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Part 6: Off-street parking for people with disabilities. A. S. /N. ZS This is a free 6 page sample. Access the full version online. General Requirements for Car Parking (AS) > PARKING SPACES. ANGLE PARKING. -. Dedicated Space – mm x mm (additional shared. AS Australian Standars – Off-street parking for individuals with a disability. This Standard was prepared by the Joint Standards.

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Pavement markings are to be non-slip AS Convex Mirrors Dome Mirrors.

Contact us today to find out more about how our range of SHUG bollards can protect you and your property. Let us know today what we can do to help you get the best value for money:.

When planning or constructing a new car park, you need to make adequate provision for drivers and passengers with disabilities. The height clearance from the car park entrance to all accessible parking spaces is to be a minimum mm AS Let us know today what we can do to help you get the best value for money: This bollard would prevent vehicles entering the common area accidentally and risking harm to a disabled person who may not be visible or able to move quickly enough to avoid it.


The specifications can be seen below click for detail:. Sign in or Apply.

Parking Shared Space (AS) – Content Lounge

Password Forgot your password? Apply for an Online Account. They can be manufactured to the correct height of mm above ground. Parking spaces to be outlined with unbroken lines 80 to mm wide on all sides excepting any side delineated by a kerb, barrier or wall AS A mm wide x mm long shared area is to be provided on one side of accessible angle parking space AS In addition to the correct signage and markings, Australian Standard AS The specifications can be seen below click for detail: Did you know that disabled parking shared zones have specific requirements to comply with Australian Standards to meet Section 23 of the Disability Discrimination Act Access to Premises?

They are also concrete filled during the installation to give them extra weight and strength. It will also prevent anyone from using the common area as an extra parking space.


There is increasing interest in space access these days with the continuing advancement of aircraft and rocket technology.

Have you ever thought of exploring the concept of bollards in space for control of space access? Area to zs2890 a firm plane surface with a gradient not exceeding 1: They can also be used wherever you wish to prevent vehicular access, for health and safety, security, or privacy reasons.

Our price guarantee to you. The common area can be on either side of the parking bay, or it can be shared between two spaces. Vehicles equipped to enable side access for wheelchairs and other mobility devices require sufficient clearance.