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not an original thought, but it certainly is a way of describing the Illuminati view of . of the generational Satanic bloodlines of the Illuminati and who have given. The Illuminati is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically, the name Català · Чӑвашла · Čeština · Cymraeg · Dansk · Deutsch · Eesti · Ελληνικά · Español · Esperanto · Euskara · فارسی · Français · Galego · 한국어. This is installment 8 of our “Illuminati Series”. In this video we talk about one of the top families of the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati and how.

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Discovery Channel Conspiracy of Silence. For an excellent page summary of this eye-opening page Svali interview, click here. Note on Illuminati Bloodlines: This interview with Svali, an escaped member of an Illuminati Bloodlinew, can be highly disturbing.


And though her story fits what many serious researchers into these matters have bloodlines, it is difficult to verify. Thankfully, a few media have reported on “the family,” like the MSNBC articles available here and here.

For solid information on mind control programs used by this bkoodlines which can be verified with government documents, click here. You are encouraged to open to your spiritual guidance as you explore here and take only what serves you.

Who and What is the Illuminati? How the Illuminati runs Hollywood. The Illuminati – Freemason Connection. Illuminati Symbols and Clues; Level of Infiltration. Ritual Sacrifices – Demons- Shape Shifting. Illuminati Bloodlines – Part More About Demonic Shape Shifting.

Illuminati Proof – Vulnerabilities. The Top of the Pyramid.

Translation of “illuminati Bloodlines” in Spanish

Illuminati History and Future. Svali Answers More Questions. Svali is the pseudonym used by an American woman who claims she was born into an Illuminati bloodline. According to Svali, Illuminati bloodline children are heavily conditioned to be obedient, self-controlled, and totally loyal to “the family. In their normal lives, they remember nothing of what is done to them in these sessions. Some of these Illuminati children are groomed for the military or politics, while others are prepared to take on key business positions.

Throughout their lives, most family members in these Illuminati bloodlines have no conscious awareness of their dual lifestyle. To themselves, their neighbors, and others, they appear to be normal, upstanding citizens. Yet unknown to their own normal identity, their alter personalities are regularly accessed using code words and ordered to attend secret activities at designated times where they are programmed to forward the Illuminati’s hidden agenda.

Svali alleges that higher level political positions in all Western countries are heavily occupied or controlled by members of the Illuminati bloodlines. She also says it is quite rare that Illuminati members ever leave the fold. The pressures against this are great, including the need to abandon spouse, children, house, money, and more.

Svali was only able to leave after it dawned on her that, because in her role as an Illuminati trainer she was telling lies to the young Illuminati children, she must have been lied to herself from the time she was quite young. Svali has an abundance of intriguing information on the Illuminati and ritual abuse available on a website at this link. Her rare audio interview with researcher Greg Szymanski in January is available here. For the written transcript of that interview, click here. The below is a page written interview with her conducted in by HJ Springer.


Svali stopped speaking on this topic in For information on how you can make a difference, see the ” What you can do ” box after this article. HJ Springer’s Introduction to the Interview. While running our series ‘ The Illuminati: In the following few episodes I will enlighten you pardon the punas much as I can, with additional knowledge I received from her.

Our correspondence took place in the form of an email interview, which I left mainly intact.

illuminati Bloodlines – Translation into Spanish – examples English | Reverso Context

Bloodlibes only edited it for spelling and punctuation; minus some personal information addressed to me. Thank you for contacting me. Actually, I just received a somewhat skeptical email today from someone who read the information at your site.

I would be more than happy to answer questions about validity, etc. I write under a pen name to protect my two children and husband, whom I do not want to have receiving hostile or threatening phone calls, etc. My two children are still healing from the experiences of being espol in the group as well, and I don’t want any experiences that could traumatize them.

The topic Bloodliines am addressing is somewhat volatile, to say the least. People have strong emotions pro and con as to whether the Illuminati are real. That said, I will give you a little background info, feel free to share this with readers.

Also, my column at Suite I was born in in Alexandria, Virginia.

Illuminati Bloodlines

I lived briefly in a small town about an hour away from Washington, DC, then moved to a acre farm in northern Virginia when my mother married my stepfather. Both my mother and my stepfather were members of this group.

It is a very generational group. My mother sat on the regional council over the Washington, DC area and was in the “spiritual chair” the Illuminati have 6 chairs on their ascended masters council: These also correlate to the areas that children are taught growing up in this group.

They believe in “well rounded” children. The “spiritual” rituals, or occult rituals, were only one small part of the teaching of this group. The other five areas are also equally emphasized.

I spent more time learning history, languages, and sciences than I did seeing rituals, although they were important to the group. I went to school in Charlottesville, Va. This is also a place where a lot of intense abuse and occultic crimes occurred on an estate about 10 miles south west of Charlottesville going towards Crowley, Virginia.

After graduation, I went to San Diego in I was called there by the leadership there. They were strong in military training but weak in sciences, which was my forte. I came and sat on leadership council. I was the sixth head trainer there the lowest head trainer and had 30 trainers in the local groups reporting to me.

Leadership council met in Ramona, Ca.

When I went to the police in after I had left the group sure enough, there was an estate there belonging to someone with that name. One of his cult names was “Black Hand” because he wore black gloves when he worked with people.

He was the head trainer in the group, and one of the most sadistic and brutal people I ever knew. He burned out most of the trainers that worked with him, and I made it because I had a friend on leadership council who hated him and helped me undermine him the Illuminati are a very political and back stabbing group, a “dog eat dog” mentality; everyone wants to move up.


Her cult name was Athena. After years 12 of working with Jonathan, I moved up to the second head trainer position in the county. Jonathan was getting ready to move to regional, and he wanted me to take his place.

But he and I also despised each other, and he set me up to take a fall. That’s a whole different story, and was one of the factors that made me leave the group. I left the group insick of the lying, deceiving, and politics, and fearful for my life. I fled to Texas, and went through therapy with Dr. Jerry Mundgaze and his group. But unfortunately, they didn’t know how to help “deprogram me”, or as Dr.

Mundgaze told me, “you are higher than almost anyone we have illumniati, and more programmed. I remembered so much, and he had never heard of it and had no idea how to help definitely no suggesting of memories there, most of mine occurred spontaneously, AT HOME. I have never been hypnotized or age regressed, all of my memories have occurred in the course of daily life.

I spent a year intensely deprogramming myself. I was a head programmer, or trainer, so I used my knowledge to undo what was done to me. I also became enraged as I realized that the abuse I had endured and done to others was Tje normal, was used to manipulate me, etc. I was a perpetrator, and I now regret it considerably.

It is my restitution before God as I expose what this group does and stands for. I also wrote it for therapists, to help them understand the group and its methodologies, since it was so difficult to hear from a nationally known ritual abuse center, “we don’t know what to do I based it on what I did to espzol. Two years ago, my children were on visitation with me and disclosed their abuse to me.

I went to CPS, and the case was closed, because the worker said she didn’t believe in ritual abuse! My ex came to get the children he could have put me in federal prison for not giving the children back, since the San Diego court system blatantly states that they do not believe in ritual abuse, and in EVERY case illuminatti alleged RA, the children i,luminati given to the allegedly abusing parent.

The children confronted him in person. He turned white as a sheet, said, “you really don’t want to go back to ‘family’? My children are also in therapy, and healing rapidly. My now 12 year old son is almost completely integrated, and happier than he has ever been before; my 16 year old daughter has some tough issues to face, such as the sexual abuse she endured.

But God has been faithful in His illumminati work in all of our lives.