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He is notorious. Lord Simon Roxbury is a godsend to gossip columnists everywhere. This notorious rake has recently been caught in an extremely. Read “A Tale of Two Lovers” by Maya Rodale with Rakuten Kobo. An incredible new talent, Maya Rodale continues her deliciously exciting “Writing Girls”. A TALE OF TWO LOVERS. Image of A Tale of Two Lovers. Author(s). Maya Rodale. Rodale is back, this time with a heroine whose penchant for getting into.

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Apr 18, Alissa rated it it was ok Shelves: As “A Lady of Distinction,” Julianna uses her status as a respectable widow to gather juicy bits of gossip for her column. The characters are so entertaining and definitely not nice and perfect, but fun for me to watch just the same.

Male Lead never once demonstrates identity, personality, or even effing character expression! Over and over and over. It’s not just their wits they are sharpening on each other — they strike sparks from their first meeting. Well, those issues are Mommy and Daddy, with their offspring quickly being bored, boredom, Boredom City, boring, and kill-me-now bore!

The Duke of Ruin. The book’s pacing moves like a decapitated snail recovering from an Opium addiction, but that’s not even the worst part, oh no! How does she repay his kindness?

Apr 22, Deniz rated it liked it. I Loved a Rogue. Feel free to skip to the next paragraph. Now I have recently fallen in love with this author, and so I was really looking forward to reading more of her work.

The Seduction of a Duke. I am giving it only 3 stars because of all that unused chemistry! I liked this book. When his father summons him to lay down an ultimatum, marry within the month or be cut off, he is shocked and furious. As an independent woman writer for the gossip columns, she’s managed to ruin our hero’s infamous reputation and he in turn ruins hers by serenading her home in the middle of the night, drunk as a wheelbarrow and singing I absolutely loved everything about this book.


Because of this, and her eagerness to beat another gossip columnist, view spoiler [I understand her jumping the gun and writing a piece insinuating that Roxbury is interested in men.

A Tale of Two Lovers

The Duke of Talle. Julianna then finds a shocking scandal, and can hardly wait to report it. The story is fast-paced and written with a very British regency feel to it which is refreshing seeing as more and more authors forget about the tone of their book which takes away from the historical feel.

The wit in the dialogue was spot on and I laughed out take more than once while reading this.

When Julianna hints that Lord Roxbury might actually prefer the company of men, the ton takes the rumor and runs with it, with hilarious results. Seriously, an editor should have picked up on this if the author didn’t know any better. I also liked how we see the secondary characters and their involvement in the story, and there were a few scenes that definitely won my heart over.

I had to physically restrain myself from punching the words on page. My only complaint is that the steam scenes were few and far between and very brief.

A Tale of Two Lovers – Maya Rodale

I don’t mind abrasive characters. She seemed to me to have this superior attitude at times, and even though the second half of the book she slowly mellows down a bit, so I grew to like her a bit better, but overall she just didn’t reach to me all that well. Oct 16, Jacob Proffitt rated it liked it Shelves: I was ready to throttle him for his stupidity. I skipped ahead and read the ending just to say I had.

The timeline was slightly fudged once or twice, with way too many events occurring in the given time slot view spoiler [ especially in the 10 days or so before the ball which will mark their reintroduction to good society, the heroine succeeded in refurbishing and renovating completely and consecutively 4 or 5 rooms in her husband’s home – that should have taken close to a month in my opinion hide spoiler ]. Watching the sparks fly between these two was quite fun!


She has a rocky journey in this book and it was great fun to ride along.

The nitwit aka Julianna decides that she’ll still support herself and live in her town-house without her brand new hubby. Well right after his father gives him this choice, the scandal of the year, that tops all scandals is about him, and no woman or man gives him the time of day apart from mata closest friends. I was furious when she refused to validate his lover but to continued to publish untruths just for the sake of sales and notoriety pushed me over the edge.

She had the audacity to be upset because he ruined her and he was stupid enough to feel remorse [Insert Face-palm]. What a Wallflower Wants. I genuinely liked both characters.

Lord R while likable was too accommodating and quick to forget the wrongs that she has imposed on him. The things repercussions of their ruined reputations aside, the banter and little revenge plots between Simon and Julianna were immensely entertaining, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them fall for mayx other.

London, EnglandUnited Kingdom. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Oct 12, Halima rated it it was amazing. This is just the story she needs to trounce her rival and her story is a success, much to twk delight.

Say Yes to the Marquess. No plot, bad characters If abhorrently terrible scene progression with no story drive isn’t enough to prompt immediate throat-slitting via dead-tree-book paper cuts, then surely to Yoda’s chin-hair the unbelievably dry-dead-dead-dead characters must be, they must!

Another enjoyable, easy, fun, sexy read from Maya Rodale. By writing a column fueling the fire to the lies in her original column, despite that they are obvious lies.