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The phrase Jesting Pilate can be: a phrase coined by Francis Bacon in the opening sentence of his essay Of Truth; a name for the Biblical verse to which Bacon was referring, namely John ; the title of a book by Aldous Huxley. Aldous Huxley’s Account of Japan in Jesting Pilate(LEONARD). 1. Introduction. Aldous Huxley, celebrated novelist, essayist and travel writer, visited Japan in. OTHER POEMS (T WaA) JESTING PILATE An Intellectual Holiday BY ALDOUS HUXLEY What is Truth? said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.

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It expresses itself in terms of hastening automobiles, of huge and yelling crowds, of speeches, banquets, ‘drives,’ slogans, sky signs. Nor is reason itself the most satisfactory instrument for the understanding of life.

Jesting Pilate: the diary of a journey – Aldous Huxley – Google Books

Far finer carving has been found at other huxkey in North-Western India. For in matters of art, he would argue and a religious ceremony, a civic or political function are forms of art, being only solemn ballets and symbolical charadesit is the intention and the general effect that count. While this is technically a travel memoir, much of the writing is philosophical and showcases Piltae humanist perspectives. If the Romans had been as syste- matically ruthless as the Christians were to show themselves in future centuries, the jestin church ejsting never have survived.

Every tourist is haunted by the desire to “get off the Beaten Track. There is noth- ing more picturesque than a deserted city, nothing more mournfully romantic. No trivia or quizzes yet. The formal elements of their design are numerous and pleasingly contrasted, and the detail 76 INDIA fcf BURMA — mouldings and ornamental sculpture — is always, however copious, subordinated to the architectural scheme and of the highest decorative quality.

Nobody inquires why cows and elephants inhabit the world. Financial panics are justifiable. The subject was Sicily and “Sicily,” alas, was the only word in the poem which I could understand. But though harmless, these Hindu totems are passively a nuisance. It is a most distressing sound, but one to which all those who drive in In- dian tongas must learn to accustom aldos. The decorative details, such of them, at any rate, as remain — for the ornamentation was mostly of a rather gimcrack and temporary char- acter — are without much originality.


We examined the coins. I recently spent a month travelling in Rajasthan, and read the chapters pertaining to those areas while there and was surprised to see that many of his observations still hold true. True, the architect might offer a number of excuses for his minarets. His pas- sage along the line must have been well advertised ; for at every station our compartment was invaded by a swarm of devotees who came to kiss the great man’s feet and to crave a blessing, which in most cases he seemed too lazy to give.

Jesting Pilate : an intellectual holyday

Yet, in spite of these limitations, Indian music is sur- prisingly rich and various. Of European music even a bad player can give us some idea; and those who have acquired the art of reading a score can get their musical pleasure through the eye alone.

Only the women of the people are visible in the streets. If it is argued that St. The most fully formed writing comes at the end in his bitter Amusing and insightful at various points. HIS evening a congratulatory address was presented to Mr. The implication of course is that democracy is something excellent, an ideal to be passionately wished for.

Pink papier-mache pigs opened and shut their mouths. Dec 18, Ensiform huxleu it it was amazing Shelves: In one hand they hold black umbrellas, in the other garlands of flowers.

And what astonishing houses flank these streets!

Jesting Pilate – Wikipedia

Most small animals, when taken up suddenly to a height of fifteen or twenty thou- sand feet — and many of the Himalayan passes touch these heights — simply die. So ordinary jestiny the pastime that the Mogul artists found it neces- sary to invent a special pictorial convention to represent it.

The Majestic is more wildly Mohammedan than anything that the most orthodox of Great Moguls ever dreamed of, and the gigantic Taj combines the style of the South Kensington Natural History Museum with that of an Indian pavilion at an International Ex- hibition. So much for physiology. Full text of ” Jesting Pilate: The animal descends very slowly and with an infinite caution, planting one huge foot deliberately before the other, and giving you time between each calcu- lated step to anticipate the next convulsive spasm of movement — a spasm that seems to loosen from its place every organ in the rider’s body, that twists the spine, that wrenches all the separate muscles of the loins and thorax.


It is enough in a book to apply destructive common sense to the existing fabric of social organisaton and then, with the aid of constructive common sense, to build up the scattered pieces into a more seemly whole. All religions have been unanimous in encouraging within limits that have tended to grow wider and ever wider, the social, altruistic, humanitarian proclivities of man and in condemning his anti-social, self-assertive tenden- cies.

But the tipsiness they pro- duce is more satisfactory than that which results from the absorption of whisky. To us, in consequence, he seems disgrace- fully slipshod, cynical, and irreverent. They are embraced, lassoed with flowers, and led off to the attendant Hupmobiles and Overlands be- hind the Custom House. They spend the winter in India, sell what they have brought, and in the following spring, when the passes are once more open, go back into Turkestan with a load of Indian fabrics, velvet and plush and ordinary cotton, which they sell for fabulous profit.

There is no available liquid capital to start such industries on a large scale, and the average edu- cated Indian lacks the enterprise and energy to begin in a small way on his own. The watcher raised his hand again; again the engine rattled. Hulxey Fatehpur is less than four hundred years old, and, so far as the principal buildings are con- cerned, it is in a state of perfect preservation.

Jesting Pilate

No doubt But what is this to us, who have our pecul- iar problems about the rights and wrongs of vio- lence to decide in our own way? Latin with us, like Persian among the Indians, is a deader language than it was a century, even a generation, aga Even the English classics are rarely quoted now. That is the farcical tragedy of Indian education.