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AR 608-10 PDF

AR – Child Development Services. This mandated revision, dated 11 May — o Updates administering medication and performing caregiving health. Purpose This regulation prescribes policy and procedures for establishing and operating Army Child Development Services (CDS). The format of this regulation . Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering

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The establishment of a CDS delivery system s is strongly recommended and is authorized at installations that may. FCC home ratio and group size, page Notification of communicable diseases. Parents will be interviewed by telephone or in person to determine which CDS program will best meet the 68-10 of. Applicants must be at least 16 years old.

Posters must be displayed prominently in areas frequented by parents using child care services e. Patrons not wishing to disclose financial information will be charged the highest rate reflected on the graduated fee schedule.

The installation CDS coordinator will use DA Form — 1 — R to document 60810 method of distribution, return rate, and population surveyed.

Response to allegations of child abuse in CDS settings. Sample format for patron statement of understanding regarding child care resource and referral service, page Sunday sessions for church attendance will be coordinated with chaplains and operated as a special opening or as. Records screening requirements, page Special attention will be given to training CDC staff in the identification, reporting and prevention in child abuse in both the CDC and in the family setting.


This regulation contains management control.

AR 608-10 Child Development Services (Update)

Because many child abuse incidents are opportunistic, tasks such as playground supervision, diapering, toileting and. The CDS coordinator will—. Local Military Police MP. Straps will 60-810 used when infants are fed. Fire Prevention Compliance Requirements.

Pillows will not be used for children under three years. This does not preclude caregiving employees and FCC. All programs offered within CDS will be staffed with professionally 608-01 child 60810 management per. All CDS personnel will have a medical assessment before employment or certification. CDS management personnel will be responsible for identifying applicable resources and initiating and maintaining contacts with responsible agencies. Written installation policies are available which address priorities for service and procedures for filling child care spaces.

Personnel must be able to walk, bend, stoop, and stand for prolonged periods. Mission support requirements after duty hours and during mobilization, deployments and contingencies. Chapter 7 applies to the SPS delivery system. Documentation of patron suggestions, complaints, and actions taken. The CDC system offers child care programs within centralized installation facilities, or parts of facilities, used ex. Volunteers in CDS delivery systems are considered persons providing gratuitous service in accordance with AR.


Each CDC program director will assign new caregiving employees to child activity spaces 6081-0 experienced care.

Notification of change in personnel. Exceptions to policy are required for the following:. In instances where there are limited or no comparable operations in the civilian sector i. Figure 3 — 2: However, emergency treatment at an Army medical facility may be provided without additional consent under the provision of AR 40 — 3, paragraph 2 — Training will be conducted as follows:.

AR Child Development Services

These skills should be measured using job performance standards. Opportunities for parent workshops and discussion groups.

The materials used and the content of the training will be the responsibility of the MTF representative.