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Property and technology XTC C60 range. Viscosità SAE 10W GAMMA XTC C MOTOR OIL FOR 4-STROKE MOTORCYCLES. For motors with or without. XTC C60 5W For engines requiring low temperature fluids and lubricants increased security at higher temperatures. For vehicles not equipped with DPF or . Find great deals for Replacement Kit Engine Oil Bardahl XTC C60 10w40 Yamaha XT Z Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Vehicles with the same make and model but with different engines, manuf or fuel supply may differ, even to a small extent in the components sector. Our stock of spare parts is provided with all the pieces that may be needed, which reduces delivery in a few days. Additionally Bardahl has an extensive range of oil additives and fuel additives which you xtv use when there are problems or when you want to solve problems.

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Bardahl Oil XTC C60 5W40 for 4 stroke engines – 1Lt

The c60 Fullerene molecules act as micro-ball bearings which, by acting between the metal parts, further reduce friction by increasing engine power. Chi siamo We at Tuning Car Parts We are bbardahl point of reference for those who, from simple owners drive keens, is searching for bardabl best performance and reliability of your vehicle.

Delivery in 2 days. The c60 Fullerene with the Polar formula Plus ensures superior performance compared to conventional lubricants. We at Tuning Car Parts We are the point of reference for those who, from simple owners drive keens, is searching for the best performance and reliability of your vehicle.

Generally can be summarized as follows: The item title and description of the ad specify exactly the product you’re buying bardaul you will be sent. The high degree of HTHS allows exceptional viscosity properties at the start, whilst it guaranties lower wear-down at the high temperatures.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Description Polar technology plus.

XTC C60 20W50 AUTO | motor oil 20W50 with fullerene | Bardahl since

This ultimate premium 4stroke synthetic oil is dedicated to high powered applications, eighter gas engines or diesel ones; the employ of premium synthetic blends togheter with special high stability polymers, ensures amazing performancese in term of higher resistance to thermal shocks and lasting duration of lubricant film under the most severe conditions. If you need more information on this object, or other items that you do not find in our store, do not hesitate to ask your question, we will reply as soon as possible.


The formula provides much higher performance Bardahl compared conventional lubricants.

Specialize in spare parts for all vehicleswhether it is a motorcycle, a vintage car or a newer vans, we can supply any piece, and a product that meets your needs. Bank processing times may vary from 2 to 5 working days.

The use of high-quality synthetic bases and special high-stability polymers allows to achieve outstanding performance. For each order is issued a receipt. In practice it appears that the fuel additives and oil additives in the motor oil, petrol or diesel are not always sufficient.

Questions or are you a business customer? Apertura Negozio Uffici Magazzino: Cookies help us deliver our services. I cookie ci aiutano a fornire i nostri servizi. Below are some common, no special, practical situations where car engines are heavy loaded.

In case the goods is not in accordance with the listing, or with defects, we recommend that you contact us by phone or e-mail. The required return will be sent within 14 days from receipt of goods, via mail.

Deze website maakt gebruik van cookies meer informatie later opnieuw tonen ik ga akkoord met cookies. Polar Bardahl molecules behave as micro-magnets that are fixed v60 metal surfaces and form a barrier extremely resistant lubricant.

Bardahl XTC C60 5w-40 Oil Coupon Car With Fullerene POLARPLUS 5 LT L

If you need an invoice please send us your query by specifying the message data for billing purposes. Your favorite Newsletter Order status. To all the motor oil, pertrol or diesel you buy additives are added. This is an additional service, included in the price, which will allow you to pick up your order directly at the courier.


RESI In accordance with art. Think of Long-Life motor oil; this oil contains a package of oil additives to make sure baddahl the maintenance interval bzrdahl extra long.

Immediate, free and secure, for both the seller and the buyer as it provides several anti-fraud tools. If you have any doubt please contact us before making your purchase.

Delivery times may vary according to the shipping address you provided. Imprese Tribunale UD Cap.

Bardahl Oil XTC C60 5W40 for 4 stroke engines – 1Lt – Code: 49700004

Utilizzando tali servizi, accetti l’utilizzo dei cookie da parte nostra. This gives you the ability to check the status of your object and if you find that this xtcc been damaged in transit by the carrier, you can reject it.

The courier accepts cash payments. Classic engine oil and gear oil.

We remind you that we have in stock and cabin air, oil, fuel filters for all bikes. Generally can be summarized as follows:. The use of valuable synthetic bases and special high shear stability polymers, allow to achieve outstanding performance in terms of resistance to oxidation and thermal stc of the lubricating oil film barvahl even in the toughest conditions of use. The goods must be returned at the bagdahl of the customer within 14 working days from xrc date of the cancellation not used or damaged.

Shipping times vary depending on the shipping address you have communicated. Depending on the specification motor oil you buy, there is a certain additive package added.

Ensured the integrity of the goods, we will refund the full amount paid excluding postage. Bardahl strongly reducing the friction between the surfaces metal, in touch and on the move. Polar Plus forms a molecular film lubricant that, settling down on the metal chemically, creates a permanent guardrail drastically reducing frictions on all engine parts. For information check www. As the costs of return are borne by the buyer.