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Please read first our information sheet „Basisinformationen über Vermögensanlagen in Wertpapieren“ as well as the information sheets of the issuer. „Basisinformationen über Vermögensanlagen in Wertpapieren“ (=Basic information on investing in securities) as well as „Basisinformation über. Basisinformationen über Vermögensanlagen in Wertpapieren, Ausgabe Bank Verlag Medien. Published by Bank-Verlag Medien (). ISBN

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It is intended only as general information for customers and parties interested in Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft. Charges may apply from other networks. We have put together a brochure containing the most important information to keep you informed about matters concerning business in securities, foreign echange and derivatives.

In this publication you are receiving detailed information about the Bank and its services as well as the relevant terms of business. We shall be happy to answer any further questions on this by telephone. The German Securities Trading Act WpHG provides rules on information and investor protection which are adapted to various categories of customers for use by banks and financial services providers.

Private clients are awarded the highest level of protection. Parts of the rules do not apply to professional clients or apply to them only in a restricted form. Suitable counterparties have most eperience of investment services and are therefore afforded the lowest level of protection. You will be sent your customer category in a separate document. We look forward to close and successful collaboration with you.

We shall be available during business hours to answer any questions you may put to us. At present, the specialists of Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft look after aboutorder books at the stock echanges of Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart.

Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft currently employs about staff throughout the Group. The main focus of its business was formerly classic stock echange trading. Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft now offers diverse services which are all concerned with the capital market and is currently epanding its business segments further.

Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft – PDF

Since 1 AugustBaader Bank Aktiengesellschaft shares have been listed and are traded on the open market at stock echanges in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart.

Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft has many years of epertise in trading securities and derivatives. We offer our customers various powerful online trading platforms. As a bsisinformationen bank, we are licensed to operate all corresponding banking transactions, allowing us to offer banks, asset managers, fund companies, issuers and professional traders product solutions for the implementation of alternative investment strategies.

Basieinformationen Bank Aktiengesellschaft can currently provide the following services: We are clearly set apart from our competitors by virtue of our inepensive and technically efficient offers. In this contet we identify suitable products for our customers such vermgensajlagen certificates, funds, single hedge funds or managed accounts. This is where we benefit from our ecellent, long-term relationships with major banks, capital investment companies and portfolio managers in Germany as well as abroad.

Tasks we take on within these solutions: The electronic trading platforms we offer lead the sector in terms of functionality, reliability and scalability.

They give you direct real-time access to the principal stock echanges worldwide. The trading platforms as well as our portfolio and account management services are designed to handle multiple asset classes and currencies. The IT infrastructure provided by Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft for order routing enables there to be a free choice of the means of access to the Baader systems. The following are linked: Best eecution providing advice to the customer and joint development of MiFIDconforming customer support and customer order eecution processes preparation of best-eecution policies for selecting the best order eecution venue for the customer based on price and eecution costs or other individually assessed features of the venue research, generation and updating of the database as well as implementation of the procedures for direct comparison with vermgenssnlagen consideration of prices and fees and evaluation of stock echange features for best eecution script processing regular verification and, where appropriate, adaptation of best-eecution policies creation of policy accounts by Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft specially designed for the customer order routing: This is based on a private-law agreement with corresponding order flow providers on the structuring of the better eecution of customer orders in respect of the Xetra order book within a regulated market on the Xetra trading platform.

With its package of best-eecution services, Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft offers a complete service covering entry of the order, order routing and order selection and eecution policies. For customers of Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft this means an efficient and inepensive design of their MiFID-relevant order handling processes under a holistic approach.


On trading days our order desk can generally be reached between 7. The Bank s clientele includes investment managers and institutional clients such as banks, insurance companies, asset managers, commodity trading advisers, fund managers and futures traders.

Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft is a universal bank licensed to operate in Germany. It is possible to involve the private banking ombudsman in order to resolve disputes with the Bank.

Complaints must be addressed in writing to the customer complaints department Kundenbeschwerdestelle of Bundesverband deutscher Sertpapieren e. For payments into your account from Germany in EUR: Calls from other networks may entail charges.

Private clients are allocated the highest level wedtpapieren protection. Page Page 2 of These brochures are presented when the customer opens an account with us.

We should make it clear that Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft does not offer its customers investment advice. We only eecute orders on a nocounselling basis derivatives or as eecution only shares, bonds, funds and ETFs.

We cooperate predominantly with professional clients and suitable counterparties. We would like to point out that we therefore assume that these groups of customers are capable of understanding, assessing and evaluating the risks entailed by the chosen forms of investment.

We do not conduct a suitability test for professional clients or suitable counterparties as to whether the particular form of investment chosen by the customer agrees with the customer s profile based on the eisting knowledge and eperience of securities operations. We specifically point out that various protective rules specified in WpHG are not applied on behalf of the professional client.

The law offers the professional client the option to make a separate agreement to be classified as a private customer. Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft in its role as broker passes on the collateral margin deposited by its customers via its clearing partner to the relevant futures and options echange.

Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft

In the event of the clearing partner becoming insolvent as per the German Insolvency Statute or insolvency proceedings as specified by the laws of the state in which the clearing partner has its registered seat, the customer must reimburse the Bank for the necessary epenses incurred in respect of the clearing partner. This claim for reimbursement of epenses is in principle limited to the amount of the collateral with which the customer has to furnish the Bank at the start of the trading day following the date of opening of the insolvency proceedings.

The level of the epenses to be reimbursed shall be charged in the event of insolvency as soon as it has been established. To increase transparency we have broken down the margins per clearing partner and entered them with the depository in customer reporting. The basis for such collaboration is a written authorisation to be provided by the customer. In these cases it is the third party which has been authorised by the customer and not the Bank which provides investment advice or financial portfolio management for the customer and therefore is itself obliged pursuant to the relevant statutory provisions to verify the appropriateness and suitability of the investment decision for the customer.

By contrast, in such cases the Bank does not eamine the appropriateness or suitability of individual investment decisions made for the customer by the asset manager or investment adviser authorised by the customer. Note concerning deposit guarantee The Bank is affiliated to the deposit protection fund of Bundesverband deutscher Banken e.

This secures all liabilities that are recognised on the balance sheet as Liabilities to customers.

These include sight, term and savings deposits including registered savings bonds. The Bank shall notify the customer of the respective collateral limit if so requested.

It can also be enquired on the Internet at Liabilities for which the Bank has issued bearer papers, e. The Bank is authorised to provide all the information and documents to the EdB or to an agent commissioned by it as required in this connection.

Means of communication You may transmit orders to us electronically, by un, verbally or in writing, by fa, or letter. Our customers may communicate with us in German or English. An order sent by telefa is only permissible following eplicit agreement of this method of communication. If the Bank cannot be reached using one of the mentioned means of communication in order to issue an order, the customer vermgensanlageen obliged to switch to another of the methods of vefmgensanlagen mentioned.

Communication viafor eample as part of getting into contact, is not suitable for the encrypted transmission of confidential information. Tied agents Baader Bank AG currently does not offer a liability umbrella for tied agents but does work with tied agents covered by other liability umbrellas.

  ISO 11519-3 PDF

Information about costs and incidental epenses We charge our customers a combination of fees, commission and eternal costs whose level depends on the type and etent of the investment services provided. At your request we will provide you with individually detailed information about costs and incidental epenses. You will find our comprehensive List of Prices and Services on our homepage under Service. Nature and frequency of reporting securities financing transactions We offer our customers the option to take up Lombard loans to finance their securities trades.

The purchase of securities and derivatives on credit represents an increased risk. The loan has to be repaid regardless of the success of the investment.

The loan costs also reduce the income achieved. We ask our customers to carefully read and note these warnings. We shall inform you regularly on your bank statements and account balancing statements about the development of the loan and the associated costs.

Safekeeping of securities Safekeeping of securities is conducted in accordance with the special conditions governing securities transactions. Domestic securities are held in safekeeping at the German central securities depository Clearstream Banking, Frankfurt, provided they are admitted for collective custody. As a rule, foreign securities are held in safekeeping in the home country of the security and where applicable in the country in which the purchase was effected.

You retain ownership of the securities which we hold for you in safekeeping as described briefly above or enjoy the normal legal status of the country of deposit which if possible is equivalent to that in Germany safekeeping of securities abroad. More details can be found in the Special conditions governing securities transactions. Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft is a member of the following stock echanges and trading systems: These brochures are handed to our customers at the time they open an account with us.

We should point out to customers that Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft does not offer its customers investment advice. Baader Bank AG lives from the trust placed by its clients, the general public and its own employees in its integrity, fairness and reliability and the quality of the services it provides.

For this reason we appreciate your trust in the fact that Baader Bank AG handles sensitive information with due care. This trust largely depends on the conduct on the part of our managerial staff and our employees.

As a client of Baader Bank AG, you can at all times rely on our employees to provide you with services using optimal epertise and the utmost care and conscientiousness while safeguarding your interests. To this end, Baader Bank AG has long imposed rigorous rules of conduct for the purposes of further consolidating our clients trust in us and ensuring continuous observance of and compliance with the respective statutory and supervisory regulations. These rules of conduct form an integral element of our business operations, for which reason you can at any time epect of our employees that they act with the utmost care, honesty and professionalism while observing the applicable practices and market standards.

Our implementation of these rules of conduct in the provision of securitiesrelated and ancillary services is consolidated by our principles on dealing with conflicts of interests. However, these differing epectations cannot be fully ruled out in view of the fact that we eecute orders for a large number of clients and also seek to be of assistance to our clients in other banking services apart from the eecution of orders.

Since conflicts of interests could put the professionalism and reputation of our Bank in question, we have taken appropriate measures and precautions to ensure the identification of werpapieren circumstances in good time and thus be able to deal with them appropriately.

Further conflicts of interest can rise in particular from personal connections between Management Board members or employees of Baader Bank AG as well as with persons associated with the same with third parties, for eample with issuers of financial instruments or ebr their employees for eample verrmgensanlagen clients of Baader Bank AGfor instance as result of having seats on supervisory boards.

We shall inform the client groups that are relevant as per the German Securities Trading Act WpHG in advance as to the type and magnitude of such kick-back payments.