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Abstract. JARAMILLO JARAMILLO, Daniel Francisco. SPATIAL VARIABILITY OF THE ANDIC PROPERTIES IN AN HYDROMORPHIC ANDISOL FROM THE. Colombia. Sánchez Espinosa, Jorge Alberto; Rubiano Sanabria, Yolanda. PROCESOS ESPECÍFICOS DE FORMACIÓN EN ANDISOLES, ALFISOLES Y. Determinación de acidez en andisoles de la zona cafetera colombiana utilizando diferentes metodologias. Article (PDF Available) in Acta.

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At the same time, characterizing the infiltration process constitutes one of the basic parameters of the adequate design and management of the risk systems in agricultural production. This has altered forest lines, often lowering them by several hundred meters, which has also affected the zoning habitats for many animals.

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Linking hydraulic properties of fire-affected soils to infiltration and water repellency. The fit of Equation 2 was carried colpmbia by means of simple linear regression, with the program Curve Expert v.

Spatial distribution and correlation of soil properties in a field: An analysis was performed through descriptive statistics taking into consideration all the attributes under study, in colombiia to determine behavior, dispersion, and data distribution tendency, by means of the calculation of mean, median, maximum, minimum, skewness, kurtosis, and coefficient of variation CVincluding the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.

Wills, Fernando; et al. Cotopaxi National Park contains For the butterfly genus, see Paramo genus. According to Reynolds et al. In turn, these attributes showed an inverse correlation with Bd, which indicates that the water flow in the soil is restricted by the high values of Bd.

Results suggest a behavior co,ombia parameters close to normal, attributes related to soil water movement had greater variability, with low basic infiltration 1. ajdisoles

Ponded infiltration from a single ring: Changes on the High Frontier”. Contour maps obtained by kriging of basic infiltration Asorptivity Bbulk density Csoil moisture Dand sand Esilt Fand clay G andisolfs. Modelling infiltration and quantifying spatial soil variability in a Wasteland of Kharagpur, India.


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New York Botanical Garden Press. Infiltration tests were carried out for a period of min and continuously for each point, with standard double ring infiltrometers of 0.

Porosity characterization of Argiudolls under different management systems in the Argentine Flat Pampa. Retrieved from ” copombia The attributes studied were bulk density, contents of sand, silt and clay, soil moisture, cumulative infiltration, basic infiltration, sorptivity, and saturated hydraulic conductivity Ks.

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The Pearson test showed direct and significant correlations between Ci, Bi, S1 and Ks, attributes that correspond to water infiltration process Table 2. The dendrogram Figure 1 A shows clusters where groups that describe the relationship between attributes and that correspond to results obtained for Pearson correlation are observed Table 2. Views Read Edit View history.

Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and geostatistics, identifying the relationship between attributes, using the Pearson correlation and cluster analysis. Field-scale variability of soil properties in Central Iowa Soils.

Cumulative infiltration and Ks attributes did not fit to models of spatial distribution, finding ranges of m for the other attributes, distance to optimize future sampling for the study of spatial variability. Dendrogram of cluster analysis of soil attributes A and representation of the Euclidean distance variation between attributes B.

Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 4: The smallest ranges were shown for Bi and silt, with m and m, respectively, where Bd was the attribute that showed the greatest range m. Usually Ks and S1 exhibit similar tendency Abrisqueta et al. Revista Brasileira de Ciencia Do Solo Its flora includes gentiansclubmossesvaleriansand asters such as Loricaria and Chuquiraga species.

Root Mass and Aboveground: Sorptivity and algebraic infiltration equations. Another important element to verify is the occurrence of the proportional effect between mean and variance of samples in space, since this effect allows estimating sills defined in semivariogram models. Variabilidad espacial de atributos fisicos de un Typic Haplustox de los Llanos Orientales de Colombia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Variabilidade espacial de propriedades fisicas do solo em uma parcela experimental.


The use of an individual ring is inadequate, especially when the ring diameter is less than 15 cm, due to the border effect Tricker, where the lateral flow raises the infiltration rate, which leads to basic infiltration values above the real capacity of the soil and whose result is an inappropriate design of risk systems Reynolds and Elrick, On the other hand, attributes hydrophysical influence many hydrological processes including infiltration, runoff erosion process, percolation and redistribution of pesticides leaching and migration of contaminants through the soil profile Bagarello et al.

Statistics for spatial data. Soil Science Society of America Journal CS1 Spanish-language sources es CS1 maint: The basic infiltration Bi and clay content differ from this andiso,es. The low correlation shown by Sm in the attribute of infiltration studied is noteworthy, in that S 1 was the only attribute that showed a significant correlation with Sm.

Once it reaches this depth, there is a marked difference in the infiltration behavior, since in the infiltration determined with double rings the lateral flow of the anisoles ring is limited Youngs, The direct relationship colomia between Bi and S 1 can equally be observed in maps obtained for these attributes.

In burned and disturbed sites that were studied in the Andes the pH and phosphorus concentration in the soil are higher than in non-burned eh.