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The Oath of the Vayuputras has ratings and reviews. Mith said: I am sad. Mr. Tripathi what happened?After the first two books, I had. The journey of the young lad named Shiva through the vibrant country of Bharat and foresees the prophecy of the destruction of the great evil. The Secret of the Nagas, Amish Tripathi’s second book of the Shiva Trilogy, does that.’ – Herald, Goa The Oath of the Vayuputras Book 3 of the Shiva Trilogy.

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The God of Gods. It was fast paced and Finished one of the most awaited sequels of a book.

That the compounded totality of sins committed by all the Vikarma over their individual previous lives was nullified at the stroke of a quill when I struck down this law? But i have one earnest question for you. And then came the third book.

A Naga ship sails down the Narmada every month, docks at Maika late at night, and the babies born in that month are handed over to us by the Maika record- keeper. Believe me, this book, does fit in to some curricula where kids study it just to pass through exams. He suddenly stood up, rocking the boat as Sati and Ganesh reached out to hold him steady. This book was an annoying conclusion to a series that started with wonderful promise. Especially at the five banyans.


It is converted into the Somras drink at designated temples across Meluha when mixed with water and other ingredients. Kartik stood quietly at a short distance, watching the animal in its final throes. The book starts where The Secret of the Nagas Mar 04, View all 10 comments.

The author is neither present at their conversation nor he …more While reading this book, one should always keep in mind that it is a historical fiction. But if the Somras is Evil, that facility is the key.

Full text of “the-oath-of-the-vayuputras-amish-tripathi-bellatrix”

Dilipa and Bhrigu had arrived the previous day. Shiva then declares a holy war on those who seek to continue to use it, mainly the Emperors Daksha and Dilipa, who are being controlled by the sage Fo.

This was probably the most awaited book for me and expectations were really really high.

Its fair name has been tarnished forever; tarnished by the one sworn to protect it. The Vayuputras are the tribe left behind by Lord Rudra. But a blue throat did not mean that he was capable of being the saviour.


With the suspense already gone, you just wanna get it to end. And, I discovered that it was possible to do so with this bacterium. Change was horrible for the Suryavanshis, for the people of the masculine, used as they were to unchanging rules and stark predictability.

Retrieved 2 January He needed the medicines anish Bhrigu provided.

The Oath of the Vayuputras

As of June over 2. Lord Ram was one of the greatest emperors ever. It was late the next morning, four hours into the second prahar. It is our duty to Lord Brahma; our duty to this great land of ours.

But the laziness in editing and rewriting is evident, and unforgivable I made a mistake in trusting His Highness. King Vasuki, very rightly, refused to accept the compensation without an explanation.

This was the worst cop out done by Amish in the novel. Apr 27, Manu rated it did not like it.

I will finish this soon. It was your strength. Enter your email address. Somras waste was being generated in huge quantities.