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English translation of. Holy Akaranga Sutra. English translation by Hermann Jacobi taken from Contents: Introduction. Akaranga Sutra: First Book: 1. Knowledge of the weapon. 2. Conquest of the world. 3. Hot and cold. 4. Righteousness. 5. Essence of the. Gaina Sutras, Part I – The Akaranga Sutra, The Kalpa Sutra [transl; F. Max Muller Hermann Jacobi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Some, following wrong instruction, turn away from control. Using these three, the Venerable One sustained himself eight months.

Devarddhi’s edition of the Siddhanta is therefore only a redaction of the sacred books which existed before his time in nearly the same form. Sometimes he did not reach a village there in Ladha.

Acharanga Sutra

What has been said about the religious doctrines of the Gainas can also be proved of their historical traditions. The first book is the older part, to which other treatises were later added. Ceasing from them, making an end of them, he perceives: When a monk or a nun on a begging-tour comes on their way upon a pit, pillar, thorns, or unsafe, marshy or uneven ground, or mud, they should, in case there be a byway, avoid these obstaclesand not walk on straight.

He who knows these causes of sin relating to wind, is called a rewardknowing sage. It must therefore have been an insignificant place, of which tradition has only recorded that it lay in Videha Akaranga Sutra II, 15, section Many natives attacked him.

Those who are appeased, who are free from passion, do not desire to live. It is evident that he regarded sutrra Akaranga Sutra as ending with the last-named passage, which is the last but one of the first book. When it occurs to a sutga mendicant that he suffers pain, and cannot bear the influence of cold, he should not try to obviate these trials, but stand fast in his own self which is endowed with all knowledge.


Without food he should he down and bear the pains which attack him. Akarranga, non-Aryan people, half-civilised people, unconverted people, people who rise or eat at an improper time, should, if there be some other place for walking about or friendly districts, not choose the former road for their voyage. Those who are freed from attachment to the world and its pleasuresreach the opposite shore. As the law has been revealed for the full one, so for sutrz empty one; as for the empty one, so for the full one.

And a man with wary pride is embarrassed with great delusion 1 There are many obstacles which are very difficult to overcome for the ignorant and the blinded.

Akaranga Sutra | Great Thoughts Treasury

And this is a still more difficult method, when one lives according to it: And Mahavira meditated persevering in some posture, without the smallest motion; he meditated in mental concentration on the things above, below, beside, free from desires. There are as many an asravas as there are aparisravas, sutrz there are as many aparisravas as there are anasravas. Few people kept off the attacking, biting dogs. Desiring happiness and bewailing much, he comes ignorantly to grief through his own misfortune.

A monk akarana a nun on a begging-tour should not stand leaning against the door-post of the householder’s abode, or his sink or spitting-pot, nor in sight of, or opposite to his bathroom or privy; nor should they contemplate a loophole or a mended spot or a fissure of the house or the bathing-house, showing in that direction with an arm or pointing with a finger, bowing up and down.

jaina akaranga sutra

On the other hand it is probable that Brahmanic ascetics did not regard fellow-ascetics of other castes as quite their equals, though they were just as orthodox as themselves. Many and several in this world, Brahmanas or Sramanas, raise this discussion: Looking up, down, aside, eastward, he sees colours, hearing he hears sounds; longing upwards, down, aside, eastward, he becomes attached to colours and sounds.

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If a mendicant, sutta night or at the twilight, leaves or enters a small lodging, one with a small door, a low or crammed lodging, skaranga should put forward first his hand, then his foot, and thus circumspectly leave or enter it.

This is the doctrine of the teachers. As a fraud, the tradition about the Purvas would therefore be unintelligible; but accepted as truth, it well falls in with our views about the development of the Gaina literature.

For such as dwell in darkness, and are without knowledge, there is no akaranba in faith.

He believes in soul [1], believes in the world [2], believes in reward [3], believes in action acknowledged to akraanga our own doing in such judgments as these: People who are enveloped by delusion do not understand this: He who injures these earth-bodies does not comprehend and renounce the sinful acts; he who does not injure these, comprehends and renounces the sinful acts.

Seeing living beings suffering, earnestly enter a religious life [4].

Sometimes the Venerable One did not drink for half a month or even for a month. A monk or a nun wandering from village to village should look forward for four cubits, and seeing animals they should move on by walking on his toes or heels or the sides of his feet.

A monk aakranga a nun on a begging-tour should not accept raw things which are not yet modified by instruments [i.