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The referenced article was written by Albert Z. Carr. In his article, Carr compares business to the game of poker in which bluffing is okay if all the players know. Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from “Business Ethics Perspectives on in the prestigious Harvard Business Review, the author, Albert. Carr In the same article, Carr goes on to assert the legitimacy of lying on one’s résumé. The Role of Moral Intensity and Fairness Perception in Judgments of Ethicality: A Comparison of Managerial Professionals and the General Public.

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Different ethics in business.

Is business bluffing ethical?

Not only is this the case, but also everyone expects that you will only follow the law. The cost of telling the truth in this case is too czrr so we are not obliged to tell the truth. What about negotiating business deals? Will the Ethics of Business Change?

If one wishes to be successful in the world of business, or in this case even enter the business world, one has busiess choice but to deceive.

Example research essay topic: Is Business Bluffing Ethical – 1,613 words

Bluffing, according to Carr, is not entirely cheating but not entirely telling the truth either. Carr seems to take as his starting point a catch As for dealings between businesses, businessmen do not mind being busijess by other businessmen. In contrast, if a firm does not use business bluffing; it does not matter how honest a firm runs its business, if it goes into loss, nobody will pay back what is lost. One click instant price quote.


The business has a duty to be honest and to take into consideration the interests of all the stakeholder groups. Darr, there is no contradiction involved in the universalized practice of business bluffing. Some things might be fine as they are. Look at all the trouble that was caused when someone actually told the truth!

Instead, he argues that the principles governing our ordinary life also govern the business world. History of Western Philosophy. Therefore unless the businessman totally blfufing and lied to them about his or her product, they keep buying this product.

In other words, if a businessman says his product is the best, consumers tend to believe that it may be average or even close to the best but not necessarily the best. This is how business people ought to act; it is the right way to act in business; business people who act this way are virtuous. In addition, Mill also advocates producing the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. Therefore, bluffing produces more happiness for more people than being ethiacl honest.

Therefore business bluffing can pass the test ethicaal universality. In Carrs article Is business bluffing ethical? This ethcal has no associated abstract. Just check any companys business plan and one can see that all they want to do is increase profits, not be honest.

To call it a game is to trivialize what really amounts to the method people use to make a living. Added to PP index Total downloads 51of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 1of 2, How can I increase my downloads? Yes, people lie, cheat, and steal. A Survey of Future Executives. To sum it all, the Utilitarian theory is very practical in this case, because profit is the goal for most businesses and satisfying needs is the goal of consumers.


Business Bluffing – Business Ethics

By universalizing the maxim we mean to apply it to all people at catr times. Singer – – Journal of Business Ethics 15 4: Possible problems with the poker analogy: Business people who act according to ordinary moral rules do so out of self-interest and not for sake ethlcal morality.

This entry has no external links. But then what explains all the talk about ethics in business? These practices are morally legitimate. In the short run bluffing in business promotes sales for firms and increases profits.

A maxim cannot be universalized if it contains a logical contradiction or a contradiction between two wills. CarsonRichard E.

His argument for this seems to rest on the presumption that the business world is, in some sense, fundamentally different than the world of private morality. Here he is giving away their cover!