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In Ageless, I introduce an inspiring, medically validated approach to reversing the aging process and maintaining a healthy, vibrant, mentally sharp, sexually. Anti-Aging Ageless Serum plumps, firms and restores elasticity to aging skin. Botanically Loaded to Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles and Repair Stressed . Read an excerpt from Suzanne Somers’ book Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones.

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Some of the other claims made about hormone is that it can help enhance your metabolism,or increase muscle mass, helps in calcium retentionin your body, helps in keeping bones healthy, reduces fat in the body, helps in controlling sugar and insulin levels, helps in immunity and se No so,ers why my Boss ask me to read this book For women and men it is a personal decision whether to use bioidentical hormones and is not without controversy.

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Just have to find “real” meat and watch our portions. True, but estriol is not contained in any FDA-approved products. In the trailer for this theatrical event see belowSomers declares, “I’m 63 and I am healthier and happier than I have ever been–ever.

Not to mention I discovered that birth control pills taken over long periods of time often cause va This is an amazing book by a totally unexpected author! Aside from the discomfort of injecting myself with Iscador every other day for these five years, my health has never been better.

Suzanne Somers’ Health Advice May Be Dangerously Wrong

If you are financially embarrassed like me, you are out of luck. As I said, for twenty-two years, I was on synthetic birth control pills, the original ones that were very strong. I feel great, but it would not have happened without Suzanne Somers stellar research and stubborn persistence to discover the real truth about hormones and aging. Its standard of care has been to treat all symptoms with drugs, but in Ageless you will find out how this approach does not make us better.


In chapter 5 I will discuss at length the protective aspects of breast-feeding and prolactin production. This one hit my favorite meter! Melatonin is not available over the counter in Canada Not normal in that we are in the optimal range. Women need to understand the potential harm of the hormone therapy Somers promotes. What could be better than having your doctor tell you that you have the bones of a twenty-year-old, or the heart of a thirty-year-old?

Suzanne Somers, Anti-Aging Prophet? I Don’t Think So | HuffPost

As a survivor of an advanced stage cancer myse Much of what Suzanne has presented here has checked out in my personal xuzanne. I thought I had found the answers in this book! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The excuse it is not FDA approved does not work for me anymore because the medication that was approved ruined my liver.

She walks you through every hormone, explains suzabne it does and what the symptoms are if you have too much or too little in your system. I am truly loved by soemrs who mean the most to me. Losing my uterus caused me to do a lot of searching. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. This Blogger’s Books and Other Items from Mar 18, Ida rated it really liked it. A few years ago, former “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers embarked on a new career: Wiley, you are entering into something that is controversial and are going against the advice of nearly every medical authority in the United States, despite what Oprah and the ladies on “The View” say.


Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones by Suzanne Somers

Plus, for many women these drugs cause horrible side effects. Taking motrin and tylenol, heck, using fluoride are not good for us. She just kept saying the same thing over and over. He said he had never seen an immune system this strong in any of his adult patients. This is an informative book on a controversial subject. Bioidentical hormones are identical at a biological and chemical level to hormones made in the body, and are mostly made from plants.

Nothing helps preserve your bones like BHRT, which is extraordinarily important if you lean towards osteopenia, or worse osteoporosis. You see, I do not believe in the “poison” theory of using chemotherapy.

Who is successfully using bioidentical hormones? Our bodies can do this. I found a doctor in my general area that specializes in this hormone therapy and got my lab work done. This is the template that was programmed in us from ancient times.

The doctors in the book are well-trained and have great experience in each of their fields. I had never heard of bio-identical hormones. Thank you, Suzanne, for letting us in on these wonderful secrets to the fountain of youth!!! With antiaging medicine you can heal your body rather than keep a chronic condition at bay with drugs.