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La Espuma de los días. Front Cover. Boris Vian. Bruguera, – La espuma de los dias / Foam of the Daze · Boris Vian No preview available – . La espuma de los días [Boris Vian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. Results 1 – 30 of 68 La espuma de los días by Vian, Boris and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Wodehouse’s Jeeves but yet, I feel that American English is the proper language use in Vian’s translated works in English – especially with respect to his Vernon Sulllivan novels which takes place in America – which ironically enough, Vian never visited the States. The ending scene of this extraordinary book is just as surreal as the pages that precede it: After a whirlwind romance, Colin weds Chloe in a grand ceremony.

On another occasion, guests at a dinner-party eat eel that was caught by the butler in his bathroom tap. View all 8 comments. View all 3 comments. Japanese descriptions needed 5 56 Jan 05, It garnered more attention after the publication of the first English translation in Probabilmente non compreso, conseguentemente non apprezzato, in ogni caso non pervenuto al mio cervello, al mio cuore e alla mia anima di lettrice.

Love the songs from this author but can’t stand the novel.

L’Écume des jours by Boris Vian

Colin’s copious spending on Chloe’s treatment and his relentless job search for more money represent the financial struggle many families face with paying for their loved ones’ treatments and medical bills.


Alyssum I believe to be a type of flower, so Chapman may have used her name as a pun, with respect to the plants and flowers that are listed in the book. Which is true, if the reader is willing to ignore the occasional jarring notes that leave a trail of bloody, dismembered, tranmpled by elephants, crushed by falling roofs, etc.

It’s the novel of someone in their twenties facing the looming prospect of adult life. After watching the new movie last week, I had to reread the book.

You know what reading this book is like? Not recommended to optimists and teddy bears.

Get to Know Us. And the baker-boy wishes exactly ditto i. His love for Ee Ellington is I believe reflected in the compact, emotional and, in the end, carefully orchestrated final product.

Froth on the Daydream First English edition cover, Vian’s writing style is an explosion of colours, sounds, tactile feelings – sort of Neo-baroque literature displaying all his eclectic talent and playful genius.

Kos garden of children must make their eviction charges like a game of musical chairs. A little pink cloud came down from the sky and approached them. La passeggiata nella nuvola ,ad esempio,me la immagino con quel ritmo di piano e tromba e la voce unica di Armstrong che accompagna questi due che sembrano quasi ballare in giro nella loro nuvola e che fino alla fine, fino a che questa non evapora continuano a danzarci dentro alla loro maniera unica Forget about wistful, wishy-washy endings — in this one all your favourite characters end up wasting away, burning to death, getting shot, having their hearts cut out, or committing suicide.


So then I said “I’m going that way”, and she said “I’m not”. For those unfamiliar with Vian and curious, this daw prove a savory morsel Books by Boris Vian.

Halos of luck blind what they are made of. This is a very funny book; it owes a debt to PG Wodehouse, not least in the character of Nicolas the butler, who in my head was played by 90s Stephen Fry.

Eventually threw it in the garbage rather donating it or selling to the local bookstore to save someone else from reading it.

L’Écume des jours

What a brilliant, clever novel — but not for the faint of imagination. Tous les deux ou trois ans, ce livre me hante.

There are three English translation of this book from what i can tell.

My vague memory has achingly reproduced the characters and some random settings from the film, sneaking them into the book, stealing from my possibilities to flex the imagination muscle. And this is not saying Vian doesn’t like British literature – because he does – there is outright love for PG Wodehouse in this particular novel – but overall the love of Jazz is extremely important in Vian’s work – and American English to my ears fit the material.

Upon returning home, Dsa begins to feel better. And of course etc.