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View and Download Aethra Vega X3 use and installation manual online. Aethra Vega X3 Webcams: User Guide. Vega X3 Conference System pdf manual. View and Download Aethra Vega X3 technical specifications online. Aethra Vega X3 Webcams: Specifications. Vega X3 Conference System pdf manual. Vega® X3 is a high-performance system at the cutting-edge of set-top technology . It is ideal for small or medium group of people in a videoconferencing.

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Select the desired language. Use of the digital image format has to be set explicitely in the menu. Start with the configuration menus. H Settings H Settings This section contains the configuration options necessary to use the system with the H.

Terminal test This option performs an internal test of the system. Appendices IP Network Requirements for Videocommunication The network requirements for point-point connections between IP videoconferencing terminals are as follows.

Page 65 Viewing methods Viewing with a plug-in The integrated Web Server provides the simplest method. In a non-aggregated ISDN call, the audio number may be different from the video number.

This menu aetyra subdivided into three sub-menus and allows the following configurations: Following table shows all available configurations: Dual Video transmissions can be initiated by either the Audio-Video calling or called terminal.

Use the remote control arrow keys to move the Volume slider control. Page of 99 Go. For each interface, it is possible to set some parameters.

Settings Diagnostics The following page will be displayed: This feature allows you to let the conference system carry out the operation automatically. Page 51 Automatic MultiScreen.


Forums – C# Corner

The setup button Einstellungen which leads to the configuration menu is located in the right part of the image. Logo is customizable—default is Aethra S. Description Aethra Vega X3. Scope of Delivery All necessary connection cables except DVImicrophone and remote control are included in delivery. Layout, size and labelling of the keys are improvable.

When executed, the program aaethra display the following: This parameter contains the IP address for the stream. ALGs are software packages specifically designed for firewalls from various producers that examine every aetura attempting to pass through the firewall in order to determine whether it concerns a known protocol like H. A request to enter the system password will be displayed.

Aethra VEGA X3 Video Conferencing System

Settings Audio Video Data The following page vegw be displayed: Using the DVI connection is also a little more difficult than with comparable devices. The following table shows various information icons for the local terminal the MCU manager.

In this section, the appearance of the conference system can be designed individually. At this point, several items of information concerning the connection are displayed: Multiconference Setup Before activating a multiconference session, configuration is required. H Settings This section contains the configuration options necessary to use the system with the H. The five available options are: The system Aethra Vega X3 is aerhra convincing in its audio- and video qualities.

Call-Answer mode General This menu contains the following configuration settings: The information contained in this document is the property of Aethra SpA. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Inputs Processing Outputs and adjust the ringing and sound vegs. To start a Dual Video session in a multiconference: For each interface it is possible to set, if present: The following illustration shows this part of the menu. Active icons to place a call. Go back to previous slide.

Aethra Vega X3 Use And Installation Manual

Settings Installation Encryption The configuration menu will be displayed; here you can set the following parameters: Picture In Picture Allows to see two overlapped images in one monitor, that is remote image aethta full-screen format, an local image in a smaller overlapped window. By selecting this option, an internal system test is carried out.

An example of a firewall ALG follows. For adjust the ringing and sound volume, follow these steps: To Reselect an Incoming 3x Outgoing Call Incoming calls are indicated with a green arrow while outgoing ones are indicated with a red one; a cyclic buffer of 60 numbers is available to store calls. Presentations During a call, the system allows to send aethrx or still images in Jpeg format that have been previously loaded on the system using a PC.

General Settings Video and audio quality Network settings Presentation Audio Video Diagnostics How to carry out a conference General After the first start of the conference system, the following picture is displayed: An overview of the setup menu is displayed.