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Aurobindo Ghose, better known as Sri Aurobindo is known to the entire world as a great scholar, a national leader and a spiritual guru. Freedom fighter, poet, scholar and philosopher, Aurobindo Ghose was born on August 15, in Kolkata, West Bengal. He belonged to an illustrious lineage. 20 hours ago Aurobindo Ghosh Biography For Students: Freedom fighter, poet, scholar, yogi and philosopher. Aurobindo Ghosh worked towards cause of.

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Such a future consciousness would help to create a joyful life in keeping with the highest goal of creation, expressing values such as love, harmony, unity and knowledge and successfully overcoming the age-old resistance of dark forces against efforts to manifest the divine on earth. Political history of Sri Aurobindo. He edited the English daily Bande Mataram and wrote articles criticizing the British government.

These two are the stepping stores to the spiritual development. Krishna Dhan Ghosh mother: The mother used to conduct the affairs of the Ashram. Collected Plays and Stories.

She warned Sri Aurobindo of the dangers he was in. Views Read Edit View history. While in Alipore jail, he slowly realized that he was not destined to lead the freedom struggle aufobindo gradually diverted to mystical and philosophical way of life thereby initiating this new journey of spiritual awakening.

He ghoh four layers of mind viz. Another aim, as propounded by Aurobindo, is the training of five senses adequately for gaining of knowledge because these are called the gateways of knowledge. The content on India is created for travellers and tourists besides students and academics.


After liberation from the spate of ignorance, desires, sufferings, man is able to transform himself spiritually which is above the material life. Notify me of new posts by email. The Mother instantly recognised Sri Aurobindo as the one who had been guiding her sadhana spiritual practices.

Public Record Office,Class: Aurobindo was recorded in the census as Aravinda Ghose, as he was also by the University of Cambridge. A Cambridge Alumni Database. In the eastern firmament of globe, Aurobindo outshines all spiritual and noble personalities by virtue of his versatile genius and splendid personality sprawling over the entire human race. This statement implies that nothing biogra;hy be imposed upon the mind of the learner from external.

The psyche will be the vehicle of true and pure love, the mind that of infallible knowledge, the vital aurobiindo manifest an invincible power and strength and the body will be the expression of a perfect ghos and a perfect harmony. His followers saw him as the first incarnate manifestation of…. The world is in continuous evolution and there is a need to bring down a higher truth with each age.

In his autobiographical notes, Aurobindo said he felt a vast sense of calmness when he first came back to India. Confined to his own prison cell Sri Aurobindo was able to practice meditation and read about the ancient principles of yogaundisturbed by outer commitments.

He recommended an unconditional and full surrender to God as the first lesson of yoga. Sri Aurobindo was also a noted poet.

Sri Aurobindo

Rejecting the traditional Indian approach of striving for moksha liberation from the cyle of death and rebirth, or samsara as a means of reaching happier, transcendental planes of existence, Aurobindo held that terrestrial life itself, in its higher evolutionary stages, is the real goal of creation.


He went abroad early on in life when at the age of seven inhe was sent to England along with his brothers. Aurobindo had two elder siblings, Benoybhusan and Manmohana younger sister, Sarojini, and a younger brother, Barindrakumar also referred to as Barin.

And, furthermore the ideas of the Upanishads “can be rediscovered in much of the thought of Pythagoras and Plato and form the profoundest part of Neo-platonism and Gnosticism …” Finally, the larger part of German metaphysics “is little more in substance than an intellectual development of great realities more spiritually seen in this ancient teaching.

Sri Aurobindo | Biography & Facts |

aurobondo Even Buddhism with all its developments was only a “restatement” from a new standpoint and with fresh terms. He wanted his children to be schooled in English, therefore at the age of seven Aurobindo was sent to study in England. Already featuring plus videos, new video content is added every day to this free-to-use website.

After settling in Pondicherry, he dedicated himself to his spiritual and philosophical pursuits. His main literary works are The Life Divinewhich deals with theoretical aspects of Integral Yoga; Synthesis of Yogawhich deals with practical guidance to Integral Yoga; and Savitri: Mrinalini died seventeen years later in December ghsh the influenza pandemic.