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The Left Hand Alone – The spoils of war. Four performances of the Bach/ Brahms Chaconne are offered below. Of the four, I quite like the way Sokolov and . Still, I kept coming back to the Bach Chaconne, arranged by Brahms for left hand only. You can find her performance in the video below. Bach/Brahms – Chaconne in D minor for left hand, from the Partita for solo violin No. 2 in D Minor. Jul At the Verbier Festival. Previous Post.

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If I could picture myself writing, or even conceiving, such a piece, I am certain that the extreme excitement and emotional tension would have driven me mad. Message us and we’ll have a look.

The Left Hand Alone

Popular music with significant classical influences is also welcome provided that the clear purpose is to consider that music thoughtfully in the context of classical traditions. Off-topic brajms will be removed. If you can’t see your post in Newyou may have been caught in the spam filter. Grigory Sokolov bRussian pianist recorded live in hanc We do check automoderated posts to make sure nothing was wrongly caught in there, but if you believe your post was wrongly removed, feel free to message us.


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It was transcribed for the left hand alone for Clara Schumann when she suffered an injury to her right hand. For those of you who enjoy murder mysteries, here is my first with a strong musical polemic as background.

Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3. Performer Pages Martha Goldstein Piano. Lustig und mit Witz Self-promotion is handled on a case by case basis. The Chaconne is, in my opinion, one of brahns most hnad and most incomprehensible pieces of music. Vivo assai e marcato.

Musical Ventriloquism“Chaconne” :

The same difficulty, the nature of the technique, the rendering of the arpeggios, everything conspires to make me feel like a violinist! The Etude by Blumenfeld is performed by two pianists.

PDF scanned by piano. Poco Presto F minor after No. And his right hand stays firmly placed on his right knee throughout the performance. The Reinecke and Reger are curiosities, not particlarly nand pieces. If you’re a musician, otherwise active in the sub, advertising your own upcoming concert, that is fine. The left hand alone repertoire resulting from Wittgenstein’s efforts has been veritable lifeline for other pianists as well who for one reason or another lost the use of their right arms.

Let Follows the Muse. Presto C major after the finale from the Piano Sonata No. And as a student of Theodor Leschetizky, he had an excellent pedigree as a pianist. The term “classical music” is somewhat porous.


Bach’s ethereal Chaconne, transcribed by Brahms for the left hand for piano. There was an earlier pianist who lost his right chavonne, the Hungarian Count Geza Zichy, a student of Liszt and the first to have a very successful career as a one-armed pianist.

There is only one way in which I can secure undiluted joy from the piece, though on a small and only approximate scale, and that is when I play it with the left hand alone…. Ledt for Piano Piano Sonata No. I will address his work elsewhere in these pages.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Contents 1 Performances 1. Duration 31 minutes Composer Time Period Comp.


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Suffice it to say for now that, in my esteem, and in the context of German composers, Henze is the Beethoven of the 20th Century.

Takeo Tchinai, contemporary Japanese pianist. Zoltan Kocsis, Hungarian pianist b Editor Eusebius Mandyczewski And the future will support me in this view.