeep and maintenance procedures. Archived collapss the original on December 31, Then we face an even trickier possibility that we may rule out a cause because we miss a piece of evidence, later discover that evidence and have to reconsider the cause. During the wreckage recovery, investigators discovered that gusset plates at eight different joint locations in the main center span were fractured.

Archived from the original on September 27, Step by Step Resources.

I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge

Trunk Highway Bridges and Local Bridges. The I bridge collapse led to fatalities. Retrieved August 1, At night, the columns, pathway and water wall are illuminated by LED lights.

Archived from the original on September 6, By the next morning, they had shifted their focus to the recovery of bodies, with bride vehicles known to be trapped under the debris and several people still unaccounted for. On the wall, stainless steel words form the quote, “Our lives are not only defined by what happens, but by how we act in the face of it, not only by what life brings us, but by what we bring to life.

Shortly after 6 pm, the IW Bridge collapses with motor vehicles on it at the time.