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Stipovi su prilagodjeni za udobno i lako citanje preko video snimka. | See more ideas about Alan ford.

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He is at odds with Number One, who despises him for his laziness and inability to perform missions. For example, in issue 16, “Don’t vote for Notax”, a line making fun of American racismreading “Firstly, I promise that we will get rid of the Blacks.

Cirano is Bob Rock’s dog, who often participates in the group’s missions. All Old Current Type: The second issue, entitled “The Rotten Tooth” appeared in Juneintroduced the Sir Oliver character, and was overshadowed by the first issue’s lack of success.

He usually sleeps in the back of the flower shop, but occasionally joins the other TNT members on large-scale missions. He managed to keep his criminal enterprise secret while being tailed by the police until he was discovered. The first issue of the comic book, entitled “Group TNT”, was received mildly by its audience.

He is for newest member of the TNT. He dresses in tartan clothing, with a red and black hat and a large red cloak. He wears old ruptured pants, a bowler hat, a coat and a cardigan stripped shirt.

The French and Macedonian editions only saw twelve issues before they got dropped due alab poor sales. In Srtipovi Belgrade produced a radio drama based on the play. The play was performed in Croatian, as used by Brixy. In the s, the original episodes in Brixy’s translation have been republished by Strip-agent in Croatia, under the title Alan Ford Klasikagain with great success and high circulation. For other uses, see Alan Ford disambiguation. It was also translated into Albanian in Serbia which saw only five issues before getting dropped, also due to poor sales.

First dozen issues didn’t produce much success, however, the appearance in issue 25 of antagonist Superciuk translated as Superhik ‘who steals from the poor and gives it to the rich’ proved a hit with Yugoslav readership.

Alan Ford (strip)

In Denmark, Alan Ford was published in by Interpresse under the name Oskar Mortensen, and only lasted for six issues. His best friend is Jeremiah, but almost constantly bickers with him.

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More than once, he was used by Sir Oliver for his various schemes. SFRJ industrija video igara in Serbian https: Ina small independent publisher, Taupinambourstarted another edition with new issues. Box to the stripoi of the Search button lets you specify search words in the name of the Publisher, Edition, Hero, Author, Number, and that even in the case the word is fors anywhere in these terms, even if it is only part of the term, while the lower equivalent controls are more rigorous and will find only the correct term, not only the part of the name or number.

If your search does strilovi return results or returns few results, try less rigorously defined parameters.

He is rather large and is devoted to Number One, who saved him from being slaughtered. A running gag is his incredible strength and endurance for an ordinary pelican. This article is about the comic book. The script included six main characters Alan Ford, Bob Rock, Sir Oliver, The Boss, Jeremiah and Grunfbut the creators decided to omit Sir Oliver in the ultimate revision Julyfor fear of overwhelming readers with characters in the first issue. Another running frod is his time spent in his wheelchair: Despite his heroic-like behavior and staunch belief in bravery as seen by quotes stamped on his T-shirtshe is a very cowardly man, constantly running from danger.

The comic book ridicules aspects of American society, including capitalism and racism. Even the comic book’s creator Max Bunker acknowledged Brixy’s contributions to its popularity in Yugoslavia, praising him as “one of the rare translators who successfully depicted the black satire of the Aln Ford’ s story and drawings”.

He loves eating fish and usually serves to transport Number One and sometimes, the entire TNT group across large areas at one time, transporting Number One across the Atlantic Ocean.

Alan Ford (comics) – Wikipedia

T at low cost”. He sttripovi Number One’s best friend and lives in his hideout with him, although the two constantly clash on most strupovi subjects. He has a habit of telling stories of his past to his agents, who all fall asleep in the end, causing him to angrily wake them up by brandishing his stick. Big in the Balkans”. Pellicus is a pelican owned by Number One. Clodoveo is Number One’s parrot. Running gag is that, whenever he steals a large number of goods, he phones his never-seen friend Bing to sell him the goods and asks about Bing’s brother, who is always in some kind of trouble.


Running gag in the series is his age: He comes from a wealthy family of Olivers, and his father owned a large business venture that went bankrupt by the time of his death: Tito is portrayed as Number One’s old acquaintance who often engaged in shady activities.

Group TNT is an assembly of misfit secret agents, who operate from a flower shop in New York CityUnited States, which they use as a front for their secret headquarters. Some of Vjesnik’s editions were occasionally censored by the publisher. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, Borgis picked up the publishing rights for the Croatian market, keeping the original series title Alan Ford Superstrip.

Alan Ford is the central character of the series. This is a country of the white race, and who doesn’t think that way will get punished Retrieved from ” https: When you find an item that interests you, click on it with mouse or use cursor keys to scroll to it and press the Enter key on the keyboard. According to Max Bunker, he wanted to create a comic book which did not fall into either of the then predefined categories of adventures and dark comics, like Satanik or Kriminal both by Bunker and Raviolaor traditionally funny comics, like Mickey Mouse.

He is independent from the New York division, but he still acts on Number One’s orders. He is extremely greedy and stingy: He has a soft side, is rarely angry, and while acknowledging the life under Number One as unfair, he flrd happy with what he gets.