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AFI 36-3208 PDF

AFI. Number: Changes Note: AFI_AFGM Link to Policy : Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering SUBJECT: Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) to AFI , .. NOTE: Reference AFI , Administrative Separation of Airmen.

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If the board is being recorded, it is common that the voir dire is not recorded. They are told that their only viable option is to sign ari papers, waive their rights, and accept the proposed discharge.

Respondents and their advocates can make adamant requests for a wide range of documents, such as 63-3208 statements and investigative reports, the actual test aif and chain of custody documents in drug urinalysis cases, or the results of any Inspector General or Equal Opportunity investigations made about the command or the events aif to the discharge.

For some discharges, particularly misconduct based upon a serious offense or drug abuse, no rehabilitation is required prior to discharge processing, and the only counseling will ari a notation, shown to the member for acknowledgment, that discharge is being recommended.

Common Reasons for Involuntary Discharge Misconduct aci is a very common result of the service history described above. Information and assistance from civilian counselors or attorneys allow soldiers to make the best use of the rights available in the discharge process, and both attorneys and non-attorneys may represent clients in these administrative proceedings.

It refers to Encl. As noted above, the requirements of a second opinion and review in personality disorder discharges decreased the number of such discharges significantly. The members, generally through their JAG, and the command may make an agreement in which members waive the previously-demanded board on the condition that they be given a more favorable character of discharge.

All other members will be discharged. The reasons may include one or more of these: See ARSec. You will have a generous opportunity to question board members. Such people are routinely harassed by superiors, and sometimes by co-workers.


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When there is an OTH at issue, or when retirement benefits are at issue, it may be worth the money to get that professionally prepared transcript. The only members who, otherwise qualify for ready reserve, will be accepted to enter into ready reserve 36-208 those who qualify for full separation pay or are separated for involuntary expiration of term of service.

The criteria and procedures for enlisted administrative separations are set out in DoD Instruction The government does not win just by creating the biggest stack of paper, but paper that matters. Judge advocates range from superior attorneys to those who do little or are resentful of your involvement.

Occasionally, this will cause commands to rethink their objective of obtaining a bad discharge. Again thank you and hopefully this will help others.

As with ostensibly good discharges for other designated physical and mental conditions, unsatisfactory performance and the like, civilian counselors and attorneys can play an important role in protecting servicemembers against unwanted discharges with highly stigmatizing characterization and reasons.

Soldiers and sailors know little about the regulations, and are not encouraged to read or use them. And civilian experts can be used as witnesses, or their reports brought in as evidence, to demonstrate the underlying cause of the alleged misconduct.

When counseling, or counseling and rehabilitation, must take place before discharge recommendation, failure to offer or record it may be a basis for at least a temporary challenge to the proposed discharge.

Consider as a separation at the member’s own request, the following: Immediate commanders sometimes comment on these statements in further endorsements to the separation authority, without providing copies to members even if they have requested copies of all such documents. The discharge paperwork is ultimately sent to the separation authority for a final determination on discharge or retention, character of discharge and, when the regulations permit, suspension of discharge.

  ISO 8179-2 PDF

32 CFR 884.9 – Requests for custody of members stationed outside the United States.

You cannot afford to prejudice your client by demonstrating a dislike of the military institution. JAGs often provide a wealth of experience in military law, knowledge of local commands, and an important official presence alongside respondents during the proceedings.

With the ADB procedure, soldiers are notified of a broader set of rights, including:. Previously considered too small and treatable a problem to warrant administrative discharge, adjustment disorder now seems to be the diagnosis of choice for people who would have been diagnosed with personality disorders in the past.

I can run decent and the rest but my waist is horrible. A young man enlists in the 363-208 during high school on promises of valuable training as a mechanic.

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A provision of the National Defense Authorization Act provides some additional protection to women subjected to retaliatory involuntary discharges after making sexual assault complaints. If the military did not do psychological testing, it is useful to have a civilian psychologist administer the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory 2 MMPI 2one adi the most common and respected psychological tests, and to supplement it with other testing.

Along with the pressure and af that attends warfare, he feels the sting of the consequences of even minor disobedience. Debbage Alexander, Chapter Auths.

In some of these cases, where the mistakes could be remedied easily with a new round of paperwork, respondents need to decide whether to raise the issues prior to discharge or reserve them for discharge review.

In some cases, servicemembers have no warning that discharge is contemplated until they receive written notice — and considerable time may have passed since the conduct on which the discharge is based.