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Die Aufstellungsarbeit ist ein systemischer Ansatz, der unbewusste Dabei arbeite ich mit Figuren, Schleichtieren oder Edelsteinen achtsam und in steter. aufstellungsarbeit mit figuren pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for aufstellungsarbeit mit figuren pdf. Will be grateful for any help!. Einzelberatung, Energiearbeit, Seelenarbeit, Matrix, CQM, Systemische Aufstellungsarbeit (Familienstellen, Matten, Figuren) Wer die Musik nicht hört.

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Die Aufstellungsarbeit ist ein systemischer Ansatz, der unbewusste Verstrickungen innerhalb des Familiensystems sichtbar machen kann.

Figuren mit moderner Kleidung – Therapiefiguren

The constellation work is a systemic approach that can make unconscious entanglements within the family system visible. The resulting blockages can influence people in the form of conflicts, life crises, illnesses or severe fates. Our life is decisively influenced by the happy or painful fates of our ancestors.

Even if we know little or nothing about them, serious life stories in our family system can impact our lives. It may be that we are suffering, subject to ever-changing patterns, and that we have taken on the guilt and issues of other family members. With the family constellations, we can identify burdens from the past and find solutions together. By restoring and accepting a certain basic order, the blockages are experienced, understood and finally resolved.


The client is empowered and experiences reconciliation. She or he will be free for her or his optimal life. Changing the line-up to the solution can have amazing healing effects right up to the relief for the individual and their families. This enables a new behavior in the sense of love to oneself and to others.

Der Rote Faden Supervision Coaching Organisation Kommunikation

I offer the conversation, the recording of the genogram graphical representation of family information and the subsequent list in single-setting. At the same time, I work with figures, slashing or precious stones carefully and in a constant presence on the personal theme. This opens up new opportunities for action, which are consistent with all system members and always serve the good of all.

Family issues can be arranged in the same way as occupational or health care. A list can also be helpful for decision-making. During my systemic constellation work, I always feel guided and accompanied by a greater force that reaches far above us and can transform physical and mental pain into new hope and healing.

I am deeply grateful for this support. The first system set-up with a long preliminary interview and the recording of the genogram takes. Dealing with trauma, death, dying, war, flight, murder, suicide, rape, abuse, violence, anxiety, disabilities, guilt and innocence, shame, drama triangle: Anxiety and other physical, psychosomatic and psychological disorders, seeker’s diseases, alcohol, smokers, eating disorders, long-lasting grief, cancer, chronic diseases, dealing with disability.


How relationships succeed, love, family representations of the present family, What affects the couple relationship, children’s issues, special family themes, patchwork families, unfulfilled childbirth, abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths, adoption, carefamilies, twins, born twins, multiples, sexuality, boundaries. Bullying, burnout, vocation, decision-making, self-esteem, trust. Success, happiness, life task, sense of life, prosperity and abundance, giving and taking, money.

I would like to accompany you on aufetellungsarbeit way to your next healing steps and look forward to seeing you. Fiugren of the constellation work: Unconditional love, reconsiliation with the parents, new partnership, self-empowerment. Reconciliation with the mother, Soul peace with multiple births, going my path, my vision making visiblereconnecting to the spiritual world.

Ich freue mich auf Ihre Aufstellung! I look forward to your lineup! Maria Aurora Linde info marialinde.

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