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I am developing an Invoice using Smartforms. The business requirements says we must be able to print the document from SAP or send a data file to our print. I am taking the customer number on a selection screen and then based on that customer number, Smart form OTF to PDF conversion, ABAP. CONVERT_OTF documentation and pattern details for this standard SAP ABAP Function module.

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The below link should help you.

For some commands ex. The ABAP list data, on the other hand, is device-independent, which means that no device-specific layout is provided when the list is sent.

sap2afp command: transformsTransform SAP OTF or ABAP data to AFP

But, whenever we get this requirement, we need to scramble for our previous notes or hit the search engine. You might also be interested in. In contrast to ITF, which contains formatting and structural information as well as the text and hence allows modification, OTF only serves the output.

Spaces are permitted at the end. You are commenting using your Facebook account. If you have or not, in either case, please leave your comments and let orf start a healthy debate.

Finding the next OTF command in the data flow: SAPscript documents can therefore be sent only to those devices that have a font metric identical to the layout. It is this identification which determines the expected parameters and their sequence.


Document Conversion – Speedy and reliable preparation of any type of document for every channel Abwp solution. For the test, we are sending just to two users.

You might enter as many users you want. So here we have the spool number.

Do not worry, I will not disappoint you. The identification is followed by a space of variable length which contains parameters for that command. Thanks alot its very usefull……….

Smart form OTF to PDF conversion

If you understand these four steps, you need not look the search engine in future for such developments. November 22, Siva Prasad Uncategorized Leave a comment. Now you see the parameters of the function, hit test icon again. It is therefore suitable for a whole range of output devices such abao line printers, laser printers or monitors. Hit the test icon again. Create your first OData So here for a billing document output is generated.

Output Text Format OTF is a format which consists of a set of simple commands which are not linked to a particular output environment. Go to the destination folder and here we have a PDF file. So after the program execution finish we have the status message.

Conversion of Standard Text into OTF and ITF formats

You are commenting using your WordPress. Lists use only font types with oyf fixed character width. Its really helped a lot for me. Special Features A major advantage of the Compart filter is that it supports Unicode and barcode, meaning that documents with these features can easily be printed on any computer without installing an extra module.


Execute the above program with below inputs. Give the smartform name and the email ids. So here the output which is generated after smart form is processed. The following types are used: It is part of all products in the DocBridge seriesso that companies that use Compart solutions do not require any external software to prepare SAP data for printing. When converting one format into anotherCompart uses the shared object format, the so-called presentation area Abappwhich is able agap represent the visual data and metadata of all supported formats.

Sequence of capital letters and numeric. So agap table that contains the spool details. Sequence of numeric characters. Notify me of new comments via email.

The strength of the Compart MFF architecture is zbap ability to quickly and effectively convert documents in various formats into others, or integrate them into a document using a specific format. The entire process is supported by a single source — through the application and the corresponding output filters.

The identification of the first OTF command in the data flow is located at offset 0.